The Sandbox Metaverse game is launching its The Walking Dead experience today. As part of celebrations,  a behind-the-scenes video, brought to life with a FREE no-code Game Maker and Vox Edit tools, is also available today!

Players can use their new NFTs to build their own The Walking Dead experiences or show their struggles to make it to Alexandria.

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The survivors of the apocalypse have landed on The Sandbox Metaverse. Image Credit: Medium.

Fight To Find Cassie

Players start the mission as Adam, one of Alexandria’s top trackers, to find Cassie, who has gone missing. Adam must find her among the city ruins and amid hordes (and hordes!) of Walkers – how long can they stay alive, and can they find Cassie before it’s too late?

Moreover, twenty-plus new assets from The Walking Dead game experience are now on The Sandbox Marketplace, an exciting update for fans!

Behind The Scenes

The video of the behind-the-scenes footage reveals the layers of complexity in the new The Walking Dead Metaverse.

As shown below, the video outlines the quality of the design using simple blocks, and that player can create their path through the ravaged city with wood planks. Trickery will abound as Adam uses barbed wire to confuse walkers and collect materials to survive.


And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND!

The Walking Dead NFTs

The Collection

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A new selection of NFTs is on the Metaverse. Image Credit: Medium.
  • Aaron —A mediator and scout of sorts, Aaron is a welcoming face in a dark time. He cares about others and will do what he can to help them.
  • Alexandria Survivor Trolley —As long as you have gas, this is a moving fortress. When the gas and bullets run out, however…
  • Battle Ready Michonne —Michonne has been through much, but she will continue to fight. Wielding her katana, she makes light work of walkers or anyone who dares cross her.
Screenshot 2022 10 02 194328
Cassie is a fierce character known for tearing Walkers apart with her bare hands. Image Credit: Medium.
  • Cassie — Cassie is not someone to be taken lightly. She’s known to rip Walkers apart with her bare hands, or so the rumor around Alexandria suggests.
  • Compound Bow —A compound bow that fires with deadly accuracy to nail targets, living and dead.
  • Crawling Walker — The hunger compels them ever forward, creeping, with fingers scraped to the bone. Just don’t let them grab you!

To see a complete list of NFTs, check out The Sandbox Medium here.

‘The Walking Dead: A Day in Alexandria’

Sandbox TWD feat
Alexandria is in chaos, and Cassie, although an awesome fighter, is lost and alone and needs help. Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

The Sandbox-based game is a  multiplayer experience, and Alexandria is in turmoil. Walkers gather at the gate, the walls need upgrading, and they plot revenge in the shadows. Players must prove themselves to the citizens as they begin their The Walking Dead journey.

“Inside The Sandbox metaverse, the carefully integrated WALKING DEAD game experience will encourage players to unite with friends and other players as they overcome the day-to-day requirements of surviving a walker-infested habitat: scavenging for food, gathering resources, building walls, nurturing relationships, making alliances and more.” Skybound

The Future Of The Metaverse

Metaverse and Web3 space are not affected by the crypto winter. Image Credit: The Coin Republic.

According to Forbes, there are five “hype cycles” to new technologies.

There is the trigger and the “peak of inflated expectations” stage when the technology hype preaches it as transformational without clear evidence of actual value. Thirdly, it goes to the “through disillusionment” phase, where negative press and events show that the technology is not delivering on its expectations.

Many are still skeptical of the Metaverse. Image Credit: The New Scientist.

Next, there comes the “slope of enlightenment” phase, where negative presses and experiences subside, and the technology starts to deliver value.

Finally, the technology moves into the “plateau of productivity” stage, where it generates value, recedes into the background, and becomes a commodity.

The Metaverse platform has the potential to be transformational. Image Credit: TechSpot.

The Sandbox

We have seen this in recent reactions to Web3 and the emergence of the Metaverse. It is impossible, however, to ignore significant name investments taking up stock in this futuristic digital space. AI is transforming the internet already, and despite naysayers, we still see signs of confidence in what we call “the future of the world wide web”.

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