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As a pioneer of the FITFI platform, Step App picks Tokyo as the host city for its global debut event. Step App values everyday exercise and turns it into user games and interactions. Ten days from now, on December 1st, Step App’s launch will take place at RAISE in Ginza, Tokyo.

Usain Bolt, Reito Taguchi, and hip-hop MC AK-69 will be guest speakers at the Step App conference launch. Usain Bolt, the former Olympics and World Championship gold medalist is a Step App ambassador. He will grace the Step App conference to introduce the app.

Those who purchase event tickets will get access to the event’s launch programme. They will experience the panel talks and special giveaways from leaders in the fitness and blockchain industries firsthand. They will also attend the live performances by AK-69 and Fehrplay and DJ Usain Bolt.

The Essence of Step App

The Step App’s long-awaited public launch in December comes after its private beta. The Private Beta 2 went live in July and attracted pre-registration from over 20 million users. The platform makes the fitness industry a reality for the metaverse gaming ambition. Users can walk, jog, and run to communicate, play, and earn tokens from anywhere in the world.

Step App’s CEO, Kirill Volgin, said the platform leverages native blockchain technology with web3 technology to reward users for exercising. As an incentive, users receive tokens of virtual currency. Users should buy NFT sneakers (SNEAK) from the in-app market to earn tokens.

The Step App has two tokens. The governance token that Step App users will use to buy SNEAK is FITFI. KCAL is a token obtainable through jogging and is used to enhance SNEAK or withdraw money. You can earn even more tokens by putting in additional running time and upgrading your SNEAK.

It is essential that individuals motivate themselves to exercise. Thanks to the Step App, many people are able to change their attitudes and lifestyles for the better. They can help themselves live and enjoy a healthy life.

The Road To Excellence

Usain Bolt will give a speech on Step App’s “Road to Excellence” campaign and tell a captivating tale to Steppers. He is unarguably the greatest sprinter of all time and is the worldwide brand ambassador for the web3 platform. The “Road to Excellence” is a concept that Boruto will also discuss in his address.

Another ambassador for the platform, Boruto, made some remarks about Step App’s ideology. He reveres the idea of working out and exemplifies his importance to it. He strongly believes in what the platform has to offer and is proud to be part of the project.

Lifestyle, exercise, and play are all included in “Road to Excellence” as one component. With Step App’s innovative, ground-breaking method, it is also another function to broaden the blockchain economy beyond the banking industry.

Embark on the Road to Excellence with the Step App.     Image Source: Twitter

The Guest Speakers

Reito Taguchi will take part in the discussion as well. He will introduce and describe the Step App platform to users. He will explain how they can operate the app to their advantage.

Reito Taguchi made the following comment,

“As a professional baseball player, it’s critical to work out frequently and take care of your physical health. Now, you can use it as a competition for regular walking. Use the “Step App” after registering. On December 1st, we hope to see you all at the global launch event.”

In addition, some prominent people in the meta world will also discuss the fast-rising metaverse platform. They include Volt, Step App’s chief marketing officer Declane, Step App’s advisor Dharpan Randhawa, and Coingate’s founder Dmitrijus Borisenka.

The Event Speaker
There will be famous speakers at the event.     Image Source: Twitter

 Japan as the Launching Ground

According to Jan Van Decraen, Step App’s Chief Marketing Officer, one of the world’s biggest marketplaces for cryptocurrencies is Japan. Since the M2E platform debuted, the Japanese have had the most interactions with the platform. This makes it logical to host the app’s launch there.

However, in terms of website views, pre-registrations, beta downloads overall, and FITFI stakeholder numbers, Japan comes in second place. Since the movement platform encourages fitness and has a positive social impact, celebrities have shown support for this notion.

Physical health is a precursor to mental health. Therefore, by encouraging activity, Steppers can accomplish this goal. Steppers will become financially independent and enjoy exciting social and gamified features to keep them motivated. Step App is all about making your exercise journey enjoyable.

step sneaker
Physical health is a precursor to mental health.     Image Source: Medium

Step App: Taking the Metaverse by Storm

Step App has received more than 59 000 pre-registrations just from its inception. With the Step Software blockchain fitness app, users are eager to compete against one another in the worldwide move-2-earn system.

Step App is operable on any iOS or Android device. Users will enjoy access to their native crypto wallets and NFT marketplace within a single location. By using the app, users will burn their KCAL tokens to compete against others and team up with partners.

The metaverse and GameFi markets’ upcoming combined frontier, Step App, is a physical experience connected to the metaverse. Many people’s lives include physical activity of any kind, including fitness. The blockchain product makes use of features that many people use regularly.

step app
The App is operable on any iOS or Android device.   Image Source: YouTube

Get Step App to make working out socially and earning money fun. You can increase your step count by walking, jogging, or running. Users can further demonstrate their accomplished fitness objectives with prestigious SNEAK NFTs. Compete against players, network worldwide, and take in the metaverse and your actual environment in a fresh, exciting way.

Step App’s Marketing Tactic

The Step App ran an early sign-up campaign that allowed users to earn free SNEAK NFTs. Ahead of its official launch, it assisted the app in gaining tens of thousands of users.

Major athletes have also joined Step as the app’s worldwide fitness ambassadors. Celebrities are part of this crypto movement because of the great societal impact it makes by rewarding exercise.

DAO Maker uses its network to purchase IP and branding rights from international brands. It does this to make Step App appealing to international fan bases of notable IP. This enables Step App to reach a wide range of fitness industry communities. Significant consultants are also available for Step App, one of whom has successfully executed license deals worth around $500 million.


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