Care bears

The Sandbox has announced the launch of the Care Bear avatars designed to capture different moods and feelings in the Sandbox meta.

A public sale for these unique avatars will begin on November 15th. Each of these Care Bears is beautifully hand-crafted to offer a unique feel about them. They will give users access to the Sandbox meta, including additional exclusive functionalities as well.

Sandbox Care Bears: What You Need to Know

Although the Care Bears have been officially launched, they are still unavailable. In fact, the Sandbox intends to offer 3060 unique avatars through a public sale that will begin on November 15th. The sale will continue until all avatars are sold out.

Also, there will be an opportunity for whitelisted users to get early special access to the avatars. This will largely be 24 hours before the public sale goes live.

The avatars will represent an integral part of the Sandbox Meta. Holders of these bears will also be able to participate in various meta events where they stand a chance of winning SAND.

We are also learning that the avatars will be available on OpenSea in 48 hours once the public sale launches. Additionally, the Sandbox Care Bears will be relatively smaller than the usual avatars users are used to.

They are designed to have a different model, which the Sandbox hopes will change how people play in Web 3.

Backed by NFTs

The Care Bears will also be backed by NFTs, as usual. For now, there will be five rarity levels. The first level is the Unique one, the rarest of the five. Web3, Mixed, and Multicolour follow it. The most common of the five will be the Classic category.

The Sandbox also adds that Care Bears will feature ten different designs. This will have nothing to do with rarity. It’s just a nifty feature that will appeal to the uniqueness of these amazing NFTs. The goal is to ensure that each Care Bear is warm and different in its own right.

However, we have not seen any details on how the rarity levels will affect the utility of these cute bears. As we get closer to the minting date, more on this will come later.

As with all NFTs, it will be much harder and more expensive to mint the rarer Unique Care Bears. Whitelisted users will, however, get the first opportunity to mint the rare NFTs if they so wish.

How to Get Care Bears

The only way to get the Care Bears collection is through public minting on the Sandbox website. This is actually a very common practice with the Sandbox Meta.

Care bears
The Sandbox care bears will have five rarity levels and up to 10 unique designs. Image Source: The Sandbox on Medium

Nonetheless, for folks who don’t want to compete with a lot of people in the public mint, you can join the whitelist and get your avatars 24 hours earlier.

Also, if you are not able to mint the avatars on the public sale, there is no need to worry. The same cute Care Bears will be offered for sale on OpenSea and the Sandbox marketplace.

For folks who intend to mint on the first day, expect to pay around 100 SAND to get your hands on the NFTs. However, these prices may change significantly once the cute web3 characters enter secondary markets.

How Playable NFTs Are Enhancing Versatility in The Sandbox

Playable avatars have become an integral part of the Sandbox meta. These are basically special characters that users can use to explore the Sandbox and earn SAND.

The Sandbox Crypto
Playable NFT characters are making the Sandbox one of the most versatile metaverses out there. Image Source: The Sandbox

The good news is that it’s not just the Sandbox that creates these avatars. For example, through a detailed partnership with Cyber Kongz, these ape NFTs’ holders could easily explore the Sandbox meta.

The playable avatars mean that even third parties can be able to create these characters and give their communities access to the Sandbox. This has helped the Sandbox expand its user base further, bringing in more creativity in the way things are done.

Just recently, minting for Sergio Aguero avatars also began. These unique avatars are designed to give users access to the Kuniverse, a sport-themed meta by the former Manchester City striker.

There is even a raffle draw right now for Kuniverse avatar holders, where the winners can attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

We also saw a similar deal with the Bored Ape Yacht Club. These are unique examples of how playable NFTs can be used to unlock value in the Sandbox meta.


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