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The Sandbox announced the return of rugged festival to the Metaverse. The Metaverse game welcomes gamers to join the rugged festival on The Sandbox marketplace.

The announcement also mentions the introduction of assets into the Rugged Festival Collection. The assets, 9 in total, come with an extra 30 SAND rewards with each purchase. This is after gamers secure the “Collector Badge” that comes with the purchase.

The assets vary, with each collection having a purpose it serves. For example, the “Golden Ticket Rugged” represents the most special one in Rugged. It grants its wielder free access to all future experiences within The Sandbox. To check out the rest of the collections, click here.

What Are Sandbox Assets?

In The Sandbox, assets are voxels. They are entities created to supply content to LAND-designed experiences. They can also be traded, made into collectibles, and made into money.

To achieve such, they are converted into NFTs when uploaded to the Sandbox’s marketplace. However, the ERC-1155 smart contract determines this. $SAND can buy assets created by other artists from the marketplace.

Gamers should be aware that basic assets will be available in the game maker. However, you can create your asset to use or monetize by putting them up for sale. This sale will take place on the marketplace with The Sandbox’s VoxEdit Software.


Understanding the Types of Assets

The Sandbox is flying high and doesn’t seem set to crash. So, gamers should take advantage of that and create an infinite number of worlds.  But before you do, learn the types of assets in The Sandbox.

Entities: These NFTs add non-player characters (NPCs) like people and animals to an experience. In other words, characters who will give a game or setting life. For instance, a farmer, a chicken, a dinosaur, a treasure hunter, and so forth.

Equipment: This is a category of NFTs that the player can store in their inventory. They aid the player in achieving game goals. A few examples are a sword, a shield, a helmet, a pair of gloves, and so forth.

the sandbox
There are five assets.    Image Source: Medium

 Wearables: These are accessories that can be used to alter the appearance of the player’s avatar. These accessories can be combined and matched to give users’ avatars a distinctive fashion sense. An elegant t-shirt, a pair of trousers, some shoes, a hat, some bunny ears, etc. are a few examples.

Art: These NFTs serve as decorative visual elements to up the WOW factor in games and experiences. For instance, framed artwork, statues, famous places, and so forth.

Blocks: These are environmental barriers that alter how the world appears. Basic building blocks are already in place (i.e., water, mud, sand). But artists can produce original building blocks for more original worlds.

its important for all users to learn more the assets before making purchases
Educate yourself before making your purchases.  Image Source: Medium

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a play-to-earn game powered by Ethereum. Additionally, The Sandbox mixes blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi into a 3D metaverse. Blockchain adoption in gaming has significantly increased as a result of The Sandbox.

It is a user-generated virtual gaming environment where players can create, own, and profit from gaming adventures. While the platform is relatively new, it is currently one of the biggest metaverse platforms.

Virtual lands are represented in The Sandbox by a token called LAND. Games can be created and modified by players in this virtual environment. There is utmost certainty The Sandbox will continue to be a dominant force. It will also be among the global leaders in web3-powered meta solutions.

A Brief History & Milestones

Over 40 million mobile devices worldwide have installed the 2012 mobile game The Sandbox. Developers created a 3D multiplayer platform using Ethereum blockchain technology in January 2018. The aim was to provide gamers with a virtual world where they could earn.

In 2022, The Sandbox partnered with Gravity to introduce Ragnarok into the metaverse. It also launched the Alpha Pass season 3 on August 24.

Metaverse players will have The Sandbox to thank after its collaboration with Warner Music Group. Rumors have it that the first virtual concert at The Sandbox will begin in Q3 2022.

The Sandbox evolution
Evolution of The Sandbox. Image Source: YouTube

The Sandbox Economy

The $SAND token regulates the Sandbox economic system. While the Ethereum Blockchain uses the ERC token $SAND. The primary medium of exchange and utility tokens in the Sandbox metaverse is $SAND and $SAND, respectively.

$SAND also serves as a governance token. Buying and selling NFTs throughout the metaverse is possible with this token. These consist of the most valuable jewels and LAND, the metaverse’s main resource.

$SAND is NOT a stablecoin. This indicates that the price of these 3,000,000,000 tokens may change over time depending on factors like supply and demand. Market elements like the success of rival tokens are among the additional considerations.

The Sandbox token
The $SAND token regulates the Sandbox economic system.   Image Source: CoinCentral


LAND is a different crypto asset in the game, similar to $SAND. As the name implies, this is a piece of virtual real estate that users can occupy, improve, and sell for a profit. It continues to be the most well-known product of the metaverse.

More recently, the metaverse has allowed for the entertainment of a different kind of asset. The term for this is ESTATE. These ESTATES consist of different LANDS. These ESTATES are capable of having several owners and can eventually develop into a DISTRICT.

It’s also critical to remember that the Sandbox economy categorizes normal and premium LANDs differently. These variances primarily relate to the different amounts of traffic each may draw. The distinction in traffic provisions between the two land classifications gives the premium LANDs considerable financial advantages.


How the Economy works

As established, LANDs and their combinations make up the Sandbox economy. However, LAND is unquestionably the fundamental component of the economy that Sandbox developers envision.

These lands will support the economy by serving a specific range of purposes. Players and developers can innovate in how these functions are further defined.

One of the purposes that help contribute to the economy is game hosting. By hosting games, players are brought together on a single platform. This will encourage them to participate in seasonal prizes and competitiveness promotions. To check out other means of contributing to the economy, check here.

The Sandbox Metaverse
Contributing factors to The Sandbox economy.   Image Source: Medium

The event aims to accommodate everyone, from NFT enthusiasts and newcomers to the field to intermediate creators and experienced collectors. Even though the event experience will be epic, the organizers have provided opportunities for everyone to participate. So, let’s get to it.

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