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Just $200k remains in the presale for the native token of Calvaria, RIA, which has already raised over $2.87 million. The presale will halt on January 31st, 2019, or when the last goal of $3,075,000 is attained, whichever occurs first.

The Earliest Investors Saw Significant Gains

The RIA presale has been ongoing for more than three months. The token’s current valuation of $0.0325, down from its initial price of $0.0100, means that the early investors are expected to be up by up to 225%.

However, there are still a number of interesting developments and chances to profit. The Calvaria: Duels of Eternity game’s alpha release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. A surge of liquidity should support RIA’s price even more as it prepares to list on centralized exchanges. 

Through a unique initial exchange offering, RIA will be traded on the BKex centralized exchange. A listing on the Hong Kong-based LBank exchange will occur 24 hours after the RIA’s BKex listing. The fact that Kucoin Wallet supports Calvaria has increased rumors that a listing on Kucoin, the 4th-biggest exchange in the globe, is imminent.

The RIA Token

Calvaria has put in place a native token as the access point to all of its services, similar to every other blockchain gaming platform.

Inside the Calvaria ecosystem, RIA is the main channel for buying and selling NFTs. The asset’s proof-of-stake (PoS) model, which enables investors to stake the token and receive extra units, as well as the opportunity to participate in governance through Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization, will be appreciated by investors as well.

RIA is still up for presale right now for interested investors. The digital asset has already gone through a strong presale campaign, raising $2.87 million to date.

The presale is almost over, with 7% of the tokens still available for purchase. Prior to the RIA lists on public exchanges, investors willing to participate can buy one of the most in-demand coins.


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