Kuniverse Collectible Avatars

The Kuniverse is a vast stadium experience filled with football-themed games. Previously, The Sandbox teamed up with Kuniverse to bring The Kuniverse Avatars, a collection of 9,320 unique NFT avatars designed for The Sandbox. So, this new experience is now available, where players can use their Kuniverse-themed avatars. Without further ado, let’s find out more about the experience and how to play! 

What is The Sandbox? 

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can engage in experiences and games with NFT avatars. In The Sandbox, players can monetize their gaming experience. The game is the third-largest metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain, with millions of active users every month. 

The Sandbox is one of the biggest growing metaverses, where users can create, sell, use, and monetize their virtual reality land and NFTs. The native token for the platform is $SAND, and this can be earned in several ways for users to earn passive income. 

The Sandbox does not refer to one singular game. Instead, the metaverse is made up of standalone games and experiences for players to experience and enjoy. The Sandbox also allows players to create and own experiences in game maker, allowing them to start building the games of their dreams. 

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The Kuniverse Arrives in The Sandbox

The Kuniverse has now arrived in The Sandbox, and we couldn’t be more excited! Players will be able to use their Kuniverse NFTs in Sergio Agüero’s creation now they are available in the experience.

Sergio Agüero is a former Argentine striker for Manchester City. In addition to this, he is the all-time goalscorer of the team. He collaborated with The Sandbox to launch the football metaverse named The Kuniverse. ‘Kuni’ comes from Sergio’s middle name, which is Kun. 

The huge football experience has now arrived, and Sergio created the metaverse in mind with several amazing features in collaboration with Eter Studio. Eter Studio creates a link between the real world and the virtual world, creating a wide range of NFTs surrounding clothing and sports. 

The studio conceived and designed The Kuniverse as a meeting and gaming place for fans of the Argentine footballer. The experience was designed to be a hub for his community, where fans can interact directly with him and learn more about his story and interests. 

The Kuniverse is a soccer-orientated creation of entertainment and interaction for football fans and gamers. But how does it look, and what’s inside the exciting new experience? 

The Footballer Kun Aguero Partners With The Sandbox to Launch the Kuniverse
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The Kuniverse: Details

There are lots of unique aspects to The Kuniverse. The first season of the experience is set in a huge virtual football stadium, hosting dance parties, football-orientated fun, and serving traditional Argentinian cuisine. This includes Argentinian staples such as Dulce de leche. 

When commenting on his creation, Sergio said this: 

“I am very excited to have my first space in the metaverse we created with Eter Studio inside The Sandbox to play and stream with my fans worldwide. The first season of Kuniverse will be full of surprises and benefits related to the 9,320 avatars that were specially created.”

Previously, those who entered The Sandbox and played football and video games within the Kuniverse won some amazing prizes. This included the chance to win a football-signed jersey, as well as 120 $SAND. 

Sergio Agüero to Launch 'The Kuniverse' In The Sandbox
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The Kuniverse experience features some pretty cool quests. This includes a quest called The Secret Sauce, where players must such for all the Chimichurri ingredients hidden around the food truck in the town. Even the foot truck truly encapsulates Sergio’s Argentinian roots, serving only Argentinean cuisine with a cozy seating area at the front.

In addition to this, players must raise flags at the food truck, with this fun little mini-game. Excluding these entertaining tasks, players must also find the ticket hidden in the experience, as well as just generally explore the experience on their own. 

The Kuniverse NFTs

The Kuniverse NFTs will be used, and are part of the new experience. The 9,320 NFTs are randomly generated, and they are all based on an element of Sergio’s image. The unique NFTs are designed to honor every stage of the footballer’s extensive and exciting career. 

These NFTs act as in-game skins, enabling players to get great benefits such as e-sports tournaments, musical events, and the chance to win the soccer star himself! This is pretty cool, and these NFTs will change the way the experience works. 

Why The Sandbox? 

Well, The Kuniverse has launched on The Sandbox partly due to its huge following. The Sandbox is the most community and video-game orientated, but also one of the most popular play-to-earn platforms in Web3.

In addition to this, the importance of owning your digitized assets, and being able to connect with fans is super important. In this way, The Sandbox is great for this, due to how easy it is to create connective experiences between fans and artists/athletes. 

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