The submission deadline for the STEPNrun contest is fast approaching. Participants now have 9 days to submit their videos for a chance to win incredible rewards. The contest has so far been a success.

STEPN says that it has already seen some very interesting entries, including ‘bold bear sightings’, the epic ‘starry nights’, and so much more. The contest kicked off on 25th July and will officially end on 8th August.

What is The STEPNrun Contest?

The STEPNrun Contest is a social media campaign designed to raise and spread awareness about STEPN, one of the leading move-to-earn apps in the world. The contest incentivizes users to share interesting videos of their daily runs or walks on Twitter and Instagram.

Move to Earn STEPN
STEPNrun Contest. Source: STEPN on Medium

There is a specified submission period after which STEPN ambassadors will select the winners. STEPN is hoping to use its growing list of users to expand its social media presence. The web3 lifestyle app is also planning to launch similar contests in the future.

Each contest will have its unique theme. For now, the theme for this event is ‘Local Scenery’. All videos posted must reflect this theme to qualify for rewards.

How To Participate in STEPNrun?

To get involved with the STEPNrun contest, you will need five things. First, you must be a verified user of the STEPN M2E app. Secondly, you are required to post a local scenery video during your STEPN walk or run.

STEPN Health and Fitness
Running in STEPN. Source: STEPN on Medium

Each video is supposed to be 10 – 30 seconds long. Users are free to post either on Twitter or Instagram. Thirdly, each posted video should feature the hashtags #STEPNrun and #STEPN.

The fourth step is to make sure you follow STEPN on Twitter and Instagram in case you haven’t already. Finally, all videos must be posted within the submission deadline. Failure to adhere to all the 5 requirements above will lead to automatic disqualification.

STEPNrun Rewards and Selection Criteria

The STEPNrun contest is offering 3 reward categories. The first category will include the top 3 entries. All 3 get an APE Realm OG Shoebox reward. Check out this article to see why these sneakers are important. The other categories however are only limited to GMT rewards.

Entries placed 4th to 6th will get up to 50 GMT tokens while those placed 6th to 10th get 20 GMT tokens each. All winning entries will be picked by a team of STEPN ambassadors. The selection process is expected to kick off as soon as the submission deadline elapses. It will run from 9th to 22nd August.

The Selection Criteria

STEPN will aim to reward the most creative and unique video entries. However, three key metrics will largely influence the final selection.

STEPN metaverse
STEPN Ecosystem. Source: STEPN on Medium

First, the video quality posted has to be top-notch. It must be well taken, well lit, and as clear as possible. Blurry amateurish videos will not make the cut.

The content of the video also matters. It’s not just about recording for the sake of recording. STEPN wants fun and engaging posts and above all, they must reflect the theme of this contest.

Finally, higher engagement on social media is crucial. Videos that get the most shares, likes, and retweets will stand a huge chance of winning.

How to Enhance Your Chances of Winning

In addition to the three metrics above, users can also explore a few other tips to increase their chances of bagging the final prize. First, if you are posting on Instagram, make sure your profile is set to public. Private profiles will be disqualified.

The STEPNrun contest also allows multiple entries. As such, try and post as many videos as you can. Also, each video posted has to be more unique and different than the other one. This will dramatically improve your odds of winning.

However, the Move-To-Earn app will only reward a single user for every category. So, even if you submit hundreds of videos, you only win once. Try and also share your post across social media and other platforms. Generating engagement is not always easy but it’s a big part of the selection criteria.

Running in STEPN
STEPN Fitness. Source: STEPN on Medium

And just one more cautionary advice. Do not buy likes and retweets! Videos with fake engagement stats will not be considered. Finally, make the videos as natural as possible. Do not try to capture magic that isn’t there. Also, avoid unsavory posts with content other people might find disturbing.

Why is STEPN Doing This?

The STEPNrun Contest is the first of many social media campaigns that STEPN will likely launch in the future. So, why is the M2E app actually doing this? For starters, the contest is a good way to generate community engagement around the STEPN brand.

As more and more people post their videos, they will feel like they are engaging with the app beyond the normal move-to-earn dynamics. The STEPNrun Contest will also play a key role in enhancing STEPN’s social media presence.

Although the M2E app has already amassed a sizable user base, a bigger social media presence could help accelerate growth in the near term. Finally, STEPN sees the contest as a way of giving back to its loyal community of fans. All these things will give it an edge over other similar apps.

STEPN’s Dominance in Move-To-Earn

After launching a closed beta of its web3 app in December 2021, STEPN has gone on to become the most successful M2E app in the world. This Forbes article for instance notes that so far, STEPN is getting, on average, 2.3 million active monthly users.

stepn app
STEPN Earnings. Source: STEPN on Medium

The app has even gone as far as describing itself as the first Unicorn of the M2E revolution. This simply means that its valuation has exceeded $1 billion. STEPN has also been making a lot of money to help maintain its platform. The app charges a 6% fee for all NFT transactions in its ecosystem.

It is estimated that STEPN generates roughly $2 – $3 million a day from fees with earnings hitting roughly $100 million every month.

Other M2E apps have tried to challenge this dominance. Even traditional web2 fitness and health apps are making the big move to Web3. In fact, Sweatcoin, a massively successful Web2 fitness app just raised $13 million to make a mark in Web3. But despite this, it will take time before any of these apps dethrones STEPN.

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