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The Sandbox today announced that they are hosting an end-of-season livestream party to celebrate the conclusion of the Alpha Season 3 of the massive metaverse game.

The livestream party will feature the influencers:

Plus, they are offering the chance for users to submit content that shows amazing in-game moments from the Alpha Season 3. They also want to see your biggest in-game fails across the Season.

That’s not all: they are offering a prize for the winner of the best moments or fails. So don’t miss out!


How do you submit your best moments or fails to The Sandbox?

the sandbox form
A few quick questions and an upload is all you need. Source: The Sandbox

All you gave to do is fill out the form located here.

What is The Sandbox Season 3?

alpha 3 sandbox
Alpha passes sell quick! Source: The Sandbox

Building on the success of Alpha Season 2, which attracted more than 325,000 players, Alpha Season 3 (AS3) of The Sandbox continues the trend. During AS3, participants can reinvent themselves by creating an avatar or by choosing one of the 140,000 playable NFTs.

Then, they can go into a Web3 ecosystem where games, music, art, architecture, and fashion are all mixed together to show the future of entertainment.

The Sandbox is committed to open metaverse interoperability, so you can play a Rabbids game with a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT avatar that can be used in the game. With this novel Web3 gaming format, players can directly control numerous brands and intellectual properties, similar to Decentraland’s extensive partnerships that we cover at Play to Earn Diary.


What are Alpha Passes?

By buying an NFT ticket for the Alpha Pass, players can try out all of the different Alpha Season content and earn up to 500 SAND tokens.

In the Alpha, players can Play and Earn by exploring the Metaverse with their Alpha Pass.

The NFT ticket needs to be in the user’s wallet in order for the rewards to be redeemed at the end of the season! Alpha only supports Windows as an operating system. 


What is the Sandbox?

Picture5 7
The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse platform that allows users to develop gaming experiences as well as monetizing them. Image Source: Medium

Sandbox is a play-to-earn game powered by Ethereum. Sandbox is also a 3D metaverse that uses DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain.

The Sandbox has led to a big rise in the number of games that use Blockchain. Some of the benefits it offers are proof of ownership, online and digital scarcity, monetization/play-to-earn strategies, and the ability for games to work with each other.

So, both crypto and non-crypto fans of video games are interested in it.

In The Sandbox, a piece of land is represented by a token called LAND. In this virtual place, players can make their own games and change existing ones. They can even change other digital assets with the help of free design tools.

The games a player plays can also be made, owned, and sold. These experiences are made on LAND and turned into Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), which can then be turned into SAND tokens and sold on the Sandbox Marketplace.


What kinds of things can you do in The Sandbox Season 3?

sandbox branded partners
An incredible number of experiences to discover. Source: Medium

More than 90 experiences have been and will be shared over the course of ten weeks. You can play the largest season of The Sandbox, which includes exhilarating solo and multiplayer experiences.

Access to fantastic content will be available to all players. There are:

  • The experiences of 27 brand partners
  • 17 experiences from The Sandbox
  • The Sandbox Game Maker Fund contributed funding for twenty experiences.
  • User-generated content (UGC) experiences of 12 independent creators
  • 16 Game Jam experiences were also included.


What else is available in Season 3 of The Sandbox?

Along with all of these wonderful opportunities, you can also:

  • Complete over 650 quests.
  • Try out some fun new games.
  • Play and earn SAND tokens because 10,000 Alpha passes are only available in a limited number of units.
  • You can obtain as much as 500 SAND using the Season 3 Alpha Passes.
  • Land, NFT, and avatar owners are eligible for special benefits.


Why is Season 3 of The Sandbox Significant for the Metaverse?

the sandbox game battle
The new version will allow players to create brand new experiences in the Sandbox metaverse. Image source: The Sandbox

Over 140K NFT owners from collections will be able to use their digital assets from Web3 communities as avatars in The Sandbox in the third season of the Alpha Access programme. In terms of interoperability, this will be Web3’s biggest application to date.

In keeping with the idea of the industry working together to succeed, the team developed a game that is even easier to play than earlier Alpha Seasons.

It challenges the average player to go a step further and think of The Sandbox as a game that also happens to improve its surroundings by utilising blockchain technology. And despite appearances, this is actually quite valuable.

Adoption is a frequent theme among those who work in the Dapp industry, likewise, for anyone looking for business opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector.

No matter how innovative the knowledge and philosophy underlying blockchain technology may be, if those who stand to benefit from it cannot use them, then nothing (or very little) matters.

While the general public has little interest in cryptocurrency ventures, games have been able to distance themselves from the C-word.

By subtly integrating Web3 and decentralised finance concepts into the gaming economy while wrapping Web2 brands into the Metaverse in this way, it is evident that the industry is still far from being over.


Do you want a fantastic The Sandbox experience?

sandbox season 3 fantasy island
Unlock a premier realm full of adventure. Source:

Popular blockchain gaming platform The SandBox established an island community in the Metaverse in collaboration with Everyrealms.

One of the experiences offered is the Everyrealm: Fantasy Islands Villa Tour.

It gives players access to the Fantasy Islands’ Frostbite Villa and features a unique Fantasy Island adventure, several hours’ worth of gameplay and quests, a daily contest, raffle draw, and leaderboard, and perks for LAND, AVATAR, and NFT owners.

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