Particularly for BNB games, the previous year saw a massive influx of blockchain games and blockchain gaming enthusiasts. Since then, the blockchain gaming industry has expanded exponentially, drawing interest from enthusiasts all over the world. P2E (play-to-earn) games, which give players the chance to earn rewards while playing games, also appear to be in vogue. 


Here are 21 of the best BNB games currently available:

1. Era7: Game of Truth

Cross enemy Lies. Source: Era7

Era7: Game of Truth is a TCG in the metaverse style that was developed by a group of core blockchain developers and members of casual game studios.

This innovative card-trading game is cutting-edge and addicting at the same time. It makes use of a brand-new gaming technique. A perfect fusion of fighting and strategy makes this game, which is broken up into several three-minute games, thrillingly immersive.

What happens in Era7: Game of Truth?

The seven distinct races on the Continent of Truth are central to the Era 7: Game of Truth plot. For the title of “King of Truth,” the races interact and compete against one another. All of the races have distinctive and exceptionally talented people as part of the plot. They must go through rigorous training at the Summoner Academy.

After graduating, they are given the responsibility of creating Summoning Pacts while traveling the globe as Summoners. Additionally, these agreements give them allies from the strongest of the seven races. Typically, the conflict for the title of “King of Truth” takes place in the center of the continent. The “King of Truth” title is awarded to the victor after the battle. The highest accolades in the country are bestowed upon his race.

Players can either collect, engage in combat, trade, or synthesize cards in order to acquire them, particularly legendary cards. Players can mix and match the cards in their own card library in a variety of ways to build the strongest possible deck. They can play either PVE or PVP, depending on how and where their cards are deployed. 

Plus, as PlaytoEarn Diary previously mentioned, “What’s different about Era7 compared to other NFT-based digital card games is the ability for others to bet on games. This improves the ranking of Era7 to eSports status.”


2. X World Games 

Dream Team. Source X World Games

The next-generation decentralized blockchain gaming ecosystem is called X World Games. “X World” stands for an uncharted universe that needs to be discovered, and “Games” stands for additional games that will be integrated into this ecosystem.

The goal of X World Games is to create a diverse gaming ecosystem that joins the worlds of traditional gamers and blockchain technology. It also aims to assist more game developers who wish to enter the cryptocurrency market in building the foundational blockchain framework. The other goal of X World Games is to integrate blockchain technology into an open gaming environment where players from all over the world can engage in PvP combat and create/collect cards.

What is X World Games’ NFT Trading Market?

The NFT trading market in the X World Games allows players to freely buy and sell a variety of in-game items based on NFT. For the product, X World Games will finish a massive platform infrastructure plan that includes a gaming hub, NFT exchange, cross-game protocol port, and a fully functional toolbox for game development.

By signing more authentic anime IPs, publishing more games, connecting migrated games to existing tokenomic systems, and assisting the player community in transitioning to full DAO governance, X World Games will be enhancing the gaming ecosystem and community in the meantime.

A gaming platform called X World Games links thousands of players from the traditional gaming industry with the blockchain. In order to grow its ecosystem and draw in more traditional players, X World Games is currently in discussions with a number of game developers. Its goal is to establish itself as the “Open Sea” for blockchain games and a hub for the industry.

With over 2 million registered players served by its gaming innovation, crypto game – Dream Card, NFT Marketplace, and DeFi Pool, X World Games has emerged as the ecosystem’s fastest-growing provider of gaming services for cryptocurrency.

The global headquarters of X World Games is in Singapore, and it has more than 100 dynamic team members. 

What is Dream Card V1?

Old-school in-game footage. Source: X World Games

Technically, X World Games is more than one game. On its platform, many are present.

However, “Dream Card,” also known as “Dream Card V1,” was the first video game to be made available on the X World Games platform. It was the first collection of collectible trading cards produced by X World Games and the first international NFT-based TCG game based on the Japanese ACG. There are currently more than 60 million players of TCG games.

The popular “Pokémon Trading Card Game” served as an inspiration for “Dream Card.” The game creates a play-to-earn ecosystem by fusing the traditional TCG battle functions and play styles with cryptocurrency blockchain technology. NFT hero cards are non-fungible, owned by a specific player, and transparently recorded on-chain on the X World Games platform. As a result, they can be freely bought and sold. The game’s playability is enhanced by the player’s ability to alter the attributes and designs of their cards.

3. Tiny World

It’s a small, small world. Source: Medium

Tiny World is a vast trading game environment based on historical legends from around the world. Play-to-earn, effective DAO governance, and top-notch gaming are all combined in this system.

The full product matrix of Tiny World consists of Tiny Games (Tiny Kingdom, Tiny Dungeons, etc.), Tiny Farm (fusing cool NFT heroes with DeFi to create a seamless GameFi experience), and other items. As a blockchain-based gaming universe, Tiny World combines NFT, DeFi, and gaming to provide users with an absolutely breathtaking experience. Amass over 100 Tiny Hero NFTs to begin your epic journey. Climb the leaderboards or delve into the dungeons to make the most of the play-to-earn experience.

How to earn money in Tiny World?

For a brand-new way to profit from the platform’s DeFi products, put your awesome NFTs and tokens on the line. There are many different ways to make money in Tiny World. 

  1. Yield farming using resources from Tiny Farm 
  2. Buying and selling Tiny NFTs on the market. 
  3. Tiny NFT yield farming‌ 
  4. Staking tokens in exchange for gaming and voting benefits 
  5. Playing tiny games to earn rewards for the leaderboard 
  6. Trading Items in Tiny Games to Make Money

Tiny Farm, a fully functional Defi system, is present in Tiny World. This comprises several Defi components, such as Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, Staking, Farming NFTs, Looting Mystery Boxes, and all other aspects of Trading in the Market.  

What is the game about?

Let’s get farmin’. Source: Tiny Farm

In the world of Tiny Worlds, there are actually three games:

  1. Tiny Farm: Tiny World has a full DeFi system called Tiny Farm. It consists of a number of DeFi components, including Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, staking, NFT Farming, mystery-box, NFT market, etc. Here, cool NFT heroes and DeFi are combined to create a seamless GameFi experience.
  2. Tiny Kingdom: Players use their free time to engage in combat and earn money through trading in this idle trading game. Gain incredible crypto rewards by ranking highly on the various leaderboards and emerge as the top squad in The Kingdom.
  3. Tiny Dungeons: A tower defense system is incorporated into this simulation game. Get NFT land, then construct your dungeon. With successful attacks, players will be able to take loot from other dungeons. Make sure to build up your defenses to prevent experiencing the same thing!

4. SecondLive

First Life not that great? Here you go. Source:

A diverse metaverse called SecondLive is dedicated to fostering the growth of social networks and promoting the commercial endeavors of creators. Users can design their own digital lives within the metaverse by creating their own avatars and selecting places to stay and live. Users can carry out various tasks with avatars in a variety of settings, including virtual exhibitions, personal spaces, art galleries, game rooms, and concert rooms. These avatars assist users and creators in producing their own content and making money from it.

In order to promote self-expression, unleash creativity, and create a dreaming parallel universe, more than 1 million users have gathered here. The SecondLive team, led by Binance Labs, is an expert in building Metaverse infrastructure and creating virtual spaces for big events. SecondLive will develop a Web3 open Metaverse that serves 1 billion people with the aid of user-generated content and artificial intelligence-generated content.

5. CyberDragon

It’s got dragons. That’s enough reason to play. Source: BinaryX

Cyber Dragon is a P2E game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The BinaryX team completely dominated the BNB games world with this. Character creation, rare equipment collection and Dungeon challenges are all available to players. The Cyber Dragon represents the game’s last boss and must be vanquished. If a hero kills the dragon, he gets to plunder the dragon’s treasure house.

What are tokens used in Cyber Dragon?

In Cyber Dragon, there are two main currencies: BNX and Gold. The BNX token is the Cyber Dragon’s official cryptocurrency. Those who have BNX tokens have a voice in the game’s development and can vote on important changes. The game’s primary currency is gold, which is represented by a BEP-20 token. Most in-game purchases can be made using gold. For instance, heroes must spend gold in order to level up; gold is also needed to pay for costs incurred when attempting dungeons and preparing the necessary equipment. Gold can also be used to recruit the services of other players’ heroes for use in teams. After enlisting heroes, you can mine for gold as part of your everyday routine.


6. MOBOX: NFT Farmer

NFT galore. Source:

Video games are meant to be entertaining. Wouldn’t you rather have fun in order to make money than have to worry about every cent you spend, which would take up all your time?

Enjoy the MOMOverse on any device, anywhere in the world, because it’s a cross-platform metaverse. Players, creators, and collectors all receive benefits in the MOMOverse for their participation and enthusiasm, whether it be in the act of making or consuming content.

MOBOX is an innovative platform because it takes the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem and merges it with Gaming via novel NFTs. The GameFi infrastructure utilizes Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and NFTs to produce novel NFTs that can be used in a wide variety of games, in addition to discovering the optimum yield techniques for users. This provides MOBOX players with the distinct advantage of being able to play for free and make money in the same session.

Rather than spending real money for in-game currency or characters, players in this series of games put their hard-earned money into a savings account, from which they get access to additional in-game assets and a larger roster of playable heroes as their balance grows.

By ensuring that particular CRATES (pools) always have access to sufficient liquidity, CRATE contracts can ensure that their users always receive the highest possible yield through the implementation of optimal yield farming tactics.

7. DracooMaster

Cute lil’ dragons. Source:

In the brand-new game Dracoo Master, players gather DRA tokens by engaging in quests and combat. Players can gather and evolve various Dracoos in the meantime to engage in combat and win DRA tokens. On the market for NFTs, Dracoo NFT might be traded. Gain DRA tokens through BNB gameplay and use them to decide the game’s course!

It is best described as a roguelike deck-building game with strategy. In your journey to the Sacred Peak, Dracoo’s card arrangement opens up the seemingly endless possibilities of real-time multiplayer online competitive games.


What game modes are there?

  • PVE Adventure – Upgrade your Dracoo team and take on roguelike challenges to reach the Sacred Peak. Play with a large selection of cards that can be combined in countless ways.
  • PVP Arena – Compete against other explorers in the Arena and gain access to the leaderboards for the Arena to earn valuable DRA tokens.

How do you level up your Dracoo team?

  • Enhancing – Take part in quests to raise your Dracoo’s level and fortify it with BAS tokens.
  • Breeding – Create the Dracoo of your dreams! Dracoos can reproduce by using the Dracoo Point, and their young will inherit some of their parents’ traits.

8. APEMove

Get moving with monkeys! Source: SpinTop

APEmove is designed around movement, which is a common daily activity for most people. APEMove is the upcoming endeavor to successfully implement the move-to-earn concept, and joining is completely free.

The users dress in NFTs in the form of sneakers. By jogging, running, or walking in the real world, players can accumulate in-game currency that can be spent in the game or exchanged for real money.

Users are paid for each minute they spend moving based on four main factors, earning $APE and $BAPE in the process: 

  • Type of Sneaker: Each Sneaker has a different Base APE returns.
  • Sneaker’s Power Attribute: The more power a sneaker has, the more APE it earns each minute. Only from Level 10 to Level 29 can users earn APE. At Level 30, users have the option of continuing to earn APE or switching to BAPE. Users are free to switch between these two earning options.
  • Sneaker’s Agility Attribute: BAPE earned per minute increases with agility level. Users will have the choice between earning APE or BAPE at Level 30. These two earning options are freely switchable by users.
  • Movement Speed: Users should stay within the Sneaker’s recommended speed range in order to maximize earnings. Depending on the speed deviation from the ideal range, a user’s earnings may be reduced by up to 90% whenever they fall below or above this range. 

APEmove hopes to encourage millions of people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, stop climate change, and access Web 3.0 through Game-Fi, all the while relying on its Social-Fi component to create a robust BNB game platform that supports user-generated Web 3.0 content.


9. CyBall

Football of the future. Source: Cyball

Users can gather and assemble a team of CyBlocs to compete against other teams online in the futuristic football-themed NFT game CyBall. Users can also trade and mentor new CyBlocs within the CyBall ecosystem. In order to create a multi-chain gaming environment, the game will initially launch on the BNB Chain with immediate plans to launch on Solana once it is ready.

In an exciting and competitive turn-based football card BNB game where players compete to see who can score the most goals, the CyBall game engine combines various elements of strategy, simulation, and chance. Players develop their CyBlocs so they can compete in different game modes with rewards that range in value. Young CyBlocs can learn from more experienced CyBlocs, developing the next generation of original NFTs. In upcoming expansions, the team hopes to give players more options for utilizing their accumulated rewards in CyBall and the larger CyBloc universe. 

In addition to being inclusive and catered to all demographics, the CyBall metaverse acts as a link between players and blockchain technology thanks to the game’s vast CyBloc universe.

A Play-to-Earn mechanism made possible by blockchain economics will be present in CyBall. Play-to-Earn elements allow players to receive rewards just for participating in the game in a world where social media, games, and many other platforms compete for users’ finite attention spans. Both active and inactive players can earn a sizable income from this ground-breaking model, as can NFT collectors who want to lend out their assets.

10. MetaverseMiner

Out of this world fun. Source: MetaverseMiner

Built on the $META token, Metaverse Games is a cutting-edge and open metaverse BNB gaming platform that aspires to be the Steam and Roblox of the metaverse.

On the BEP20 blockchain, Metaverse Miner is a GameFi+NFT play-to-earn game. This space-themed game ($META) transports players to a wider variety of strange galaxies where they can mine and acquire different primal energies.


What tokens are used in Metaverse Miner?

  • $META: With a maximum supply of just 21 million, $META serves as the ecosystem’s payment and equity token. Additionally, $META will be used for the creation of the new Metaverse Miner ecosystem value as well as for community governance.
  • Miner NFT: To mine and obtain $META, one needs mining rigs, which are equivalent to miner NFT. Any planet NFT that isn’t already full will accept a miner NFT from a player. In order to take part in mining, the Miner NFT uses up a certain amount of “energy value.” The Miner NFT will stop producing $META token rewards when the “Energy Value” reaches 0.
  • Planet NFT: A vital component of the ecosystem, Planet NFT is extremely rare. On the Planet NFT, mining is done. In addition to profits from the sale of miners, a planet NFT owner also receives a cut of the mining operation fees and a cut of the mining output paid by the owner of the Miner NFT.

Based on the “Dual-Circulation” economic model, MetaverseMiner is a very straightforward game. In contrast to other games, this one allows the creation of the in-game token $META using NFTs. As a result, “one-time investment, continuous benefit” is achieved. This means that if you invest once in the NFT, you will continue to benefit from mining and earn $META. To put it simply, this is what the Metaverse Miner BNB game is all about.

11. Bomb Crypto

Its da bomb. Source: Medium

Users of the popular play-to-earn BNB game Bomb Crypto can engage in cryptocurrency trading and accrue Bcoin as a result.

Cyborgs that are trained to look for Bcoins are controlled by the players as a squad of bomb heroes. Every Bomb Hero is a unique NFT that users can buy, improve, and sell to make more Bcoins.


These bomb heroes have unique abilities. If players are fortunate in their search, they may come across special statted, one-of-a-kind bomb heroes. Then, in the future, heroes can be upgraded to improve their skills and value.

Earning Bcoins, the game’s native currency enables players to access special features, buy premium in-game items, and improve their gameplay.

12. Lure Fish Club

Gotta catch them all. Source: DappRadar

The online lure-fishing club Lure Fish Club offers tokenized rewards and NFT fishing equipment. The game “Fish to Earn” is the first one on the EVM Chain.

You can participate in fishing through this game project on the BNB Chain blockchain. Fishing rods are useful for crafting, upgrading, and prospecting for gold. Fishing poles and treasure chests are NFTs that can be traded on the NFT market. Both governance tokens and gaming tokens, which can be exchanged on the secondary market, are represented by diamonds.

13. Metamon

Metamon, he we come! Source: AsiaCryptoToday

Web3 science fiction and fantasy game Metamon is powered by the blockchain game platform MTVRS, Unreal Engine, and NEAR Protocol. 

Numerous new services now have access to NEAR Protocol’s powerful features, including ultra-fast transactions and low fees, which enable them to grow. Web3 services, such as play-to-earn (P2E) games, can now deliver what their market demands and exhibit their full potential thanks to this new blockchain platform. 

By introducing an immersive battle royale game without the typical issues found in most P2E games, the protocol hopes to add something new to Web3 gaming. 

Other iterations of its games, like Metamon Raids and Metamon MMORPG, will soon be released. The fact that Metamon will keep growing every three months, adding new Metamon monsters, stories, resources, and other things over time, is another intriguing feature. 

The DAO of the platform will have a big impact on how the story develops as it gets bigger. 

A NEAR protocol ERC-20 token that can be used for governance, payments, P2E transactions, staking, and other purposes, MON Token is the in-game currency of Metamon. 


14. Ninneko

Cuteness overload. Source:

A deep, dark forest home to enigmatic, defendable villages is the setting of the NFT Play-To-Earn game Ninneko. The first villagers to settle in the forest were the Alpha Ninnekos, who have since protected the settlements and preserved their tribes’ history and culture. 

However, as more and more Beta Ninnekos migrated into the forest, there was a growing lack of available land. The villagers then started invading one another, which ultimately resulted in war. Wild Ninnekos are born with the capacity for leadership, possess extraordinary senses and abilities, and work hard to uphold the villages’ cultural heritage.

Your objective is to assist the Ninnekos in capturing the entire forest, creating new settlements, and constructing a powerful empire. You’ll form a variety of teams, continually hone them to be the best, and then use them to attack the villages of your adversaries. Five different classes—Warrior, Support, Mage, Ranger, and Assassin—combine to make up a tactical Ninneko team.

Need more cuteness? Check out another BNB game, Rolling Neko Nyan.

15. Alien Worlds

Apparently, Aliens are VERY purple. Source:

In Alien Worlds, a decentralized finance non-fungible token (DeFi NFT) Metaverse, users can explore a strewn belt of planets to gather Trilium, the game’s in-game currency, engage in intergalactic quests, and acquire special items, all in this one BNB game.

It’s a space exploration game that allows players to search different planets for resources (NFTs), earn in-game money, and complete various tasks in the hopes of finding rare items.

Land is essentially divided into distinct sections that can be either bought and mined for personal gain or leased to other users for commission. Each area of the land has its own unique resources, all of which are NFTs and can advance your knowledge and tools.

Kick-start your Alien Worlds journey with our out-of-this-world guide.

16. Heroes & Empires

Ready for some heroic battles? Source: Heroes&Empires Facebook

Heroes & Empires is a strategy BNB game that integrates blockchain technology with the distinctive components of idle RPG and the strategies of auto chess. Additionally, by utilizing the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) property to create characters, items, and Play-2-Earn components, players can benefit from DeFi integration’s steady income while still having a fun gaming experience.

With cutting-edge gameplay and top-notch graphics, it created the game using the Unity engine, showcasing its distinctive element. Heroes & Empires won over players’ hearts with a system of complementary and opposing characters, as well as a variety of strategies and game modes like PVE and PVP. Players will gather and upgrade heroes as well as equipment from different races and classes in the game. Every hero has unique skills and traits. Heroes can always be improved, players can engage in PVE and PVP combat, and they can earn rewards.


17. WidiLand

Houston, we’ve landed in Widiland. Source: Widiland Facebook

The NFT Game WidiLand was launched in 2021 with the goal of becoming a well-known social networking game on a global scale.

WidiLand has accomplished a number of significant milestones, including being listed on PancakeSwap and amassing more than 450,000 followers across various channels. And in January 2022, Chapter 1: Journey Begins! was published.

When the Earth is seriously damaged due to the depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution, and the release of ancient viruses that kill the majority of people on the planet, the plot centers on a select group of people finding a new home for humanity. They must relocate to WidiLand, a green-blue moon that resembles Earth, and establish a new civilization there. To build and defend their new home, players will enjoy a variety of specific roles as well as various game modes. Your team’s goal is to convey the importance of protecting the environment to players as soon as possible.

18. Thetan Arena

Online arena gameplay across all devices. Source: ThetanArena

Blockchain technology is the foundation of the esports game Thetan Arena. You can gather your friends, form a team, engage in combat, and profit solely from your skills.

However, as we previously reported, you’re unlikely to earn much unless you put money in.

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online arena game powered by blockchain that can be played on PCs, Android devices, and iOS gadgets. It was developed by the game development studio WolfFun. Another game that lets players earn rewards by interacting with the platform is Thetan Arena. Thetan Arena is WolfFun’s second top-performing title. Heroes Strike was the first game the studio released, and many of the players who signed up for it also flocked to check out Thetan Arena.

Players in Thetan Arena acquire ownership over in-game characters as well as other items like skins and weapons, thanks to NFTs. Without the NFT component, the game can also be played for free, but making money this way requires a lot of skill.


19. Tap Fantasy

Tap into this awesome blockchain MMORPG. Source: Medium

A blockchain-based MMORPG game called Tap Fantasy was created by HTML 5 and is one of the best BNB games. Players can immediately begin playing Tap Fantasy by interacting with it on the website or in their wallet. It has both the play-to-earn module from Axie Infinity and the Design to Earn module from Roblox.

TP’s no-code map editor can be used by third-party game developers to design and make gameplay modules. Game designers get a 50% cut of the coins that players spend in third-party gameplay modules.

Designers can also produce and sell to players their own custom-made NFT profile pictures, wallpaper, structures, and character skin appearances.

After years of accumulation, the team now has more than 200 ACG characters. In addition, the team’s Japanese business partners have access to a wealth of animation resources, allowing them to participate fully in the Metaverse.


20. Chains of Legends

A slice of legendary land. Source: Medium

The BNB game, Chain of Legends, is a Play to Earn NFT game set in the Middle Ages that features a robust token economy and a quick token burn technique. It is seed funded and has nice graphics and an experienced team.

  • Purchase some land, establish a gold mine, and start accumulating game tokens.
  • Sell tokens directly on exchanges
  • Construct barracks and educate heroes.
  • Fight alongside other players to take control of the treasure island and gather treasures.
  • There is a marketplace where users can exchange goods like lands, heroes, and resources.
  • Play for Free


21. Mines of Dalarnia

Eager miners on the moon. Pretty standard. Source:

The year is 11752. Most of the known systems are governed by the Metagalactic Collective. The Collective is governed by The Onemind, a kind but incomprehensible A.I. that upholds harmony and prosperity. Terraforming Capsules are a brand-new technology that The Onemind has revealed. These capsules spontaneously trigger millions of years of planet evolution in a matter of seconds. The first round of terraforming tests will be conducted on three planets in the Dalarnia sector. In a kind of intergalactic gold rush, people from all over the galaxy flocked to the newly terraformed planets in search of their fortunes. You have used your life savings as one of these eager miners to travel to a moon outside the system. In the Mines of Dalarnia, are you ready to strike it rich?

Sounds enticing, right? Get started with Mines of Dalarnia now and get earning!

That’s a wrap on out top BNB Games. Need even more crypto games to binge on? There’s another 15 waiting for you…

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