Top 10 Polygon P2E Games

P2E games are getting increasingly popular day by day, with more users understanding the full potential of these games. However, there are a lot of technicalities that go in these games that the average player doesn’t see. One such input is the blockchain that the game is built upon. Previously, chains like Ethereum and Binance were the top choices for most developers. However, newer networks are coming up with much more benefits to the developers than the original options. Polygon is one such network, as it provides lower fees, faster transactions, and a lot more benefits for game developers.

So, to prove our point about Polygon being a heavyweight in the P2E industry, here are some of the top games on the Polygon network that have thousands of users on a daily basis!


Easily the biggest game on the Polygon Network, Pegaxy is a 3D horse racing P2E game that has grown quite popular over the past weeks. The game has over 20,000 active users, a massive increase due to the mobile launch of the game not so long ago. Pegaxy consists of horses named Pegas that are the core NFTs of the game. Players can indulge in races with their Pegas, winning prizes if they finish in the top 3. All in all, a solid NFT game on Polygon.

Sunflower Land

sunflower land Top 10 blockchain games

Sunflower Land, if it wasn’t too obvious from its name, is a game that primarily focuses on farming. Players have to manage and grow their farms in the game, earning $SFF, the game’s main currency, while doing so. Seeds can be bought for some amount of SFF and sold for a lot more when harvested and grown. Due to the game’s sheer simplicity and a solid P2E model, Sunflower Land has the most active users on the Polygon network currently, a number around 21,000.

Arc8 by GAMEE
Arc8 by GAMEE

Arc8 is not just one game, but an entire gaming platform by GAMEE. Now, what is GAMEE, you might ask? Well,  GAMEE is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, perhaps one of the biggest names in the NFT industry. Arc8 consists of around a dozen games under its belt, hence having a good user base all around. The project is a one-stop shop for all the games you might need, and the list is growing as we speak.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes top blockchain games

Speaking of successful projects by Animoca, Crazy Defense Heroes is another name worth mentioning. The game takes on a tower defence, card-playing genre with a unique P2E touch. The game originally wasn’t a P2E game, but it was developed to have blockchain technology to comply with the growing technology. The playing cards in the game are the core NFT of CDH, and they are needed to start playing the game. The game is mainly strategic, and players have to play their cards intelligently to win battles.

Cyber Arena

BinaryX CyberArena

Yet another card game in the P2E industry on the Polygon network. The game takes inspiration from Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, with a touch of magic and sorcery. The project consists of a metaverse called AnRKey X universe, where all the battles take place. Here you can fight against other players and level up your characters as well.

Planet IX

Planet IX

Planet IX is less of a game and more of a virtual world in a metaverse situation. The ‘game’ features a virtual replica of our Earth using geolocation technology. There are actual plots similar to real life that players aim to collect for themselves. These plots can be used for various purposes in the game. Apart from that, there will be a card game introduced that will serve as a P2E model, and another loot-to-earn model as well.



Aavegotchi is one of the more popular games on this list, with a large amount of trading volume in comparison as well. The game features a cute RPG metaverse called the Gotchiverse, where players can perform alchemy, fight enemies and overcome obstacles with their Aavegotchies. These Aavegotchies are digital pets that will remain by your side throughout your adventures in the game. Of course, these pets are NFTs that can be traded in-game.


Snook is based on a game type that we’ve seen a lot of a few years back. The game we’re talking about is the popular game that everyone got hooked on a few years ago. The main focus of the game was to be the biggest snake in the match. To do that, players would use their snakes to eat orbs, kill other snakes, eat their orbs, and survive for as long as possible. Snook follows the same direction, but the snakes are NFTs, and when a player’s snake dies, the NFT is burned with it. A real tough situation for players, but a thrilling one though!


Crypto Blades Presents PvP Tournament: 1,100$ Prizes & Much More

CryptoBlades is one of those popular games that aren’t only restrained to the Polygon network, but run on multiple chains. However, it does support Polygon too, so we’ll talk about it! The game is basically an RPG that has two main NFT aspects in play: Blades and Heroes. Players’ main aim is to gather both of these NFTs, and the best of the best. The best gameplay would only be possible with the best blade and the best hero. Then, these are tested by in-game battles against others.

Trade Race Manager 2: Rich Racer

Trade Race Manager 2

TRM2: Rich Racer, is a racing game if you couldn’t guess from its name. The game doesn’t only focus on racing, but other aspects of the racing industry. This would include managing a team, seeing through races, and much more. Moreover, the races that take place in the game aren’t only of cars, but there are boats as well. Players can earn the in-game currency via all these various game approaches inside TRM2. Furthermore, all the top players with the most earnings will rank on the leaderboard in front of everyone. Build your own racing team of dreams here!


So, these were the best P2E games on the Polygon network! Check out for more P2E and NFT related news!


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