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The Sandbox has announced its partnership with 11:11 Media, a global media content company owned by Paris Hilton. The partnership is geared towards hosting a virtual experience, to celebrate Halloween on The Sandbox. The experience, known as Cryptoween, will feature quite many activities within a limited period of time.

While Cryptoween is bound to be an unforgettable one for players, it is The Sandbox’s “first ever in-game Halloween holiday-themed partner experience.” As announced, the experience will be open to all players from October 21, 2022, through November 7, 2022.

The popular American media personality, Paris Hilton, will be hosting a Halloween party like never before. From costumes and social challenges to in-game raffles and quests, players will get the best of Halloween on The Sandbox. Also, this is part of The Sandbox’s promise to give its players the best experiences in the metaverse.

Cryptoween: Halloween in the Metaverse

Famous for her love for Halloween, Paris Hilton will be celebrating this year with her fans all around the world. By hosting the experience on The Sandbox, fans will be able to connect better with the feelings and thrills of Halloween in a unique style. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of activities for players to participate in.

Paris will be hosting Cryptoween in a “colorful fantasy land” on The Sandbox. However, to grace the experience – and to help her out – all players are welcome. Furthermore, there will be social challenges in which players can win rewards in form of SAND tokens or NFTs.

Not only that, but players can also partake in in-game quests where they can be tested with engaging storylines and missions. Among the challenges in the experience include:

  •  Collecting Halloween candy
  •  Lifting a curse placed by an evil baron
  •  Learning the meaning of #Sliving

Rewards: The NFT Collection

Although players will be able to win The Sandbox’s native $SAND token, they can also win non-fungible tokens (NFTs) during Cryptoween. Notably, the Cryptoween NFT collection contains 8 Entities and 13 pieces of equipment. At the moment, players can equip their accessories in single-player experiences.

Also, each NFT is backed up by gems, which help to enhance an asset’s traits as well as customize the personal gaming experience. For curious players, full details about Catalysts & Gems are available on The Sandbox’s gitbook. In line with the experience, the NFT collection will be available on The Sandbox Marketplace on October 21, 2022, at 3 pm UTC.

Furthermore, The Sandbox will be rewarding players with SAND tokens. However, it will be based on participation and well, challenge successes. So, players are urged to seize the moment and earn some ‘cool’ crypto for themselves.

Featured NFTs in the Cryptoween Collection

During the virtual experience, Paris Hilton will be displaying limited-edition assets to celebrate Halloween. With The Sandbox’s cooperation, fans will be able to connect with her and enjoy the Season in an immersive way. Here are the NFTs featured in the collection:

  •  Diamond Baby: Diamond Baby is a tiny Chihuahua that is full of love. According to The Sandbox, it is “three pounds of pure love.” And just like Paris Hilton, seeing this amazing pet friend in The Sandbox can lighten up your mood. Diamond Baby goes for 25 SAND.
  •  Paris Tiara: The lovely tiara goes for 75 SAND. While adding glamour to your character, it makes you unique. Thus, letting everyone know that you are the Queen of your own world.
The Sandbox Paris Tiara.
Paris Tiara. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium
  •  Paris Wings: Well, these wings are available for 500 SAND. They simply make you stand out from the crowd. According to Paris Hilton, “life is too short to blend in.” So, equip your characters with colorful wings and show the world your true beauty.
  •  Heart Glasses: For just 75 SAND, you can get amazing heart glasses that will change your view about others. But how is that? – Everyone will be looking at you with hearty eyes. The beautiful glasses will make you look ‘AH-MAZING’ while you enjoy your stay in the metaverse.
  •  Fingerless Gloves: Whether you are concerned about fashion or function, it does not matter with fingerless gloves. They will protect your hands while you show off your beautiful nails. Also, no matter the challenges you participate in, your hands are one thing you will not complain about. It goes for 100 SAND.
The Fingerless Gloves
The Fingerless Gloves protect your fingers while you flaunt them in the metaverse. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium
  •  Speed Shoes: Speed shoes are fashionable and swift. This way, they let you run fast and look gorgeous simultaneously. The shoes are available for 75 SAND.
  •  Halloween Backpack Bat: If you ever need to explore the metaverse without stressing your hands, this backpack is for you. For 200 SAND, you can enjoy the stylish and scary qualities of this backpack.
  •  Halloween Backpack Pumpkin: Similar to the Bat Backpack, this also goes for 200 SAND. It has a scary look, with a toothy grin to keep the monsters off your back.
Halloween Backpack Pumpkin.
Halloween Backpack Pumpkin. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium
  •  Cat Tiara: For just 75 SAND, you can become the fanciest feline in the metaverse. The Cat Tiara unleashes your hidden sexy cat look, making you uniquely gorgeous.
  •  Farming Life Paris Pitchfork: This pitchfork is the coolest in the market, letting you feel like a true farmer. It is available for just 150 SAND.
  •  Paris Halloween Mask: With the Halloween mask, you can get witchy powers. However, you should be prepared for serious trouble – with 200 SAND.
The Paris Halloween Mask.
The Paris Halloween Mask. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium
  •  Dog Helmet: The unique Halloween dog helmet allows you to make friends while protecting you from the bad guys. It goes for 200 SAND.
  •  Dog Mask: If you care to look like a cute, naughty puppy, now is the time. With the Dog Mask, you can be as playful as ever and stay cute as always. It is available for 75 SAND.
  •  Paris DJ Headphones: For 75 SAND, the DJ headphones will let you rock the decks like a pro, serving the beat-y dishes.
Paris DJ Headphones.
Paris DJ Headphones. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium
  •  Paris DJ Statue: With the statue of Paris posed to rock the crowd, any nightclub will be an instant jamboree. The statue goes for 75 SAND.
  •  Queen of the Metaverse: You can celebrate Paris Hilton – the Queen of the Metaverse – by getting the magic NFT for 50 SAND.
  •  Burning Man: Burning in style is not something you want to miss. The costume is a Valkyrie-type guise fused with killer shades. It is up for 50 SAND.
1 8i fUlGWSKIKOCphGUU80g
Burning Man Paris is a Valkyrie-style guise with killer shades. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium
  •  Tracksuit Paris: This Paris character reveals that fitness can be stylish. You can do your morning exercises and go straight to the dance floor – in the same outfit. It is available for 50 SAND.
  •  21st Birthday Paris: The character is arguably the most dazzling debutante in the space. The 21-year-old Paris Hilton character is up for 50 SAND.
  •  Paris The Cook: Since Paris does not spill anything in the kitchen, getting an elegant red dress is not a bad idea. You can get it for 50 SAND.
Paris The Cook.
Paris The Cook. Image Source: The Sandbox Medium
  •  Farming Life Paris: Rural life never looked better in this Paris-style combo. The character is up for 50 SAND. 

What Is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse platform that lets players create, manage, and monetize their experiences. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform ensures that players get the smoothest and safest gameplay. Additionally, the UGC-oriented platform is one of the top three blockchain gaming platforms, with Axie Infinity and Decentraland being the remainders.

The 11:11 Media

Since its establishment in 2021, 11:11 Media has been all about elevating creators and brands via compelling content. The company employs methods such as storytelling, impactful entertainment, thought-provoking experiences, and premium products to achieve its goals.

Founded by Paris Hilton and industry veteran, Bruce Gersh, the company utilizes its deep understanding of the industry to create trusted, authentic products. This way, it offers exclusive content in various areas, including pop culture, commerce, and Web3.

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