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Just yesterday, The Sandbox and next-gen gaming metaverseStar Atlas, announced their collaboration on a brand-new game jam. Both platforms took to their Twitter handles to make their fans aware of the new development. And to make it more interesting, the fans will be c0ntributing to a huge part of the game jam.

Since its inception, the top-notch play-to-earn metaverse, The Sandbox, has been dedicated to giving its community the best possible metaverse experience. Now, The Sandbox’ players can create unique experiences in the Star Atlas metaverse through the Game Maker feature. Also, they stand a chance to win amazing prizes courtesy of The Sandbox and Star Atlas.

Similarly, Star Atlas is popular for its commitment to improved gameplay. By working closely with The Sandbox, Star Atlas’ users can achieve their creative dreams. Notably, submissions open on October 17 and close on November 13, 2022.

The Star Atlas Game Jam: A Metaverse Meld

The idea behind this creative gaming contest is to boost players’ imaginative powers and their abilities to create what they feel. While this will open a new portal for participants to showcase their style, they are all allowed to take inspiration from the Star Atlas game. Also, they are to create unique games based on a central theme or storyline.

The storyline depicts a grand strategy game that features various events. They include:

  •  Journeying back to a home planet
  •  Encountering technical difficulties on board
  •  Crashing of spaceship
  •  Survival
  •  Indeliberate landing on an alien planet in the HRZ (High-Risk Zone)

While the events in the storyline are limited to these, participants are expected to add events to complete them. This way, they can create full-fledged strategy games and win amazing prizes.

The Central Theme/Storyline

Participants are expected to create games that are tied – at least loosely – to this scenario:

“During your journey back to your home planet, you encounter technical difficulties causing your spaceship to crash. You manage to get out of the wreck alive, but you’re now stranded on an alien planet in the HRZ (High-Risk Zone). What will you encounter there? Will you manage to leave the planet alive? Only time will tell…”

The Sandbox partners Atlas
With the brand-new game jam, participants will get to showcase their Creativity and style. Image Source: Star Atlas Medium


As announced, participants stand to win exciting prizes, including SAND tokens and Star Atlas’ prizes. Notably, there are 4 categories where they will be rewarded. They are:

  •  Best overall idea
  •  Best game design
  •  Most creative/unique
  •  Best use of Star Atlas lore

All 4 categories will feature one winner each. And each winner will be going home with 7,500 SAND tokens + 3 Star Atlas Game Keys + 3 Fimbul Lowbies and 3 Fimbul Airbikes.

Entry Guidelines

To start with, all entries must be created using The Sandbox’s Game Maker Software. Also, participants can feature in-game assets that are created personally. However, they might feature assets created by other people ONLY if they are working as a team of 4 members or fewer.

How to submit entry
All entries must be submitted through The Sandbox’s Game Maker Gallery and the form link. The form link will be released very soon. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium

All entries must be playable. That means there should be quests, challenges, or missions that can stir players’ interests. While the entries can be similar to existing gaming experiences, participants are expected to make them unique, as copied work will be invalid.

Furthermore, the organizers know that participants might want to boost their chances of winning through multiple entries. But they are saying, “Excellent quality only!”. Participants are not to spam the gallery with low-quality entries, as they will be disqualified.

Additionally, all entries must be submitted using the steps laid out by the organizers. And most importantly, The Sandbox’s staff and Star Atlas staff will collectively handle the judging process.

Entry Validity

Firstly, the games must be uniquely designed. No exact copies of existing experiences will be accepted. Also, the gaming experiences must be created for Star Atlas game jam alone. Designs intended for previous game jams are invalid.

Participants should follow the central storyline. The storyline is engaging and has already started, so they simply need to use their ideas to conclude it. As well, they should include at least 25 different assets in their games. While upholding the contest’s standards, The Sandbox’s staff members reserve the right to get rid of any entry.

Entry Submissions

As stated above, participants are expected to submit through The Sandbox’s Game Maker Gallery. In the meantime, the organizers will soon release the form link through which participants can also submit their game entries.

The Sandbox game
The Sandbox’s Game Maker Software contains various elements that can assist game developers in creating unique experiences. Image Source: FileHorse

However, all entries must pass through the two portals (Game Jam and Form Link). Submitting to only one will make the entry (in question) ineligible. As such, participants should relax and take their time to create unique experiences while following the guidelines.

How Will the Judging Look Like?

On normal grounds, all entries will be judged on a points-based scale. And participants can earn up to a whopping 100 points with their unique game designs. However, the 100 points are split into 25 points across 4 categories.

Firstly, 25 points will go to a participant’s Overall Idea. Here, the added events to the storyline and how the game eventually completes the story will be rewarded. Another 25 points will go to the area of Level/Game Design.

The judging decision will be handled by both The Sandbcox and Atlas officials
The Judging process will be handled collectively by staff members of both The Sandbox and Star Atlas. Image Source: Sweeppea – Medium

Similarly, participants can earn up to 25 points for their Creativity. In this category, the way they design the game, the assets included, and the way their storylines turn out will be rewarded. Also, 25 points will be given to the Star Atlas Lore category. 

Additionally, there are about 25 extra points up for grabs. But that will depend on how persuasive the entry is. The organizers call it the Wow Factor.

Important Dates

October 17, 2022, will mark the beginning of the game jam. And participants can start submitting their entries from the day. Also, November 13, 2022, will mark the end of submissions for the game jam. The submission portals will be closed at exactly 3pm UTC.

Furthermore, all submissions will be gathered from November 14, 2022, till December 11, 2022. Voting will also take place during this time. Finally, the results for the Star Atlas game jam will be released on December 17, 2022, bringing the creative contest to an official end.

Additional Information

For the sake of curious participants, the game jam is open to anyone that has a functioning account on The Sandbox platform. Also, participants are expected to submit unique entries. Copying other people’s work or using their assets without permission can result in disqualification.

Also, there are assets that are termed as ‘free to use’. They are “default assets created by TSB-Account-1 and SandboxGame. Additionally, participants can submit individually or as a group, team, or studio. However, no group must have more than 4 members.

What Is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a next-gen grand strategy blockchain game that is built on the Solana blockchain network. The gaming metaverse combines real-time graphics and stellar blockchain mechanics with the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) and multiplayer gaming. On top of that, the game provides clear and “cinematic quality video game visuals” by using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite.

Also, the game features quite many events, including territorial deals, conquests, aliens, politics, space travel, and general metaverse experience. Notably, it is located on the Solana blockchain, which supports up to 50,000 transactions per second. This way, Star Atlas offers its players smooth and secure gameplay.

The Sandbox Game

As a popular decentralized metaverse, The Sandbox allows players to build, own, and monetize their unique gaming experiences in the virtual world. The Sandbox is fully operational on the Ethereum blockchain network, where it provides players with smooth and secure gameplay. Additionally, the platform has a vast community of users, maintaining its stand as one of the best play-to-earn games.

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