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The Sandbox is offering a free reward to all its LAND owners to celebrate its 1000th day in the Metaverse. The mega P2E platform launched its first LAND sales on December 24, 2019, and seeks to mark its 1000th inception. The announcement, via their various handles, packed a load of guidelines.

The platform seeks to reward gamers involved in The Sandbox ecosystem since Day 1. To achieve that, 2.6M $SAND will be disbursed to LAND owners via giveaway. Gamers who would love to receive these gifts should check their eligibility before claiming.

To confirm your eligibility before claiming, head to your profile claim section. The claim officially opens on October 25, 2022. While others are awaiting their claim, some gamers won’t have much to worry about. This is because they are already eligible. To see if you are part of the eligible LAND owners, click here.

The SAND Reward

While over 2.6M worth of SAND is up for grabs on the polygon network, gamers must understand how it works. Players should consider the ownership, holding period, and whether the LAND is on the polygon network at the snapshot time. These factors will help in calculating the SAND amount. See here for a pictorial example.

Upon calculation, players will have to claim their rewards on the due date. Players should adhere to the following steps to claim their reward. First, players should click on their profile before clicking the “Check your Claim” button.

Peradventure players want to stake their SAND. They should proceed to The Sandbox and select one of the staking programs. Also, The Sandbox rewards its community with 500,000 SAND weekly, so what are you still waiting for?

Sandbox SAND token
There’s over 2.6M SAND up for grabs. Image Source: Watcher Guru

 The Sandbox, LAND & SAND

The Sandbox Game is a player-based community where artists and content producers can make money from their voxel assets. You can play any game on Sandbox and accumulate as many NFTs as possible with over 140k cool avatars. By modifying your game experience on the blockchain, you may also make your NFT come to life.

The primary utility of the platform is $SAND. Using the platform’s distinctive digital money, you may purchase and sell assets, most notably LAND in the Sandbox metaverse. It alters the blockchain game environment and makes it accessible to all players, even LAND owners.

In addition to rewarding players who participate in the game with its currency, the gaming platform also compensates developers. You have access to “a LAND” on that platform, which is a section of the Sandbox metaverse. Customers have direct access to premium material through this section. In addition, gamers have the opportunity to make money off of their artistic endeavours in the metaverse.

Staking on The Sandbox

The importance of LAND owners to the blockchain and metaverse is not quantifiable. They are merely a piece of a larger system that functions successfully in the digital sphere. They collaborate to create a virtual society in addition to owning pieces of the metaverse.

In The Sandbox, everyone on the planet can join hands on the metaverse to create a new future. A future in content, entertainment and art using innovations and beneficial programs to keep inspiring everyone to be productive. This can be achieved through staking.

Notably, there was an old model of staking. This method is known as the land multiplier. In this function, landowners could define several areas of their land for the SAND staking program. However, in the new model, players must own at least one LAND on the platform to be eligible.

SAND staking
There was an old model of staking known as the land multiplier.   Image Source: Play To Earn

The advantages of a staking method are available without you having to stake your LAND into the smart contract. The Sandbox automatically recognizes LAND transactions, and your contribution to the pool is adjusted. This is handy since you can still qualify for all the benefits of having LAND while keeping your LAND in your wallet. To find out more on how to stake and its benefits, click here.

SAND, The Sandbox native token
Players can enjoy the benefits of having LAND while keeping it.    Image Source: NFT Plazas

Becoming a LAND Owner

Before we walk you through the process of acquiring LAND in The Sandbox, players should remember the new staking option for LAND. The official The Sandbox LAND sales, which can be viewed on the ecosystem’s map, are where you can purchase LAND. You must wait for a formal sale event because LAND is not always accessible.

You can purchase one or more pieces of land to take part in future land sales if you don’t already own any and wish to engage in the program for LAND owners. You can, however, stake in the MATIC/SAND staking program and the SAND-only staking program in the interim.

It goes without saying that you’ll need $SAND to buy LAND and other items for The Sandbox. However, LAND is also available on websites like OpenSea and Rarible. This LAND will frequently cost more than the actual LAND sale, but you can still buy it whenever you want.

LAND , The Sandbox in-game asset
Become a LAND Owner.    Image Source: The Sandbox

What to Expect

The Sandbox has announced that additional staking options designated for LAND owners would be made available in the future, as mentioned in their official Medium post. This implies that LAND owners will always gain in ways non-LAND owners might not. The LAND owner’s income may rise as a result of this fantastic news. Additionally, this might entice more players to use their $SAND to invest in the game ecology by buying LAND.

It functions similarly to earlier staking schemes in The Sandbox. The staking payouts for SAND and SAND-MATIC will decrease to 250,000 SAND and 75,000 SAND as a result of the recent information on LAND owner staking schemes.

The Sandbox’s plan to allow participants to stake up to $5000 SAND per LAND without staking LAND appears to present LAND owners with an incredible chance both now and in the future.

The Sandbox Game
What’s more to come? Stay around to find out.   Image Source: Play To Earn

The Sandbox will continue to be a dominant force even if we anticipate the emergence of more metaverse platforms in the interim. Additionally, it will be a global leader in web3-powered meta


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