The sandbox LAND sale

The Sandbox has announced a major LAND sale featuring 14 top brands. The metaverse platform says this sale will be much different and much bigger than anything else.

It will also kick off on November 24th from 3 PM UTC. The Sandbox sees LAND as an integral part of expanding the utility of its metaverse. More details on the sale are below!

The Sandbox LAND Sale: What We Know

The Sandbox team has released a detailed blog post on Medium highlighting some of the more important info about this sale. We actually picked up a few crucial details that anyone wishing to participate should know.

For starters, the sale will be conducted in three major waves. As noted above, the first wave will commence on November 24th. The second wave, which is known as the Galleria, starts December 1st.

On the other hand, the third wave, dubbed Voxel Madness, will come a few weeks later. The Sandbox meta has not given us specific details on exact dates.

The sandbox
The Sandbox is launching one of the biggest LAND sales in its history. Image Source: Medium

However, LAND buyers should expect the Voxel Madness sale to roll out sometime during the first quarter of 2023.

In addition to this, The Sandbox will also be partnering with several corporate brands and celebrities. The goal is to create LAND themes around these brands.

Which Brands Should You Look Forward To?

As noted above, the Sandbox will bring in 14 partners to this major LAND sale. This includes both corporate and individual brands. For corporate brands, there are a few names in there worth a look at. This includes Playboy, iHawk, OpenSea, TMC, Cipriani, and a few others.

There are also some notable celebs in the mix. Snoop Dogg, a big proponent of web3 and metaverses, is in the lineup. He is also joined in the star-studded list by Paris Hilton, the queen of the metaverse.

Also, the Sandbox LAND sale will feature 634 plots in the first two waves. There will also be an additional 112 premium plots that will come with exclusive NFTs.

The metaverse also notes that it will auction up to 35 estates through OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace in the world right now.

The team is also working on several mechanisms to ensure fairness in LAND sales. This will include a raffle system that gives every community member an equal chance to buy LAND. You can learn more about the raffle system here.

Breaking Down the Three Waves

As we have explained above, The Sandbox LAND sale will be done in three waves. Each of these waves is unique and will have something to offer.

The new LAND sales on the Sandbox will be done in three main waves. Image Source: The Sandbox on Medium.

We thought it would be great to briefly break down the three waves and what they have to offer below.

Wave 1: California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’ will be the first LAND offer that starts on November 24th. This will be a California-inspired neighborhood in the meta with a beachfront view of the ocean and a relaxed, summer-style, west coast vibe.

The neighborhood will also feature some top brands. Top among them include Tony Hawk, Playboy, and the Faze Clan as well.

As for the LAND metrics, California Dreamin’ will have 21 ESTATES and a total of 305 LAND plots. 237 of these plots will be regular while 68 will be premium.

Wave 2: The Galleria

The Galleria will come a week after California Dreamin’. Sales will commence on December 1st. The sale will have a total of 347 LAND plots up for grabs. This will include 303 regular plots and 44 premium plots.

The galleria
The Galleria is the second wave of LAND sales that kicks off on December 1st. Image Source: The Sandbox on Medium.

The Galleria will also feature 15 ESTATE auctions. The neighborhood is themed around fashion and hospitality.

It is a stylish and luxurious area where big-name fashion, media, and hospitality brands will make their mark.

Notable brands in this neighborhood include TIME, Cipriani, and L’ Officiel. The Galleria will also be home to the metaverse queen herself, Paris Hilton.

Wave 3: Voxel Madness

The third and final wave of land sales will be the Voxel Madness. The Sandbox will offer 4 ESTATE auctions here and a total of 177 LAND plots.

LAND on the Sandbox
The Sandbox is also working hard to offer a gaming-themed sale under the Voxel Madness. Image Source: Medium.

155 of these plots will be regular while the other 22 will be premium. The Voxel Madness neighborhood is designed for gamers and content creators.

In fact, we are learning that top brands in web3 gaming, like Dogami and Voxies, will headline the Voxel Madness LAND sale. Ultimately, The Sandbox sees this neighborhood as the ultimate focal point for metaverse gaming.

Now, we do not have exact dates for sale. However, the Voxel Madness should be open for purchase sometime during the first quarter of 2023.

How To Buy These LANDS

The Sandbox will introduce a new criterion for folks who want to participate in this major LAND sale. First of all, users will need a minimum of 1,011 SAND tokens to purchase plots in any of the three waves.

The Sandbox is introducing new requirements for LAND purchases, including KYC. Image Source: The Sandbox on medium.

There will also be extra efforts by the team to ensure that the sale is as democratic as possible. In other words, the Sandbox wants to ensure that every community member has an equal chance of buying both regular and premium-level LANDs if they so wish.

This will be achieved through the raffle system. So, if you want to buy LAND, sign up for the raffle as early as possible. Once the raffle is done, the selected winners will get the opportunity to purchase regular or premium land.

The Sandbox also adds that once LAND is purchased, it will be distributed randomly to users. This means that anyone can get land anywhere, regardless of who they are. There are also a few KYC requirements in place.

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