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The MOOAR Launchpad marketing grant of 1,000 $GMT will be available to projects that apply before November 20th. So, with only four days left, hurry up and get those applications in! So, let’s find out more about the launchpad and how it works!

What is MOOAR Launchpad?

The MOOAR Launchpad is a community-driven hackathon, where users can use $GMT to vote on their favorite projects. Projects with the highest amount of $GMT can be selected for an exclusive launch on the NFT platform. 

This includes anything from PFP collections, NFT avatars, play-to-earn games, and move-to-earn games. The possibilities are endless, and the opportunities are undeniable. 

What is MOOAR? 

MOOAR is an NFT marketplace with a 0% service fee. The platform allows users to trade their NFTs on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. 

MOOAR is the dedicated marketplace for STEPN, created by the makers of the popular move-to-earn game. Developers at Find Satoshi Lab wanted to create a marketplace for creators to shine and for users to purchase their artwork. 

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The MOOAR Launchpad Grant 

This exciting news comes as a great opportunity for NFT creators, game makers, and absolutely anyone in between. MOOAR has dedicated 1,000 $GMT to creators, which will be available for those who apply before November 20th. 

This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your skills and have them funded by MOOAR’s Launchpad marketing fund. So you have until November 20th to apply for the Launchpad grant!

MOOAR Launchpad Submission Period

The MOOAR Launchpad Season 1 submission period ends on December 1st, 2022 at 00:00 AM!

The MOOAR Launchpad gives you a chance to submit your first PFP if you are creating an NFT collection or developing the next big thing in games, social, entertainment, or workplace solutions with a PFP as part of the roadmap. Now is the time to let your talent shine and submit your next big project!

MOOAR’s Launchpad exists to assist creators of Profile Picture (PFP) NFT collections to succeed. Any project, as long as it has an NFT collection that represents a PFP concept, is welcome to submit the collection to the Launchpad.

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How Does The Launchpad Work?

To vote for their favorite projects, all MOOAR members will use GMT. For an exclusive launch on MOOAR, the projects with the highest votes (based on the total GMT locked) will be selected. Raffle pool entries will be limited to members that voted for the winning project. 

There are three components that determine your chances of winning: the number of Tickets held, the loyalty level of MOOAR, and the membership level.

Every Season, MOOAR will screen all interested applicants before featuring them on the Launchpad voting list. Applications are open to all projects that have PFPs.

MOOAR - NFT Marketplace
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Launchpad Ticket System

It is up to the creators to set the ticket price for their projects. GMT is the currency of the tickets. The ticket price is the cost of minting one NFT. In 10 GMT small increments, ticket prices range from 10 GMT to 100 GMT.

There is a limit of 10,000 GMT per blockchain for each member in each Season. Seasons are won by projects with the highest votes (based on GMT locked).

For the winning project, each ticket will count as ONE entry into the Raffle Pool. There is one mint available for each winning Raffle Pool entry. 

Season System

Projects are launched using MOOAR’s Season system. Each season lasts for a different amount of time.

MOOAR Launchpad Voting system

  • There will be three days of voting.
  • A project will rank higher on the leaderboard if more GMT is voted for it.
  • The project with more unique voters will rank higher if two projects have the same amount of GMT locked.
  • Whenever two projects have the same amount of GMT locked and unique votes, they get to launch together.
  • During any given Season, no projects will be launched if the number of Tickets received for the winning project is less than 50% of its total mint supply.
  • A year’s worth of shortfall will be locked in a contract if tickets received for the winning project make up between 50% and 100% of the total mint supply. Once a year has passed, the contract will automatically reopen for minting at the predetermined mint price.
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Creator Project Submission

Projects may be submitted to the Launchpad by creators. Before being included in the Launchpad voting list, projects will undergo a pre-screening phase.

The submission process can be accessed here if you have additional questions.

Raffle Pool

As a Raffle Pool member, you will enter your Tickets into a raffle in order to have a chance of minting. One mint will be given for each winning entry. Each ticket will be counted as one entry.

There is a greater chance of winning the raffle if you have a high level of loyalty and membership.

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