Top 10 P2E Games of the Week According to Active Users

As blockchain-based games become more popular among crypto enthusiasts, the number of active users each week is skyrocketing. Since the start of 2022, there has been an upward trend both in terms of active (game) users as well as the total transaction volume. In this article, discover the top ten trending blockchain games of the week – according to the number of active users. 

Although the year 2022 has been quite popular with play-to-earn crypto games, the user activity in the past 7 days has not been the strongest. Out of the top ten contenders, the second most trending game (per active users) Arc8 by GAMEE was the only game that saw an impressive increase of 57.20% in its user base. Whereas, the consistently top-ranked game of the year, Splinterlands, had a downward trend, experiencing a decline of 5.49% in its total active users, represented by 421 thousand users. 

Top Ten Trending Games of the Week


Rank# Name 7 Days Users 
1 Splinterlands 421.17K
2 Arc8 by GAMEE 54.66K
3 MOBOX Platform 34.83K
4 Galaxy Blocks 30.60K
6 Jelly Squish 14.23K
7 X World Games 12.96K
8 Crazy Defense Heroes 12.43K
9 Color Craze 11.40K
10 Planet IX 10.70K

Source: Dapp Ranking 


Whether you are a new player in the crypto world or simply looking for data sources from an investor’s point of view, we will break down each top-performing game to extract the most out for you. 

#1 Splinterlands 

Splinterlands Android Blockchain Games

A fully decentralized trading card game built on the Hive blockchain has been quite popular since its inception in 2019. Splinterlands is a play-to-earn game which is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Only in a few years, Splinterlands gained quite the popularity, with a whopping sum of almost six million USD awarded in tournament prizes to its users. 

The total number of transactions in the past 7 days reached 6.09M whereas the 7-day trading Volume for Splinterlands was close to $23K, seeing an increase of 28.66%. 


#2 Arc8 by GAMEE

Arc8 by GAMEE

In comparison to Splinterlands, which has been out there for a few years, Arc8 by GAMEE is relatively new –  launched in 2021. Built on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain, the recently launched game has seen a tremendous growth trajectory, reaching total active users of 263K within the last 265 days. Although there has been no trading volume recorded in the last 7 days, the total number of transactions reached a sum of 510K. The current market signals show Arc8 as a strong competitor and are determined to stay in the top league. 


#3 MOBOX Platform 


MOBOX is another top-performing free-to-play, play-to-earn game which has been topping the chart in recent weeks. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, MOBOX demonstrates true NFT potential by combining cross-chain and cross-platform functionality. MOBOX Platform saw a decline of 28.48% in its 7-day trade volume reaching $11.78K in value. Whereas the total number of transactions in the last 7 days also plummeted by approximately 40% reaching a total sum of 76.61K. 


4.) Galaxy Blocks

top blockchain games

If you’re a Tetris fan, you are likely familiar with the Galaxy Blocks. Perhaps one of the oldest blockchain-based games in the top ten chart, Galaxy Blocks enjoys a premium position due to its loyal fan base. Built on the ThunderCore blockchain, the total number of active users reached a total of 1M since its inception. However, the last 7-days have not been particularly in favor of the Galaxy Blocks as it saw a significant drop of 84.40% in its 7-day trade volume reaching a low total of $959 only. Whereas the total number of transactions in the last 7 days also declined by 84% reaching a total sum of 54K. 



Brave Frontier Heroes Game

An extremely popular crossover of the successful mobile game Brave Frontier and the blockchain-based game My Crypto Heroes, BFH is an Ethereum based play-to-earn game. Although the last 7 days of trading volume was at a decline of 23%, the last 24-hours of trading volume was up by 100% reaching a total of $238.69. The total active users in the last 7 days were also down by 17.18%, however, it remained at above 21K. 


6.) Jelly Squish 

top 10 blockchain games

Whether you enjoy playing Candy Crush or the Jelly Gems, you will not be short in falling in love with Jelly Squish. Based on the ThunderCore blockchain, Jelly Squish had over 14 thousand active users in the last 7 days, with total transactions of 22.77K. 


7.) X World Games

X World Games

Another Binance Smart Chain based game, X-World is completely decentralized and represents an unknown universe that is to be explored by its loyal users. X-World has been performing quite exceptionally in terms of 7d trade Volume which saw an impressive increase of almost 600% – reaching a total amount of $714K. The total number of transactions in the last 7 days was also quite high, reaching a total sum of 84K. Although the total number of active users in the past 7 days was almost the same as the week before (12.9K), the total active users in the last 90 days were up by over a 1000 percent! 


8.) Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes top blockchain games

A play-to-earn game based on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain, Crazy Defense Heroes is a mobile game which utilizes NFTs and the Tower ERC-20 to create earning opportunities for its players. CDH was amongst the few that remained rather stable in the last 7 days, where the total number of active users and transactions remained unchanged, 12.4K and 51.77K respectively. 


9.) Color Craze

Color Craze

As the name suggests, Color Craze tests how fast you can match a color to its name – which does get pretty crazy after a while. Color Craze is built on the ThunderCore blockchain and has been around for a few years. Although the game has reached 250,000 active users since its establishment, its last week wasn’t blooming in terms of numbers. The number of active users, trade volume as well as transactions all declined below 80% in the last week.

10.) Planet IX 

Planet IX

Finally the last on the list! Planet IX was founded less than a year ago today and has since gained quite some popularity. Within the last 7 days, it recorded a total of 11,000 active users with an impressive trade volume of 320K. Planet IX is an NFT based GameFi strategy game, built on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain. The game has a dedicated and loyal community with over half a million registered users. 


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