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For over five decades, Atari, a pioneer in arcade games, has played a vital role in making gamers happy through its excellent services. So far, the company has supported amazing video and mobile game development, including Missile CommandCentipedePongand Asteroids. And yet, its team of experienced personnel is not relenting in offering more engaging services.

In partnership with AtariSandbox – a top-class play-to-earn metaverse game – has announced that it will be hosting a Game Jam. The event will hold from September 19 to October 16, after which no more entries will be accepted. For Atari, this is a big way of contributing its quota towards game development. 

While this is a step ahead for Sandbox, you should note that this will give more chances to the Sandbox users’ community. Now, game developers can build their games using preferred styles and creativity. This serves as a way for them to express themselves while trying to win prizes.

Atari Game Jam

Since it began operations in 1972, Atari has been a reputable gaming firm. It is famous for developing fascinating video games, including Pitfall, Pong, Adventure, Space Invaders, Missile Command, Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Pole PositionThe list goes on till about 2000+ games. And that’s incredible.

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The Sandbox partners with Atari, a pioneer in arcade games. Image Source: Medium

Today, Sandbox announced its partnership with Atari, one which is posited to be a feasible one. In line with the company’s goal – to take gaming to the next level – Sandbox will be hosting a Game Jam. This will open a new portal for Sandbox’s community of users to showcase their creativity and style.

During the event, interested game developers are allowed to create their own games using inspiration from Atari’s games. However, they are allowed to use two Atari game experiences per entry. That is, you can combine experiences from Asteroids and Missile Command or Adventure and Tempest in one game. However, no game (entry) must be created from more than two Atari game experiences.

A Chance for Creativity

For game developers, this is a huge opportunity to express themselves and show what they’ve got. Combining two games into one can be tricky, especially with the fact that the new game has to be unique. As a result, they have to get creative and build out the best game they ever can. 

However, the Atari IPs (games) are free to use – only for the Atari Game Jam hosted by Sandbox. As such, game developers are not expected to use the IPs after the Atari Game Jam except with the company’s consent and licensure. But every game created within the period of the Game Jam will retain its design and assets. Also, the game maker can access the game in his Sandbox account.

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Atari is one of the biggest brands in the world. It is famous for the production of several video games, over 2000 of them. Image Source: WallpaperAccess

Among Atari’s numerous games, only 17 IPs are present on Sandbox for developers to recreate. They include:


2. PONG®













15. MINE7 2049er™




While the Game Jam is aimed at bringing out participants’ creativity, it comes with rewards. The 1st place entry will be getting 12,000 SAND plus a “50 Years of Atari” NFT. For 2nd place, the prize is 7,000 SAND. And the 3rd place will be getting 4,000 SAND. 

Similarly, entries within 4th and 10th place will be getting 1,000 SAND each, amounting to a total reward of 30,000 SAND.

Entry Guidelines

Firstly, game developers must use the Game Maker software on the Sandbox platform. Here, you are to ensure that every in-game asset in your entry must be self-built, except if you are working as a team of four members or less. Also, your entry must be playable, meaning that there should be some sort of missions or quests to engage players.

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All entries must be created using the Game Maker software on The Sandbox. Image Source: FileHorse

While you are to use Atari IPs as inspiration, your entry should be similarly unique. Exact copies of the games are not acceptable. Furthermore, spamming the gallery with low-quality entries may disqualify all your entries. Some developers might want to send many roughly-done games to increase their chances of winning. Sandbox says high quality only!

Additionally, the judging process will be handled collectively by staff from Atari and The Sandbox.

Entry Validity

For your entry to be valid, the game experience must be a uniquely created one. That is, your entry must be designed exclusively for the Atari Game Jam. Game designs built for previous Game Jams will not be accepted. 

Also, your entry must include a minimum of 25 different assets. Not only that, your game must follow the theme. That is, the game’s content must go in line with its overall storyline. In the meantime, staff members of The Sandbox are allowed to remove any entry while upholding the Game Jam’s standards.

Participants must submit their entries through the Game Maker gallery. Image Source: Medium

Entry Submissions

Participants can submit the entries through Sandbox’s Game Maker Gallery. However, you have to submit through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFiz_GnnxQBnpaJI3V4F8sGi_So9Csql8m5DNDUnrfb7o7fA/viewform 

You should note that your entry must pass through the link above and the Game Jam gallery. Submitting to only one of the two portals will result in your entry’s ineligibility. To avoid such cases, take your time to create a full-baked game experience – and do not forget to crosscheck everything.

Judging Criteria

The Atari Game Jam will be based on a points scale, and there are 100 points up for grabs. The points are split across four categories, including Overall Idea, Game/Level Design, Creativity, and Playability. Each category has 25 points. However, participants can earn up to 25 bonus points if they amaze the judges – the Wow Factor.

Additional Information

The Game Jam is open to everybody as long as they have created their Sandbox accounts. In the course of the event, you cannot use assets created by other users without getting their consent. Should you use another user’s assets without permission, your entry will be disqualified. Also, you can do solo work or as a studio/team of four members, maximum.

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The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse platform that allows users to develop gaming experiences as well as monetizing them. Image Source: Medium

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse game where players can create unique gaming experiences while having full control over them. Also, the platform allows players to monetize their experiences with its amazing features. The Sandbox operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and it promises to give users the chance to express themselves in all creativity and style.

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