Rocket doge Tamadoge

Rocket Doge, released on Wednesday, is Tamadoge’s second crowd-pleasing arcade game, coming soon after the company’s first title. Super Doge, Tamadoge’s first game release, has amassed prize pools of hundreds of dollars despite the fact that it is still extremely early in the company’s development.

Players will undoubtedly become hooked on topping the scoreboard as Rocket Doge introduces a similar combination of enjoyable gameplay with a focus on ability. In the game Rocket Doge, your Tamadoge pet discovers an old Eagle-6 rocket to use as a means of propulsion as it maneuvers through the dense undergrowth, dodging obstacles and foes and collecting money as it goes in an effort to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Tama Price Increases as a Result of a Solid Base of Product Launches

Despite the recent market weakness, the release of Rocket Doge and Super Doge is supporting the TAMA price. Notwithstanding today’s general downturn in the cryptocurrency market, TAMA is now trading at $0.020 and has increased 52% over the past 30 days. On October 5th, 2022, not long after being launched, the TAMA price rose to an all-time peak of $0.19.

Leading exchanges are searching for product momentum as well as a rising number of token holders and strong team leadership, and Tamadoge currently has all that in plenty. TAMA has already applied for and is undergoing a Binance listing.

The Release of the AR-Powered Mobile App and Metaverse Features

Once beta testing is over, Tama Blast, To The Moon, and Tamadoge Run will be released as three additional arcade games. The first arcade games are an introduction to the main Tamadoge game, which will debut later this year. 


The augmented reality (AR) mobile app, which enables users’ pets to access the Tamadoge Metaverse, will be the focal point of the platform’s initial complete release. Players will be able to communicate with their pets in the virtual space thanks to AR technology.

Players will accumulate points as they go up the leaderboards, and they will be awarded TAMA for finishing in the top positions. Players will also be able to buy clothing, food, and other cosmetics from the Tamadoge Pet Store, where all purchases incur a 5% burn. 

This means that TAMA will be a deflationary asset. The Tamadoge Pet Store serves as a source of income for the creation and promotion of new products, as well as for the prizes given to players. The team is now working to finalize agreements with other metaverse projects; further information about these initiatives will be released later in the first quarter of 2023.

Where to Buy Tamadoge TAMA

Among the newest meme coins that emphasize utility is the Tamadoge. The leading decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap, along with 15 centralized exchanges (CEXs), such as the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange OKX, list TAMA. TAMA is also available on popular trading platforms, including MEXC,, and BitMart.

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