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A record-breaking six million active players joined Thetan Arena, a well-known multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, just two weeks after its release in late 2021. 

The game uses nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of heroes that are offered on its market, where you can also buy and sell characters from other players. 

What is Thetan Arena? Is Thetan Arena Popular? 

Why has Thetan Arena gained such a large following? The number of downloads and active players in the game is astounding, and it keeps increasing daily at an even faster rate. What are the factors that cause so many people to be drawn to this game? Let’s investigate.¬†

In terms of players, Thetan Arena is currently the fastest-growing NFT game. It reached 100,000 downloads in less than an hour after its initial release on November 27, 2021, and as of this writing, it has a staggering 15,894,664 downloads and is still growing. This game shocked the world of NFT games with its rapidly increasing user base. 

What is a MOBA game, and is Thetan Arena a MOBA game? 

The gameplay of Thetan Arena was one of the key elements that attracted players. 

Many players enjoy MOBA games, a subgenre of games made popular by DOTA and League of Legends, as well as mobile games like Mobile Legends and, likewise, Pokemon Unite. 

The fact that Thetan Arena is a true MOBA NFT game that allows players to play on PC or on Mobile is one of the main reasons why so many players are drawn to this game. 

Pros and cons of Thetan Arena: 


  • Gain free in-game currency through multiplayer and solo play Market is open¬†
  • 5 game modes¬†


  • The NPC team is not a good one.¬†
  • Rare heroes may be expensive.¬†
  • Not suitable for players who favor idle games¬†
  • There is no market on mobile¬†

Is Thetan Arena Free To Play? 

Thetan Arena Collection of Characters
“Again! I think I blinked…” Source: Cryptory

If you are familiar with some NFT games, you may have noticed that many of them are Pay to Play, which means you must first make an investment of real money in order to play the game. 

There is a difference between traditional games and NFT games because, as we all know, investing is the process of spending money on something in the hopes of making a profit. 

In a traditional game, players spend money but only gain in-game items that have no real-world value; however, in NFT games, players can both spend money and gain real-world value since some of the in-game items in NFT games are also NFTs. 

However, what if you want to make money while playing a game but don’t want to invest or spend money? You shouldn’t worry, though, because Thetan Arena is also a free-to-play NFT game, which is probably one of the reasons this game draws so many players.¬†

If you want to invest in Thetan Arena and buy some of their NFT heroes to give yourself an edge over other players and earn more money more quickly than some who choose to play for free, you can do so. 

In-Game Details About Thetan Arena 

In-game Thetan Arena Cat Fighting
Moving with purrr-pose. Source: Deconstructor of Fun


Thetan Arena is a MOBA in terms of gameplay, similar to DOTA or League of Legends. If you regularly play MOBA games, you may be familiar with this one and have an advantage over players who are new to the genre. 

Playing this game is not difficult, but ranking in it can be challenging, especially if you prefer to play by yourself. 

Because MOBA is a team-based online game where winning depends on your teammates, I strongly advise that you play with a regular team, or at the very least, a friend. This is because playing with a random team is risky because you never know how good or bad your teammates are. 

However, if you form a team with friends, your moves will be well thought out, and you will have a better chance of winning than if you play with other teams at random. 

Thetan Arena is playable on three different platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS. Playing MOBA on a PC is much easier than on a mobile device because you can cast skills faster and with greater accuracy, thanks to key binding options. However, if you want to significantly improve your gameplay on a mobile device, just keep playing because the more you play, the better you get. 


Thetan Arena’s graphics are good compared to some NFT games that only have 2D cartoonish graphics; the developers clearly put a lot of effort into every aspect of this game, including the graphics.¬†

Thetan Arena’s graphics are somewhat reminiscent of those on Pokemon Unite, with a nice 3D visual and a pleasing color scheme. Characteristically, the characters are similar to those in Splatoon because of their chibi, cute designs, and diminutive sizes.¬†

Thetan Arena Guide to Starting to Play 

In-game Thetan Arena battle forest
NFTs, here we come! Source: TapTap

If you’re wondering how to play Thetan Arena, just follow our instructions and you’ll see how simple and easy it is to get started with this game.¬†

I advise using a wallet called Metamask since it is well-known and the most reputable Ethereum wallet before beginning this NFT game because we will be using it on every transaction in the game. 


Step One: Getting a Cryptocurrency Wallet 

For every transaction in this game, including purchasing tokens in Thetan Arena, claiming THC coins and exchanging them for real money, purchasing items in the Marketplace like gTHC heroes, selling gTHC heroes, and many more, you must first set up or create your very first Metamask Wallet. 

Because you can use Metamask on some of the Best NFT Games available in addition to Thetan Arena, creating a Metamask wallet is time well spent. 

We can move on to the following step after you’ve created your first Metamask wallet and added Polygon and the Binance Smart chain network.¬†

Step Two: Link Your Wallet to Thetan Arena In-Game 

The next step is to link your Metamask wallet to Thetan Arena. To do this, simply visit Thetan Arena’s official website, go to their marketplace, click on “connect wallet,” and then click the “Login with Metamask” button.¬†

Make sure you have already added the Binance Smart chain network to your Metamask wallet before connecting it to the Thetan Arena marketplace. 

You will be given the choice to link already-existing game accounts or to create a new game account after connecting your Metamask. Since we don’t have a game account yet, simply click the create a new game account button, enter your email address, and click the button to send a code via email.¬†

Once you’ve linked your Metamask wallet and created your Thetan Arena account, move on to the next step. Be sure to enter a real email address so you can receive the code that Thetan Arena sends to you to continue creating your first Thetan Arena account.¬†

Step Three: Get downloading Thetan Arena! 

You can now download Thetan Arena depending on the device you use by creating your own Metamask account, adding the Binance Smart chain network, and connecting your Metamask wallet. The game is accessible on Windows, iOS, and Android. 

Simply enter your account information from the Thetan Arena website after downloading the game, and you’ll be given a free set of three heroes that you can use in all of the game’s battles.¬†

You should be aware that the free hero you receive is NON-gTHC, which means it cannot be exchanged for money. To put it another way, by default, when you first start playing this game, even if you are a free user, you will receive three heroes for free that you can use on your journey at Thetan Arena. However, those free heroes are known as Non-gTHC, which is another way of saying that they are non NFT, which doesn’t have value in real life.¬†

Thetan Arena Guide to NFT Heroes 

Thetan Arena In-game selection locked characters
Who will you choose? Source: Behance

Come learn more about these three main roles in this game, Tanks, Assassins, and Marksmen, to determine which is the best for us to choose, just like other MOBA games that have various Hero roles Thetan. 

You can choose from a variety of Thetan Arena heroes with different special abilities to suit your play style, such as the capacity to suffocate foes or burrow underground. Three different classes, three different rarity levels for skins, and 25 characters are available. 

There are three rarity levels for heroes. Higher rarity levels provide different playstyles, abilities, and the possibility of more bonus battle rewards: 

  • Common Hero
  • Epic Hero¬†
  • Legendary Hero¬†

In addition to level, your hero’s skin color affects battle rewards. Each hero has access to three different skins. You are more likely to receive additional battle rewards if the skin of a hero is rarer:¬†

  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Mythical¬†

Marksman who Specialize in ranged attacks. 

Marksmen may be vulnerable up close due to their low amount of HP, but they are deadly and dangerous if they can control their distance. They are the next main damage dealers in terms of DPS; they have low HP and slow movement speed, but they can deal a tremendous amount of damage in a clash. 

Tanks with powerful melee attacks who are slow but powerful. 

The main goal of a tank, as the name implies, is to set up and coordinate a team offense. Tanks are heroes with the traits of being tanky with a high HP and durability, normal attack damage, but slow movement speed. 

Assassins who are the Fastest characters that can dodge and attack quickly. 

Since they have the highest offense and normal defense (HP), as well as the class’s fastest movement speed, assassins are the most well-balanced and difficult to escape from. They can also kill their opponents in a single combo.¬†

‚ÄúWhat are Hero Skills in Thetan Royale?‚ÄĚ Guide¬†

Thetan Arena differs from other MOBA games in that each hero has their own set of skills, whereas in other MOBA games each player can select two from a skill pool to use during a battle. Each hero also has three skills that they can use during a match, two of which are drawn from the skill pool, and the third is a skill that is unique to the hero they selected. 

Every week, the skill pool’s available skills are reset, meaning some of the skills you are currently using may no longer be available. For this reason, I strongly advise that you test each skill and blend it into your gameplay rather than stacking only two skills. Instead, become familiar with each skill and use it wisely on the battlefield.¬†

How do you play Thetan Arena? Guide to Two Modes 

Starts Now Thetan Arena Characters Facing Screen
Are you ready, punk? Source: Mobile Gaming Hub

There are various battle modes available in Thetan Arena, but because they can change from time to time, you can’t select all of them at once; only a few of them are available at any given moment.¬†

What to do in Battle Royal? 

Your objective in this game mode is to eliminate as many players as you can from the battleground, which has 12 players. 

Be careful because some supply boxes contain nasty surprises like bombs that could kill you, especially if you have low health. You must destroy these supply boxes in order to obtain some useful buffs that can give you an advantage over other players. 

The last man standing will be deemed the winner. As the battle heats up, a ring-shaped borderline will appear and begin to get narrower each time, forcing all of the players to fight in confined spaces. 

What to do in Tower Siege? 

Since each match in Tower Siege lasts for only 5 minutes and most players are required to fight only in one line to defend their tower, the gameplay mechanics are similar to those of DOTA or Mobile Legend in Mobile but much simpler. 

The towers on both teams must be protected, but players are unable to attack them. Instead, both teams must gather batteries to call the Siege Robot, which will then destroy the opposing team’s tower.¬†

And because a Siege Robot is the only thing capable of attacking an enemy tower, you and your team must eliminate the Siege Robot in case your opponents summon one. Otherwise, the Siege Robot will destroy your tower. 

A team that successfully destroys an opponent’s tower will win, or if time runs out, the team with the most HP in their tower will win. On the other hand, if you and your team collect a battery and summon a Siege Robot, you and your team must support the Siege Robot and try to wipe out all your opponents for the Siege Robot to do its job freely.¬†

What to do in Superstar? 

The following game mode is called Superstar, and in it, each team has four players. There are four minutes left before the battle ends, and the object of the game is to collect as many superstars as you can. Each superstar will appear randomly on the maps, and each one will earn the team match points. 

The team with the most points at the end of the time will be declared the winner; alternatively, if a team leads by more than 50 points over its rivals, even though the game hasn’t ended, the winner will be declared right away.¬†

What to do in Death Match? 

Thetan Arena’s Death Match game mode, which is the one we’ll play next, is my personal favorite because it awards extra points for successfully taking down your opponents.¬†

With the exception of battle royal, each death match has four players and a time limit of three minutes. As the match begins, each player will try to eliminate as many opponents as they can to earn points. When the timer expires, the team with the most points will be declared the winner. 

What to do in a Custom Battle? 

If you want to play with your friends, you can also choose a custom battle; you can select the game mode, the maps, the number of players on the field of battle, and even the time limit. It will also depend on the game modes you select. 

How to Play to Earn in Thetan Arena 

Thetan Arena NFTs Cards
NFTs? Yes please! Source: ICO Drops

In this Thetan Arena, is it possible to make money like in other games? Thetan Arena tokens are the main source of income in this game, even for free-to-play players, so let’s start there. The answer is YES, but it will depend on your skill as a player.¬†

In Thetan Arena, there are two different types of tokens: THG and TH. What are these two tokens, and what do they serve? For more information, keep reading. 

What is the THG Gem? 

Thetan Arena’s primary token, or THG, has the highest value of the two and, like some primary tokens, is used for staking, hero upgrades, and voting on matters of governance. THG can be obtained through participation in tournaments and special events that Thetan Arena sponsors. You can also earn some THG by taking part in special events, and who knows, there may be an airdrop of THG in the future.¬†

Thetan Coin (THC): What is it? 

Similar to the SLP of Axie, DEC of Splinterlands, or STT of Monsta Infinite, Thetan Coin, also known as THC, is the secondary token of Thetan Arena. It can be used to purchase new Heroes in-game or at the Thetan Arena Market by purchasing Thetan boxes, and it can also be sold to other players in peer-to-peer transactions. 


Thetan Arena Guide: Ways to Earn Money: Best and Easiest P2E Methods 

Thetan Arena F2P P2E Diagram
Let’s spell out the earning process. Source: Wolffun Helpshift

Now that we are familiar with the two game tokens, let’s talk about how to make money in Thetan Arena. It might take some time, so don’t get discouraged because this is a MOBA, a very competitive type of game with a lot of players, but who knows the developers might change some of their earning mechanics to make it a little bit easier to make money in this game.¬†

Rank Bonuses 

The lowest rank is recruit 4, and the highest rank is Champion 1. When you win a match, you receive trophies, and those trophies are ranking points. This is the first option. Every time you fight in Thetan Arena, your ranking may change depending on how well you perform in the game. 

The more victories you have, the more trophies you may receive, and the more trophies you have, the more ranking points you have and the higher you rank in the game. In a ranking chain, there are rewards that are waiting for you to claim based on trophies you have, and one of the rewards is gTHC. Try to earn as much gTHC as you can and sell it on Thetan Arena’s market place for a profit.¬†

Before you get too excited, let me remind you that you can earn trophies whenever you triumph in a game and rewards whenever you reach a certain rank. 

You must first reach at least Bronze 1 because that level is necessary for claiming gTHC, which can then be exchanged for real money in the form of a THC token. 

Is Bronze 1 even attainable? Yeah, but it will take a long time, especially for solo players. To rank faster in this game, I highly recommend finding regular teammates. Every time you lose, your trophy total will drop, and if you keep losing, your rank will drop as well. 

Non-gTHC vs gTHC Heroes? Free vs. Paid Heroes 

Thetan Arena gTHG Weekly Tournament
Cancel your weekend plans. Source: ThetanArena

Non-gTHC heroes are Thetan Arena characters that are not NFTs and can only be used in-game; they cannot be exchanged for real money. 

One benefit or advantage of using premium heroes‚ÄĒgTHC Heroes, which are premium heroes NFTs‚ÄĒis the increased earning potential. Because premium heroes participate in daily gTHC battles, they have more earning potential than free heroes.¬†

Every premium hero has a battle reward of gTHC based on battle results +6 for a win, +2 for a draw, and +1 for a loss. Daily gTHC battles are based on the rarity of the hero; for instance, you have a common but gTHC hero will have eight daily gTHC battles. 

If you have a legendary hero, for instance, and each legendary hero has 12 daily gTHC battles, then if you win all of your 12 gTHC battles, you will earn a total of 354.6 gTHC. This is a significant amount of gTHC earnings when compared to free users, who receive no gTHC earnings from daily gTHC battles or gTHC bonuses. 

Based on the daily gTHC that you might receive, investing in gTHC heroes is one way to make money in Thetan Arena. Additionally, by owning premium heroes, you can take part in some exclusive events and earn more rewards. 

But hold on, before you spend money on a premium hero, consider the following. Even if you have legendary heroes and earn extra gTHC, you still need to reach at least Bronze 1 in order to claim all of those tokens, sync them with your wallet, and exchange them for real money. For this reason, I highly advise having a regular partner and teammates who are skilled at MOBA. 

If you have a team of gamers who are proficient in MOBA games and you decide to play Thetan Arena and you have a very high win rate and easily ascend to the top, you and your team can carry players to at least Bronze 1 and it sounds like a good additional source of income in this game. 

Start Trading gTHC Premium Heroes 

Trading is another way to make money in Thetan Arena. If you have a lot of gTHC heroes, you can sell some of them right away on the Marketplace. You can also improve the class and level of your hero trophy. This increases the likelihood that it will sell for more money there. 

Why is it necessary to increase the trophy class and level of your heroes before selling? The higher the trophy class and level of your heroes that you are selling, the more value they have. Plus, the higher selling price they can be sold for. This is because premium heroes with higher trophy classes have more potent custom skills. At least compared to heroes with lower trophy classes. And they have increased stats, gTHC battles, and win bonuses. 

You’ll need the MetaMask browser extension and to be connected to the BSC network to sell your owned heroes. By using the MetaMask browser extension, you can change networks. Additionally, you’ll need some WBNB to pay for transaction costs.¬†

First, choose the Marketplace tab. Select Inventory by clicking on your profile photo in the top right corner. Then click Sell Now after choosing the hero you wish to sell. Enter the listing price you want to charge, and use WBNB to pay the “service” fee (gas fee).¬†


In Thetan Arena, how do you obtain gTHC heroes? 

One way is by buying a Thetan box, which you can do with your THC. The cheapest one costs 1000 THC and is a standard Thetan Box. Once you open it, some heroes are inside that you can trade for other heroes on the market. 

Another one is flipping. Similar to other games, there are always players who are too eager to sell. They must first understand the true value or price of what they are trying to sell. Keep an eye out for the cheapest item that might have a higher resale value. 

Who are the creators of Thetan Arena? 

Thetan Arena Founders
Faces to the name. Source: MarginATM

Thetan Arena was created by Wolffun Pte Ltd, also known as Wolffun Games. Nguyen Dinh Khanh founded Thetan Arena. Other well-known mobile (non-crypto) games by Wolffun Games include Tank Raid and Heroes Strike. 

The business was founded in 2014 and initially operated as a mobile platform development studio. Thetan Arena is the first blockchain-based game created by the company. 

A positive sign in this world of anonymous blockchain developers is that Wolffun Games has a transparent website. It contains all of the company’s background details, links to its official LinkedIn page, and also features its core team.¬†

Animoca Brands, Kyros Ventures, Spark, and Decom Holdings are just a few of the developer’s numerous partners and investors.¬†


Thetan Arena Character Stats Screen
This cheeky chappy wants you to get playing. Source: GamingonPhone

We’ve reached the conclusion of our review of Thetan Arena, a free-to-play NFT game. The graphics and gameplay are both good, but if we look at the free-to-earn aspect, it’s a mixed bag. Yes, it’s free to play and free to earn. But the earning potential between free-to-play users and paid users is like night and day. You have a chance to earn as a free-to-play player. But the question is whether all that time and energy yields much.

We always advise playing with your friends or regular team. This is because it will take a lot longer to reach Bronze 1 if you play alone. The gTHC that you claim is 210. Which is not even half the cost of the cheapest Thetan box of 1000 THC. 

And after five seasons, that may be the time when your earnings reach at least 1050 THC. And you may have maintained the Bronze 1 each season. It will take a long time to buy one regular Thetan box in Thetan Arena without using real money. So keep in mind that the season ends and resets every three months. 

However, if you are a free player, don’t be discouraged. Use your first THC after Bronze to buy the least expensive gTHC hero and earn some daily gTHC and bonuses.¬†

If you’re wondering if you can make money playing Thetan Arena for free, the short answer is yes. But it takes time. If you put money into this game or time investment you can make substantial money playing Thetan Arena.

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