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Steve Aoki’s Sandbox experience is proving popular with players participating in the Sandbox Alpha Season 3. Aoki invited gamers to visit his Playhouse yesterday (September 4), and teased the many different aspects of the experience.

Aoki purchased the Playhouse in December 2021. The plot was part of the ‘Snoopverse Wave 2, the latest expansion of Snoop Dogg’s iconic ‘Snoop Dogg Mansion’.

Those lucky enough to have neighbouring plots of land are able to participate in concerts and interactive experiences with the DJ himself, and brag to their friends about owning a prestigious piece of digital real estate in The Sandbox. Plus, the plots are located close to Supducks, an NFT project featuring 10,000 colourful ducks.

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Steve Aoki entered the Sandbox in December 2021 and has been making waves with his Playhouse since. But the new Alpha Season 3 experience brings even more excitement to fans. Image source: The Sandbox

But the Sandbox Alpha Season 3 experience is open to everyone. The DJ performed a gig for his many fans who posted selfies and videos they took in the Sandbox metaverse.

In a promo video in collaboration with the Sandbox, the American DJ said:

“Aoki’s Playhouse in the Sandbox, I’ll be living there.

“So if you guys want to jump into my foam pit, into the pool, come rock out on my stage, on my rooftop,  the cake zone… I mean we’ve got everything! It’s crazy.

“Aoki’s playhouse in Sandbox, catch me there, let’s have a party!

So far, users are loving the new experience. Twitter user Mr Mahogany shared a 15-second video of a Steve Aoki gig taking place in the Playhouse. He said: “So good”

And Twitter user shakes.eth shared a GIF of the experience and said: “Was awesome partying with you, Steve Aoki, beats were *fire emoji”

While the experience itself has had a positive reception, the Steve Aoki gig shared by Sandbox users showed the potential for future concerts in the Metaverse.

As with regular concerts, people attended, took videos, and some even managed to grab selfies with the famous DJ.

The Sandbox: It’s 24/7 pure fun at Steve Aoki’s Playhouse

The Steve Aoki gig was well-received, but players who missed it can continue to explore the DJ’s Playhouse in The Sandbox.

The experience comes with 26 unique multiplayer quests, sixteen assets, and music by the DJ, all packed within a 1×1 land plot in the Sandbox.

Some of the sixteen assets included as part of the experience include:

Avid Aoki and Sandbox fans will have plenty of opportunities to obtain a cool souvenir from the Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Steve Aoki experience.

In a tweet released earlier today (September 5), The Sandbox said: “GM party animals!

“It’s 24/7 pure fun at the Playhouse! Discover the hidden secrets of @steveaoki’s villa and take a walk down memory lane in the mind of Steve!

“Who knows, you may even find his secret dojo!”

Keen players can discover the Playhouse via this link.

The Sandbox: Steve Aoki experience starts off with a seizure warning

Shortly after users were invited to explore the Steve Aoki experience in the Sandbox, YouTuber Plok The Master Gamer released a walkthrough of all of the quests.

On entering the experience, users are met with a seizure warning, saying the experience may potentially trigger seizures in patients with epilepsy.

Prior to entering the Playhouse, the YouTuber said: “It could be a short one, it’s looking like a pretty small and compact place, hopefully, it’s not too bad.”

the sandbox
The Sanbox Alpha Season Three is bringing a new wave of experiences to the metaverse, including the Steve Aoki Playhouse. Image source: The Sandbox

On entering, the first objective was to complete the “Secret Dojo” quest which involved several steps, including speaking to various characters.

There was also an opportunity to “collect the sweet memories of Mini Steve” and learn more about Steve Aoki’s inspiration.

The quests allow players to discover the Playhouse while completing mini-games along the way. You can see the whole walkthrough below:

Steve Aoki’s Sandbox experience is just one of over 90 experiences available as part of the new Alpha Season 3 release which has proven to be a success so far.

Where else can Steve Aoki’s fans see him in the metaverse?

The Playhouse is by far not the only place to spot Steve Aoki in the metaverse. In fact, just a month after the popular DJ announced he was entering the Sandbox, he said he would launch his very own metaverse.

Steve Aoki’s metaverse is called A0K1VERSE and can be found here. Designed to be an NFT-enabled membership club, much like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the A0K1VERSE offers several blockchain experiences.

Some benefits include metaverse performances featuring Aoki as well as pre-sale access to future NFT drops. The DJ is also planning on partnering with brands to collaborate of future NFT drops.

Steve Aoki’s A0K1VERSE is the artist’s answer to the metaverse revolution. Image source: Steve Aoki

But members can benefit from real-life advantages too, such as free tickets to Aoki’s shows.

Members will be able to enter the metaverse using A0K1VERSE passports.

Steve Aoki’s vision for NFTs and the metaverse

In a statement, Aoki explained his vision for his new metaverse.

He said: “A0K1VERSE passports will be a revolution. We are building more than a metaverse; it will be a multiverse.

“We are connecting many different communities, and we hope they will all grow alongside us and be successful.

“NFTs enable a two-way conversation between artist and fan.

“Previously it was always a one-way conversation. The artist produces something, and the fan either buys the product or not, but there is no conversation. With NFTs, there is a constant conversation.”

Aoki hopes to produce a metaverse where artists and fans can participate in a ‘two-way conversation’. In a manner of speaking, he is looking to decentralize the music industry and break down the barriers that separate fans from their favourite musicians.

By doing so, Aoki is exploring yet another aspect of the utility of NFTs.


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