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The Sandbox is releasing the first ever premier island community in the Metaverse

Fantasy Islands is the first-ever master-planned premier island community in the Metaverse. The ultimate escape has 100 unique private islands, community developments, exclusive brand partnerships, and luxury NFTs for use in The Sandbox.

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The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 begins. Image Credit: The Sandbox.

Frostbite Villa

On September 27, The Sandbox is launching Everyrealm: Fantasy Islands Villa Tour, where players can tour the Frostbite Villa in Fantasy Islands. This stunning cliffside property offers peaceful seclusion in the most beautiful yet icy setting.

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The Frostbite Villa will provide a peaceful getaway in the Metaverse. Image Credit: Virstate.

Alpha Season Three

The Sandbox is an extraordinary leader in the open metaverse category. While still in early access, the Alpha Seasons are relaxed events where players can try out new games and experiences and potentially earn rewards!

On August 24, 2022, Alpha Season 3 came to The Sandbox and is currently in full swing. 

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The Metaverse real estate venture is one for investment lovers worldwide. Image Credit: Crypt Stars.

Key Highlights of Alpha Season 3

The current Alpha Season will offer up:

  • 90+ experiences open to all players, including Fantasy Islands Alpha Quests
  • A dedicated Fantasy Islands experience
  • Dozens of hours of gameplay and quests
  • Daily contests, raffle draws, and a leaderboard
  • Rewards for owners of LAND, Avatars, or NFTs from partner collections

– The Sandbox

The Most Expensive Land In All The Metaverse

The new luxury islands are the most expensive piece of land ever sold in the Metaverse. That virtual land sale – worth $4.3 Million – is the largest virtual land sale in the history of the Metaverse.

In December of 2021, a metaverse real estate developer,  Everyrealm, bought 100 private islands in the Sandbox for an eye-watering $4.3 million. It remains the most expensive piece of virtual land ever sold as of spring 2022. Developers have now built these virtual islands into luxurious, exclusive compounds and transformed them into Fantasy islands.

Metaverse Real Estate

The Sandbox real estate developers chose to purchase these 100 islands not out of pure Metaverse love but because they are the only islands in The Sandbox Metaverse.

With the Sandbox being one of the largest metaverses, the exclusivity of the deal was probably too good to pass up. The islands were “empty lots” before being purchased by Everyrealm. The development of these islands is a part of the surge towards elite digital real estate in the Metaverse and Web3.

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Fantasy Island is a prime example of elite real estate emerging in the Metaverse. Image Credit: Every realm.

Choose From Three Villas

There are three different types of islands to choose from on Fantasy Island, and each island comes with its beach frontage and a private pier. If you want an island, you can buy a deed to an island at Fantasy Island’s listing on OpenSea.  

The Tikila Villa

The Maldives’ bungalows inspire this entry-level virtual land in Fantasy Island. , Costa Rica’s eco-lodges, and the beach bungalows on Highway One in Malibu. It is a fantastic villa and a great way to enter the virtual island space.

Pinkyteau Villa 1024x450 1
Pinkyteau Villa is an upmarket option in the Metaverse. Image Credit: Awkmonks.

The Pinkyteau Villa

The Pinkyteau Villa is Fantasy Island’s Villa Two. It has better exclusivity than the Tika Villas and comes with a lighthouse and a mansion.

The Frostbite Villa

The Frostbite Villas are exclusive, lavish, and visually gorgeous islands in this luxury island community. Each Frostbite Villa comes with its zipline connected to the rocky cliffs across the frozen sea.

Frostbite Villa 1024x462 1
Frostbite Villa is the place to be in the Metaverse! Image Credit: Awkmonks.

Fantasy Collection:  Luxury Asset NFTs

Fantasy Island developers have a collection of luxury NFTs available in the Fantasy Islands to players. Explorers of the islands can purchase boats, jet skis, and mega yachts. Luxury NFTs are for owners in the Fantasy Island community.

Fantasy Island developers will also provide exclusive perks and airdrops to landowners.

Conclusion: Chillin’ In Frostbite villa

As the first-ever “master-planned” island community in the Metaverse, we can’t say how successful this will be. But, going by The Sandbox’s history and popularity, we can expect big things from this digital luxury location. As we keep pointing out, Web3 is still developing, and we’ve yet to see how the global world wide web community takes to the Metaverse.

Will luxury virtual realities be more The Sims than the future of human development? We can’t say. But, The Sandbox and Fantasy Islands are asking gamers everywhere to believe in their future vision with this latest release.

Is this the future of the Metaverse? Image Credit: Medium.

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