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Axie Infinity, a popular collectable blockchain battle game, is getting in the Halloween spirit with their #Axieween event.

This year’s lineup includes three challenges for players to showcase their creativity and earn rewards.

The Axie Scary Story competition tasks players with writing a short horror story featuring Axies as the main characters.

The Axie Costume challenge and Create an Axie challenges are opportunities to showcase players’ creativity and interpretation of the Axie-verse.

The grand prize for each challenge includes 125 AXS. The overall winner will also win a Forest Land plot. The generous prize package is up for grabs now.

The team at Axie Infinity tweeted: “This #Axieween, we’re hosting 3 unique challenges to unleash the horrors lurking within the minds of our community.

“Who will conjure up the darkest, spookiest Axie concept and take home the grand prize of 125 AXS and a Forest Land plot?” 

Axieween: What is the Axie Scary Story challenge?

Axie Infinity players, beware! Axie Scary Story is here, and it’s bringing some terrifying tales to the Axie universe. In this challenge, players can enter by submitting either a short video or writing an immersive short story centered around the dark side of Axies.

A panel of judges will select the scariest Axie-themed entry, awarding the winner 125AXS. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your creativity and chilling imagination in Axie Scary Story.

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Axieween promises lots of exciting challenges for its players, with brilliant rewards for the most creative entries. Image source: Axie Infinity

What is the Axie Costume Challenge?

The Axie Costume Challenge is officially underway and it’s time to show off your creativity. Whether you’re a cosplay pro or have never dressed up before, this challenge is open to all Axie fans. All you have to do is come up with a costume that either portrays an Axie character or includes an actual Axie in the photo.

The sky’s the limit with how intricate and imaginative your costume can be. Get ready to flaunt your Axie pride and have some fun dressing up for the Axie Costume Challenge.  The Axie Costume Challenge runs until November, so start thinking of your costume now. Happy crafting, Axie warriors!

What is the Create an Axie challenge?

This challenge invites players to use whatever materials they have at hand, whether it be carving pumpkins, dressing up pets, or decorating rocks, to bring their own Axie creation to life.

Entries will be judged based on creativity and originality, with prizes being awarded to the top Axies. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild – who knows, your creation could be the one to win the top prize!

Axieween BONUS challenge: What is the Scariest Axie Challenge?

Axie Infinity fans, get ready for some frights! Axieween just got even spookier with the introduction of the Scariest Axie Challenge. All you have to do is post a picture of your scariest Axie on Twitter using the hashtags #Axieween and #ScaryAxie. But wait, there’s a tiny catch: Axies must also be owned by you, so choose wisely! Let’s see who reigns as the scariest Axie in all of Lunacia. Happy haunting!

Axie Infinity to host Halloween bonus reward
Axieween comes with bonus challenges for fans of the blockchain game. Image source: Axie Infinity

How do you enter the Axieween challenges?

Are you ready to show off your spooky Axie creations? The #Axieween challenges are now open for entries! To enter, make sure your submission is original and includes an Axie. You can submit a story, picture, or video on Twitter using the hashtag #Axieween. Then, you need to fill out the submission form.

Multiple entries are allowed, but you can only win one prize. All languages are supported in this international challenge. So join in the Halloween fun and show off your creative ideas with the #Axieween  Challenge!

What prizes are up for grabs in the Axieween event?

Make sure to submit your entries for the Axie challenge before the deadline on November 1s for a chance to win some incredible prizes.

With a prize pool of 750 AXS and even a Forest Land plot up for grabs, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

The categories include Scary Short Story, Axie Costume Challenge, Create an Axie, and Scariest Axie, giving participants the chance to showcase their unique talents.

The first three categories come with a first prize amounting to 125AXS, while the second prize is 75AXS, and the third prize is 50AXS. The bonus Scariest Axie challenge will come with 10 prizes with 1 Aave Phantom Altar for each winner.

So put your thinking cap on and start submitting those entries for a chance to win some impressive prizes!

Axie Infinity’s Axieween event has some generous prizes up for grabs. Image source: Axie Infinity

Axieween:  How will judging work?

The Axieween challenges are open for business, with judging to be overseen by a select group of community members and mods. To be eligible for the chance to win, participants must allow their work to be used in digital and physical promotions and sales materials.

So get your pencils, brushes, and cosplay ready – it’s time to showcase your creativity in celebration of all things Axie Infinity! Submission guidelines can be found here.

With over 900,000 followers on Twitter alone, Axie Infinity continues to prove itself as one of the leading successful play-to-earn games on the Web3 ecosystem.

Will you unleash your inner frightful artist and participate in #Axieween?

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