NFT profile picture project World of Women Avatar holders have a chance to earn guaranteed $SAND rewards. 

The World of Women Museum in The Sandbox metaverse will require VIP access from 1 pm UTC on October 8-15

Supporting Women in NFTs

The World of Women NFT is building a platform in the Metaverse to promote female inclusion and representation in Web3. The program dubbed the “WoW Foundation,” will get $25 million in financing over five years, with the funds going toward education and mentorship.

“A quiet museum, away from the noise of the world, where you can wander among unifying, inclusive, and inspiring works. A retreat designed just for your unique self.” – The Sandbox

World of Women is a community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities. Its vision is to build an inclusive web3 through its collection and community. Research has shown that female artists account for just 5% of all NFT sales. The Sandbox gave $25 million in grant funds to found the WoW Foundation to promote their work and advocate for women in Web3

Equality In The Metaverse

World of Women and The Sandbox is working to enhance the open Metaverse and encourage more female participation through a series of interactive experiences. These will occur through the WoW Foundation and focus on four main pillars:

  • Uplifting the ecosystem by supporting artists and funding projects.
  • Educating newcomers.
  • Communicating gives more visibility to women-centric causes while inspiring others and giving back to charities.
The Sandbox is opening up exclusive access and rewards for the holders of seven collections. Image Credit: Medium.


  • Owners of seven avatar collections are eligible for exclusive AS3 rewards.
  • Seven experiences will open with one week of exclusive access for avatar owners before they open to all players.
  • During the week, completing at least one quest in the experience will guarantee SAND rewards for the avatar owner.
  • Following this exclusive period, the experience will open to all players, but the special SAND reward will no longer be available.
Players must ensure their avatar is in the wallet associated with their Sandbox account to participate. Image Credit: Medium.

You can become eligible today for this program by buying an avatar from one of these collections:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club Avatars
  2. The Doggies (Snoop Dogg) Avatars
  3. Steve Aoki Avatars
  4. World of Women Avatars
  5. World of Women Galaxy Avatars
  6. The People Of Crypto Avatars


The more collections you own, the more times you can win SAND during this event.

Women In the Metaverse

CEO, CCO, and Co-founder Yam Karkai has been recognized as an Ally of the UN SDG Action Campaign. Image Credit: Medium.

Female artists have been making headlines with their work on the NFT market. Artist and filmmaker Charlotte Colbert launched a 1-of-1 NFT based on her horror film “She Will.”

Coto, a Web3-based social community platform designed for women, has also recently announced its NFT collection. 

“WoW has already committed $2 million to social, gender and climate causes around the world,”

“WoW is the front door for women into NFTs and we’re continuing to expand that to Web3 and the metaverse.”

Shannon Snow, Chief operating officer of WoW.

World of Women has several experiences in The Sandbox. Image Credit: Medium


The tech world is notoriously male-heavy, and initiatives like this support women breaking into the Metaverse. NFTs are lucrative, and The Sandbox partnering with World of Women offers artists an opportunity to reach a larger audience in the Metaverse.

The foundation creates meaningful educational and mentorship opportunities for women within the metaverse game world and beyond. It’s vital that women are represented in the Metaverse and that the NFT market includes these empowering female artists. 

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