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Today, the Kuniverse will close its doors. However, if you own a Kuniverse avatar, you will still be able to enter the gated experience.

So, for those who play The Sandbox, this may be your last chance to earn from the 500k $SAND price pool. This is an insane amount, and if you own a Kuniverse avatar, make use of it whilst you still can! Let’s find out more! 

The Kuniverse: How Does it Work? 

‚Äč‚ÄčThere is no better time to play The Kuniverse in The Sandbox than now! The Kuniverse is a football metaverse he created in collaboration with The Sandbox. Players can use their Kuniverse NFTs as avatars in¬†Sergio Ag√ľero‚Äôs¬†creation.

The Footballer Kun Aguero Partners With The Sandbox to Launch the Kuniverse
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Argentina‚Äôs Sergio Ag√ľero played for Manchester City as a striker. Aside from that, he is the team‚Äôs all-time leading scorer. Sergio‚Äôs middle name, Kun, is the inspiration for ‚ÄėKuni.‚Äô¬†

Several amazing features have been created in collaboration with Eter Studio in order to deliver a huge football experience. A wide range of NFTs surrounding clothing and sports are created by Eter Studio to bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse. 

For fans of the Argentine footballer, the studio designed The Kuniverse as a place to meet and play games. Fans are able to interact directly with him and learn more about his interests and story through the experience. 

The Sandbox on Twitter: "Are you ready to jump into the #Kuniverse with @aguerosergiokun?! ‚öĹ Special prizes for @Kuniverse_GG Avatar holders - get yours NOW! ūü•Ö Vamos! ‚ě°ÔłŹ" / Twitter
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Soccer fans and gamers can interact with the Kuniverse, an entertainment and interaction platform geared toward soccer. 

The Kuniverse opened its doors earlier this month, but some players are yet to experience the details and gameplay within the experience. 

The Kuniverse Quests

It is clear that the Kuniverse experience is incredibly exciting, especially for soccer fans. As well as the opportunity to engage with a football player, players also have the chance of winning free $SAND if they complete all the quests within the Kuniverse. 

There are 20 overall, and all quests set out to allow you to explore the experience and the life of Sergio Ag√ľero. The amount of $SAND in the pool depends on the number of people who complete each quest.¬†


Some quests are super easy in the Kuniverse, simply encouraging players to engage in the footballer’s world. For example, one of the first quests is to raise flags on the food truck, as well as search for chimichurri ingredients in the same area.

However, other quests, such as engaging with game characters such as Fran and Mateo, can be more challenging. The goal is to help characters in the experience gain an understanding of soccer and the Argentine player’s life. 

In addition, there are quiz elements to the experience, with players being tested on their knowledge of the popular footballer. In the quest ‚ÄėNews is You‚Äô, you must answer carefully the press questions, which are laid out as a quiz about football teams for players. So the more you know, the better chance you have of competing for the $SAND!

The Kuniverse Closes its Doors for Non-Avatar Holders

The Kuniverse is closing its doors to non-VIP players. To be a VIP payer, you must hold a Kuniverse avatar NFT. It is not too late for those who do not have avatars, prompting those who do not have them to obtain one.

Kun Aguero Teams with The Sandbox To Launch Metaverse Games
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After all, this is the final chance to have an entry in the 500k $SAND prize pool.  There shall be no effect on users with Kuniverse avatars, and they can continue to roam the metaverse as usual.

The 500k $SAND Prize Pool

On November 8, 2022, the metaverse platform opened the Kuniverse to the public with a $500k $SAND prize pool. There will also be the opportunity for one Kuniverse Avatar holder to attend the Qatar FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Regular players and Avatar holders will share the $500K SAND Token prize pool equally. The Kuniverse metaverse requires players to complete all quests to receive prizes. To be eligible for the Kuniverse Avatar Holder rewards, avatar holders must keep their NFT in their wallets until the end of the event. 

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Kuniverse Memorabilia will also be awarded to all participants. Each avatar also offers the chance to win a trip to the world cup in Qatar and meet Kun Aguero.

In case you are selected, a free round-trip trip to Qatar for four nights will be provided. There will be a reward pool distribution on November 30, 2022, following the end of the Kuniverse event on November 22, 2022.


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