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Sweat Economy has taken to its Twitter handle to announce that there are three more World Cup packages still up for grabs. And these packages are exclusively available in the Sweat Wallet. This is part of its plans to reward users, especially stakers, through the Staking Rewards program.

In the last couple of weeks, the Sweat Economy has recorded quite some positive turn-ups. This accounts for the massive engagement that its projects enjoy. Above all, the platform has so far proved worthy of being among the best move-to-earn projects of our time.

With this announcement, users are expected to step up their games, get into the Sweat Wallet app, and maximize their chances. Notably, Sweat Economy has been on the go with its recent projects. 

Three More World Cup Packages Up for Grabs!!!

Today, Sweat Economy told its user community that they can still win World Cup packages including two match tickets per package, all-expense paid flights to Qatar – courtesy of Qatar Airways – and free accommodation in five-star hotels.

The M2E platform organized the rewards program to give its users – who are football fans – the opportunity to experience the upcoming Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. By winning, they will participate in live experiences at World Cup matches. Sweat Economy sees this as a huge opportunity to show that it respects its users’ interests.

FIFA World Cup Packages for Qatar 2022

As part of plans to give back to SWEAT token stakers, Sweat Economy announced in September that it will be giving out official FIFA packages for Qatar 2022. As announced, the only requirement was to stake SWEAT tokens through the Sweat Wallet app.

Prizes to be won include:

  • Free match tickets to watch World Cup matches live.
  • Five-star hotel accommodation.
  • Flights with Qatar Airways.

The rewards program aims to create a sense of inclusion among the Sweat user community.

Staking Rewards Program

Undoubtedly, the Staking Rewards program – organized by Sweat Economy – is the forerunner of all other mind-blowing projects from the platform. The program’s idea came up after Sweat Economy’s token generation event (TGE). And the event witnessed the minting of about 24 million SWEAT tokens.

Also, the idea behind the Staking Rewards program was to offer more rewards to users. That is, apart from converting steps to SWEAT tokens, users could earn more by contributing to liquidity pools. The process is called yield farming

sweat economy yield farming
The Staking Rewards program was launched to give users more reward options by letting them contribute as liquidity providers. This way, they get rewarded in the form of yields. The process is known as yield farming. Image Source: Sweat Economy Medium

By functioning as liquidity providers on the SWEAT-NEAR liquidity farm, they will earn rewards per how much they contribute to the pool. By so doing, awareness is created about the SWEAT token project, and users are rewarded.

Additionally, the program featured reputable DeFi platforms, including Ref Finance and NEAR protocol. As of the time of the announcement, rewards listed include 5.2M $SWEAT, 15K $NEAR, and 20K $REF.

Subsequent Happenings After the Staking Rewards Program Launch

Following the launch of the Staking Rewards program, Sweat Economy hit some landmarks with quite some remarkable projects. One of those projects is the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup reward program. And today, the platform has urged members to grab these packages as it will be ending soon.

sweat economy world cup ticket
The FIFA World Cup rewards program was organized by Sweat Economy to give back to SWEAT token stakers. With amazing prizes up for grabs, winners can witness the event, live in Qatar. Image Source: Buildbe.com

Also, the Sweat Foundation introduced a policy regarding buying and burning of SWEAT tokens. Now, the platform will utilize 50% of its total profits in buying SWEAT tokens, after which they will be either burned or distributed as yields to stakers. The policy aims to increase the value of the tokens and prevent dilution in the Sweat Economy.

Similarly, a 400% annual percentage yield was introduced, allowing stakers to earn massively from staking their pools. At the same time, a 12% APY on staked SWEAT is also available in the ‘Grow’ feature in the Sweat Wallet app.

On September 22, 2022, the platform promised to support SWEAT token purchases through fiat currencies. Close to the end of the month, Sweat Economy fulfilled its promise by launching the Fiat-On Ramp feature on the Sweat Wallet.

fiat-on ramp
Sweat Economy launched the Fiat-On Ramp feature on the Sweat Wallet app. With this, users can purchase the SWEAT token and other digital assets through the banks. Image Source: Sweat Economy Twitter

With the influx of projects into the platform’s dashboard, Sweat Economy gained massive ground in the Web3 space. For example, the Sweat Wallet gained popularity as the Number 1 financial app in 51 countries. Also, it was ranked as the most downloaded app across 8 countries.

Giveaways were not excluded as the platform gave away Amazon gift cards as rewards to stakers. The giveaway featured 6,000 pieces of Amazon gift cards worth $5 each. In the same vein, Sweat Economy will be rewarding stakers with 3,000 Adidas gift cards worth $10 each.

Recent Updates

Recently, the platform has strived to make a mark for itself and it is making real progress. For instance, as of September 27, a total of 65 million SWEAT token stakes were recorded in the Sweat Wallet app. Interestingly, 20 million stakes took place in just 1 week!

65 M sweat in sweat economy
20 million SWEAT tokens were staked in just one week on the Sweat Wallet app. This raised the total number of stakes to 65 million as of September 27, 2002. Image Source: Sweat Economy Twitter

Similarly, Sweat Economy has ventured into quite some partnerships. For instance, it announced its partnership with Few and Far on September 27, in which custom NFTs will be released. Also, in collaboration with Paras, an exclusive collection of 888 NFTs will be hosted in the Sweat Wallet.

While competing with platforms like STEPN, Sweat Economy is one of the biggest M2E projects. Among its latest reports, the Sweat Foundation has burned about 30 million SWEAT tokens. Additionally, its users walked 133 million kilometers in just 2 weeks!

About Sweat Economy

Sweat Economy is the Web3 version of the Sweatcoin app – which operates on Web2. The platform seeks to reward users for participating in fitness activities such as walking, running, and jogging. In the Sweatcoin app, users are rewarded with Sweatcoins, which are reward points that are confined to the app.

However, with the introduction of the Sweat Economy, the value of rewards has increased. Now, users can earn real rewards in the form of SWEAT tokens – the native cryptocurrency of Sweat Economy. Currently, there are 0ver 120 million members on the platform.

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