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Axie Tech, the official community tooling partner for Axie Infinity, is adding a bunch of new features to its Axie Tech breeding sim.

The new features include major improvements in the UI and UX, all designed to make it easier for Axie Infinity fans to use the breeding simulator more effectively.

Axie Tech also notes that the new changes are based on the immense feedback received by its community. The update has already rolled out and users should be able to see these changes immediately.

Axie Tech Breeding Sim: What’s New

Four major updates are coming for the Axie Tech breeding sim. The first one is actually a new filter that allows axie breeders to see summer breeding results only. At the moment, Axie Infinity is running a 50 – day Lunacian summer breeding event.

The event is a major breeding cycle for Axie Infinity and it allows players to collect limited edition summer body parts and skins. Axie Tech is now updating its breeding simulator to reflect this event.

With just one click, users will be able to filter out summer breeds only. The new feature will also allow breeders to sort breeds by the total number of potential summer parts.

Axie Tech has also added a second feature to its simulator that will allow breeders to view the gene probabilities for pairs of axies.

However, the tool is reserved for axies that have a 7/7 breed count. We are also learning that it will be much easier now to set axies as ‘required” in the Axie Tech breeding sim. In fact, it will only take a single click thanks to a brand-new control button.

Finally, the breeding simulator will also be able to show the total costs of all locked breeds.  These new changes are going to make the simulator more effective and much easier to use moving forward.

Axie Tech is also promising more new features as it continues to gather feedback from Axie players, one of the most successful games right now.

Why Is the Axie Tech Breeding Sim Important?

Breeding is one of the most important things in Axie Infinity. It’s by far the best way to create new axies that feature all the desired traits you need. How well you breed determines how much you can make from the P2E game.

However, breeding can be a very complex undertaking, especially for players who are aiming for rare and unique traits. Besides, it’s going to cost a combination of SLP and AXS to breed.

The last thing any user needs is to spend all those resources only to end up with axies that fall way off the mark in terms of the attributes they were aiming for.

Also, every axie has variable genes which are based on the DNA stored Onchain. There are however hidden genes too. The secret genes are referred to as recessives and have to be accounted for when breeding.

This makes it very hard to effectively anticipate the kind of offspring a user gets once the breeding cycle is completed. You can however check out this in-depth breeding guide from our team for more info.

Nonetheless, the Axie Tech breeding sim solves this to a large degree. This is an axie community tool that allows users to see the potential genetic makeup of an offspring right before breeding them for real.

Simulators can also help players pick the right parents with the highest possible odds of producing the desirable offspring.  So far, the Axie Tech Breeding Sim is the official Axie Infinity community simulator.

Other Tools Every Breeder Needs

In addition to the Axie Tech Breeding Sim, there are still a few other tools every Axie Infinity breeder should have. These tools can make you a successful Axie player in no time.

First, it is very helpful to have a breeding cost table. This is also provided by Axie Tech and it allows breeders to see all the resources they’ll need to breed axies. The table provided by Axie Tech in fact shows you the live costs based on the changing prices of SLP and AXS in the market.

Secondly, breeders are also advised to get breeding calculators. These are a bit more advanced compared to breeding tables. They are however designed to give a cost breakdown of breeding axies and how much you can expect in ROI.

The calculator basically gives you an estimate of how much you should expect if you decide to sell the offspring. Axie Tech also offers an interesting tool called the Axie Inspector. The tool allows a user to see the full profile of an axie.

This includes important data like genes, traits, and others. The Inspector will even give you the recommended price of that axie based on its attributes.

Finally, you may also want to check out the team builder. Remember winning battles in Axie Infinity will unlock a lot of rewards. Team builder tools can help you develop and test teams before deploying them to dominate the Axie meta.

More About Axie Tech

As noted above, Axie Tech is the official tooling partner for the Axie Infinity community. The platform is part of Tribally Games, an ecosystem that aims to connect gamers, developers, and investors in the play to earn space.

Axie Tech has three main service categories. The first one is dubbed ‘Player tools”. Here, the platform simply offers a wide range of tools to help gamers increase their earnings in Axie Infinity. As this Forbes article notes, P2E games have the potential to make people rich, especially if they have the right tools to play.

The Axie Tech Breeding Sim is in fact one of these tools and it is offered under an exclusive partnership agreement with Axie Infinity, one of the biggest P2E games in the world. This category also includes NFT explore tools, price estimators for digital assets, and so much more.

Axie Tech also has ‘Guild Tools’ as part of its services. These tools are designed to make gaming guilds more successful and include data analytics and insights. Guilds also get assistance with automation and other services.

Finally, Axie Tech is also offering consulting services for game developers and P2E ecosystems out there. This service strives to help developers understand the P2E space better as they build revolutionary web3 solutions that will drive the $3 billion NFT gaming market of the future.

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