Top 100 List of Metaverse Games


Only last month, we had fashioned an ultimate P2E games list. This month, we wanted to present our ultimate list of metaverse games. This article is an ode to the extensive P2E industry. The P2E/NFT gaming industry has gone through a period of strong growth in the last two to three years. Having said that, the last two to three months can easily be described as “difficult”. 

The entire crypto market went through a storm. As we have discussed before, much of that can be attributed to the global economic crisis that so many experts have been hinting at, for some time now. The shortage in the energy market, and the blocks on international trade, all have made for a turbulent time for many economies. Especially economies, that are heavily dependent on trade for their domestic demands. This has caused hyperinflation in many economies. Due to these indicators, many crypto enthusiasts found it difficult to invest in their favorite NFT and crypto projects. As a result, many niches of the NFT market, such as the NFT gaming market, have suffered. 

Having said that, it seems as if the difficult phase might just be behind us and things could start autocorrecting now. Owing to the much-needed stability in the markets after so long, interest in these games and the interest in these dynamically changing market preferences has gone up. We felt that creating an entire repository of games/metaverses that impressed us, was in order.
Following this brief prologue, we will list down the hundred or so P2E games that have made a name for themselves in this space. Whether that be because of their superior marketing strategy, their unique gameplay, their community outreach programs, or maybe a combination of these factors.

Top 100 List of Metaverse Games!

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the face of the P2E gaming industry. It has held its own against competition that has been in the market for a longer time. It stands out because of its sophisticated mix of gameplay, community outreach, and earning mechanism. We feel that one of the best contributions by Axie Infinity is its ability to engage clients and a community for a longer period of time. This is proven by the updates that it brings to the table every now and then. An $AXS shard goes for about 17 USD in the market right now. After the recent turbulent times for the entire market, Axie Infinity has been gaining back its value firmly, gaining about 16% more value in the last 24 hours.


A metaverse that was designed to replicate commercial real estate. One of the many things that worked for Decentraland was its business procurement. It was able to incorporate many real-world names into the idea of virtual estate.


The Sandbox

A metaverse, fashioned to compete with Sandbox for the commercial virtual estate niche in the market. One of the many things that worked for Decentraland was its business procurement. It was able to incorporate many real-world names into the idea of virtual estate. Also, one of the more majorly hit metaverses owing to the recent crisis, the game has started to gain back some of its losses. It has regained almost 2.5% of its value in the last 24 hours. With one $MANA token going for about 0.9 USD on many DEXs.


An innovation received well; we have talked about STEP-N extensively this month. Step-N was one of the games that lost far more than any other in this crisis, but it’s trying to get back on its feet, valuing a $GMT token at about a little less than 0.7$.


One of the first implementations of an ECOSYSTEM of games, rather than just one game. GALA tried to offer more variety, diverse earning mechanisms, and different gameplays to the market under one central title. We feel that including ecosystems into a list of metaverses is important so that more perspective is offered.


Blueprint Success - Setting Up Your Illuvium Zero Land

Like many titles in this space, Illuvium offers an open-world exploration and battle-guided gameplay. It has also been religiously praised for its better graphics, salient engine compatibility, and overall better user interface. After falling to its lowest price yet in the recent crisis, Illuvium has regained a lot of its value and is almost valued at its all-time high of 170 USD for one token.

PlayDapp Games

PlayDapp is a blockchain-induced platform. The app’s main speciality is in the P2E gaming industry. Its unique feature is that wants to move towards a P2E industry that is not entirely dependent on crypto commerce.

Radio Caca

Showcasing the United States of Mars (USM), Radio Caca is a metaverse specifically designed to revolve around the life on Mars. The concept of metaverses in the industry has skyrocketed and Radio Caca is one of the more successful examples of this concept. Boasting one of the most competitively priced tokens in the market, a single $RACA token goes for almost 0.0004 USD.


MOBOX – MomoVerse

MOBOX is the name behind the MOMOverse. The core competence of this metaverse stems from better interoperability between the games, then probably any other ecosystem in the metaverse. Another title that has recovered a portion of its recent losses. The $MBOX is valued at 0.62 USD on the DEX network right now.


Cheapest Properties in Upland Game

Perhaps the newest addition to the virtual estate niche. Or at least, if not the newest, then certainly the addition that has made a whole lot of news. The metaverse has been making waves left and right because of its usage of actual, real-world geography to back its game mechanics. Another unique thing about this metaverse is that it’s not listed in any major DEX network. It offers its estate in actual USD. That doesn’t mean that the game does not have its own token, it does have the $UPX, but it allows transactions directly in the USD. 

Cosmic Universe

Cosmic Universe is another metaverse on this list serving as an MMORPG. Giving the player the right to choose which domain they want to serve, in the metaverse and creating a sustainable economy.  


Vulcan Forged

One of the first of its kind, The Vulcan Forged serves as an incubator for many decentralized games being brought into the market. We understand that this title is not really a metaverse, but we felt that featuring this title in this article would give more depth and perspective to this list. It has 10+ games, has a community of more than 20,000 active members, and places top 5 in Marketplace Volume.



Another one from pet verse. Aavegotchi is an open-world, community-owned NFT protocol enabling crypto asset ownership for traders. This title is not a game, but it offers a collection of exclusive NFTs that have been valued highly by the market.


League of Kingdoms

The world’s first-ever decentralized MMO strategy game. However, why didn’t you see this further up in the list? That is because this game has not enjoyed the level of success people had expected. However, we feel that it is important to feature this metaverse as it can give a reference point of origin for the industry.


Rise Hero

A hero-based game. You can choose one of the heroes and begin your journey of levelling them up and defeating the competition. It is a straightforward game with good usage of crypto-assets and simple mechanics. Having said that, the game is not listed on any of the major DEX networks, something that has not really played well in its favor.

Victoria VR

Victoria VR is one of the most exciting and sought-after new titles in the industry. This metaverse revolves around a metaverse displayed by a virtual reality machine. It is being branded as the first “Realistic Metaverse”, now that is something worth looking out for.


Defi Kingdoms

Another title that can be categorized as a typical P2E/NFT game. Its typical usage of Heroes, Land, equipment, and consumables is very common in this market. However, the scale of this title is far bigger than many using the same gameplay. The game has risen massively in the last two or three days, with an almost 500% appreciation to show on its token. The $JEWEL token is valued at almost 0.6 USD.



Splinter lands is a turn-based card trading and battle game. The game specializes in de-fi and makes good use of NFTs and other consumable equipment to charge its efficient and high-value marketplace. With one $SPS going for almost 0.05 USD, the game has shown some level of recovery after the recent crisis.


My Neighbor: Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, that introduces blockchain to millions of players. Anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends. $ALICE stands at $2.70 for a token, showing a 4% increase in value in the last 24 hours.


Alien Worlds

Built on the WAX blockchain, Alien Worlds is another game from the turn-based card battle game. But it is so much more. The game offers a strong combination of PVP and PVE mechanisms and has earned a name for itself. We know for a fact that everyone reading our articles have heard of this game, time and time again. A single $TLM goes for almost 0.03 USD.


Geno Pet

The first real execution of a successful Move-to-Earn mechanism in the NFT gaming space. This metaverse introduces you to your virtual footprint, a Geno pet that evolves with YOUR real-life movement. The $GENE has held its value strong and is valued at its current maximum of a little more than 10 USD. The game offers a very interesting mechanic, a mechanic that many hope to juice into something bigger with time. 

Step App

Step App, much like Geno Pet and StepN introduced above, is another metaverse relying on the move-to-earn mechanism. However, with some key differences. The game has done a massive job in marketing itself.


A massive 3D metaverse is full of exploration, discovery, and creation. This virtual universe is one of the many metaverses in the P2E industry looking to juice space and futuristic concepts for their gameplay mechanics.


Heroes Unchained

One of the few cross-platform adaptations of the P2E design language. This game, like many others, is also centered around training your heroes, raising an army, and conquest. 


Decentral Games

The Decentral games is a separate body inside Decentraland that consists of several minigames inside the metaverse. These games have been gaining a lot of good repute because of the returns on investment they sometimes offer. 



A tactical, Joint RPG built on the Solana Blockchain. The game has been lauded for its color science, its graphics, and augmented gameplay. Players wander the metaverse defeating enemies and gaining rewards necessary to gain a competitive edge.


Wilder World

One of the most hyped projects in the recent proceedings of the market, Wilder World looks set to emulate the traditional Ready Player One project. It is being called a revolutionary “5D Megaproject” powered by Unreal Engine 5 and ZERO.



Being categorized by many as the long-term future application of AR technology, OVR looks to specialize in geolocalized implementations of virtual and augmented reality. It has a hyperactive market of virtual land and estates already. 


Somnium Space

 Much like some of the names mentioned above, Somnium Space is looking to create a VR-compatible metaverse. The aim is to create a social, open, and realistic universe that players can live in alongside their real life.



Sipher looks towards merging fighting/shooting games with the contemporary sense of an NFT/P2E game that involves exploration, training, etc. Added to that, the game wants to educate the masses on the usage of cryptocurrency and crypto commerce.



Voxies is a Free-to-play and fast-paced P2E title that allows players to defeat PVE and PVP enemies quickly to earn rewards in the shape of cryptocurrency and other consumables. 


Gods Unchained

Yes! Yet another trading/battle card game in the space. The game has been an active participant in the crusade of decentralizing the gaming space. Players trade, train their cards to achieve the perfect mix in a deck and use THAT to gain a competitive advantage.


Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the heavy hitters in this space. Offering gameplay full of massive space exploration and conquest, the game also offers political domination of a metaverse. This gives new dimensions to how metaverses are perceived.



NTVRK is a multichain metaverse powered by the Unreal Engine. In a metaverse full of personal avatars, asset-attributable Lands, transports, and daily bonuses, players set out to create a life alternative to their real one. 


REVV Racing

This game is one of the few racing games in the entire P2E/NFT space. REVV cars are publicly open for sale on marketplaces such as Open sea. The game is enjoying a relatively uncompetitive market at the moment which is good for its tokenomics. 



This game is based on an emerging concept, “P2E Idle games”. The game revolves around Mining and Looting resources, and Breeding and Battling forces. 



This is the gamification of traditional horse racing. DeRace welcomes you to a metaverse where you will own your racehorses, and race them in competitive arenas for several financial and non-financial rewards.


Calo App is yet another game based around the Move-to-Earn concept. The game advertises its sneaker collection as NFTs and gives different kinds of rewards and perks for different kinds of sneakers. 



Dotmoovs is a unique and innovative introduction to the P2E/NFT gaming market. The idea is to play your favorite sport from the comfort of your home and earn through the game’s elaborate earning mechanism. 

Battle of Guardians

BoG is one of the very few one-on-one real-time, multiplayer fighting games in the entire P2E/NFT gaming industry. With a healthy earning mechanism, the game also provides beautiful graphics and is powered by the Unreal engine.


Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is another game in the arsenal of the Tower token. The Tower Token is one of the best-known tokenomies in the space. Partly due to the massive success it has had with the interoperability inside the TOWER ecosystem between in-platform games.


Defi Land

Defi Land is a multi-chain agriculture and simulation game created to bring decentralized finance into gaming. The game aims to bring all traditional features of gamified finance under one roof.



Affyn is another well-adapted game to the concept of Mobile phone geolocation-based gaming. These games boast the maximum correlation between the virtual and real universes. 


Outer Ring

Much like many other offerings in the space, Outer Ring makes use of a Sci-Fi based theme. This Sci-Fi theme involves captivating lore behind the gameplay, centred around a realm domination race between Five races and three factions.



Sinverse presents the P2E gaming industry’s very own R-rated metaverse. The game is centred around the underworld and several in-game projects inside that metaverse. You can certainly see a storm brewing.


Meta Soccer

Meta Soccer is the answer to a lot of prayers that were being made recently. A decentralized metaverse that allowed players to run their soccer clubs. Although the idea has been successfully implemented in gaming, the P2E industry was yet to hop on this train. 


Monkey League

An innovative and exciting new project which takes multiplayer to a whole new level. Monkey League is a soccer league game that is played between retrainable and augmentable monkeys. These monkeys also make the NFT base of the game.

Blockchain Monster Hunt

BMH claims to be the first multi-chain metaverse game that connects people of different blockchain backgrounds. Having taken inspiration from Pokemon Go, the game exposes players to an abundantly diverse realm of monsters and adventure.


Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic, tradeable rewards.


Dope Wars

Dope Wars is a new and unique title in the market, inspired by the hip-hop culture. It is a very interesting project that combines a modern-day GTA-type metaverse and a few new and intriguing features relating to drug wars.


Polka City

Polka City represents a metaverse or a city we should say, where players can own several transport services like Taxis, Gas stations, and other services. Several indicators can help you make the right investment decision.


Gold Fever

Gold Fever is another relatively new addition to the P2E lineup. It is a very interesting combination of survival/exploration/fighting and adventure games. The game presents a jungle environment in which two or more factions fight for the jungle’s riches.



REALM is another addition to the P2E card game lineup. However, the concept behind the card game is a relatively new one in the niche. Bring together a team of Leaders and Helpers to save the world after 2025.



Zookeeper is a gamified yield-farming app. A zoo is an entire ecosystem, of which the Zookeeper is just a part. Other apps like the Zoorena are also components of this larger ecosystem. 


Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders is a pixelized dungeon crawler game. Much like most games in the market, it has been gamified to include RPG mechanics as well. The game ecosystem is based around looting, defeating bosses, and earning NFTs and other rewards.



Revomon is a metaverse carefully perfecting its usage of virtual reality to bring out the best in NFT gaming. It seems to have taken inspiration from Pokemon, Beyblade, and other traditional concepts on to base its lore on.

Trade Race Manager

TRM is also one of the very few genuine 3D racing games in the P2E/NFT market. However, the niche is certainly growing with time. The game makes use of good graphics and good underworld lore to go with it.


SIDUS Heroes

SIDUS is a new star in the market. The usage of graphics and engine compatibility with this one is on the next level. It allows players to use their heroes passively or actively in the metaverse and maximizes functionality.



Yes, we understand that there are a lot of games carrying forward the theme of space exploration and mining but Starship is known for its superior gameplay and crypto-asset usage. 


Spheroid Universe

Spheroid Universe is a massive metaverse based around open-source innovation. It is a Universe anyone can buy into and start developing their brainchild INSIDE this ecosystem. Now that is Decentralization!


Rebel Bots: XOILWARS

Rebel bots is one of the titles that we have featured in our articles previously. Very interesting lore to back a captivating bit of gameplay, Rebel Bots makes sure that galaxy domination is not just limited to the human species.



Fear is perhaps the only noticeable Horror/thriller game in the entire P2E/NFT market. This opens the market to several new avenues and more innovation potential.



Faraland is another title on this list that we have written sufficiently about in the past. The game’s plot is tailored by the choices you make in the game. The game is based on the collection and usage of heroes for a noble purpose.



Facilitated by the Solana blockchain, SOLCHICKS aims to offer the best gameplay coupled with the best NFT collection in the space. The game is a mixture of strategy and MMORPG played with cute fantasy chicks.


Bomb Crypto

With more than 1 million players, Bomb Crypto is based around managing a squad of bombers that compete with other squads for several types of rewards.


Micro Pets

Micro Pets welcomes you to Petropolis where you engage your pets in a series of playful, but competitive challenges. 

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is an NFT, and an MMORPG-based card game. The difference it has with other card games is that the method is turn-based, but with a puzzle system.



Yet another title in the list that we have previously covered. Pegaxy is a futuristic take on horse racing games. The graphics and a clean UI are what make this game such an easy sell.


Galaxy Fight Club

Depicting an intergalactic scenery, The Galaxy Fight Club is a 3v3 multiplayer fighting game and a battle royale designed to be played with friends.



Binamon is another game competing in the niche of personalized pets/agents in this P2E/NFT market. The game brings forward several mystical beasts and creatures as BINAMON that you can own and work with. 


Fancy Birds

Fancy Birds is a combination of minigames that include racing and several other activities. Winning these minigames through your bird reaps rewards of different kinds.


Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers is another title operating in space. The game features decent graphics and a cool ecosystem. However, you need to pay an upfront fee in the shape of spacesuit cost to get started.


Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires is yet another metaverse based in space. Powered by the Avalanche Blockchain, the game has presented good-looking gameplay and has been posting healthy numbers.


GAIA Everworld

By choosing your GAIA legionaries, you will be exposed to a metaverse full of dangerous enemies, unique creatures, and a lot of adventure. The game has impeccable graphics and is constantly being reworked to perfection.


Nifty League

With 9900 Degen NFTs, the Nifty League has made quite an entry into the niche of social metaverses. The metaverse aims to bring together gaming, connecting, and earning in their idea of an ideal web 3.0 platform. 



The WIRTUAL app 2.0 is an innovation in the move-to-earn concept that has taken general workouts and exercises into account. It is good to see fitness being a priority for so many titles in the space.


My DeFi Pet

Supported by the Binance smart chain and the KardiaChain, My DeFi Pet looks to merge decentralized finance and in-game collectibles with the added element of the player’s personality. Interesting!



Having mustered an impressive 4.5/5 on Google play, KleeRun has established itself as one of the most attractive new games on the P2E/NFT market.


Gunstar Metaverse

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Gunstar metaverse is another P2E game that is making use of blockchain technology to present its offering to the wide audience of the P2E market. 


Polygonum Online

Polygonum online is a truly decentralized, open-world, free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game in the P2E/NFT market. The game offers an interesting PVE model alongside its PVPs.


Duel Network

With a very presentable user interface supported by the Binance Smart Chain, the Duel network brings finance, politics, and sports, all into a metaverse. It is regarded as a relatively safer option for investment in the market.



Although the game has only just released its beta, it has already accumulated a lot of hype because it implemented basic components that make an NFT/P2E game successful.



Another Move-to-Earn title in the list. We think it is a good omen to see so many Move-To-Earn titles in the market. It does indicate how metaverses also think of their corporate social responsibility.



Certainly, a title that a lot of people have their eyes on. Arcona presents an X-reality metaverse that looks to combine virtual and physical universes through the augmented usage of AR technology.


Block Duelers

Introducing an integrated wager system to a fighting game on the blockchain. The flow of commerce could be something worth keeping an eye on for this one.


Phantasia Sports

Phantasia Sports claims to be the first-ever blockchain-powered, Peer-to-Peer fantasy sports platform. It is a good way to earn as well as interact with web products designed for your favorite sports.


Wanaka Farm

A blockchain integrated, high graphics, NFT/P2E game that allows farm activities to be done by well…farming but also trading, and several other P2E game functions.



After getting your 3D NFT in this metaverse, you can choose to participate in several games INSIDE this metaverse and win for rewards OR you can create your games and craft your assets to make them operational in the metaverse.



Another addition to idle gaming. Ninneko is a very cute, and very colorful adaptation of a breeding and RPG gameplay. The Ninneko gallery represents the metaverse’s NFT base. 


Alchemy Arena

After connecting your wallet to the Binance smart chain, the game allows you to “stake Hands”. It is a hybrid between a card game and a toy game, both used in the way of a turn-based trading card game. 


Heroes and Empires

Heroes and Empires consist of several classes of agents. Some humans, other elves, and other fantastical creatures to build your empire with the help of. The game offers good graphics and a decent user interface.



CryptoPolis is a very interesting mixture of the NFT gaming language into the traditional SimCity types. Join the game today to open your chances of becoming the wealthiest cryptopolish in town.



Cogiverse has created one of the few martial art MMORPGs in the space right now. The quality and usage of these 3D NFTs are certainly that many have taken note of. Cogiverse also comes with captivating gameplay. 


Plant Vs Undead

With important principles of plant synergy and defence placement strategies, players will test their plant defences against zombies and other agents of the undead. The reward mechanism of the game will guide crypto commerce.



Collect NFTs, battle epic monsters, and explore infinitely captivating environments in this action RPG built on the MIST NFT framework. 


ULTI Arena

The first gamified multichain NFT Marketplace that incorporates Proof-of-Gaming, a P2E mechanism for blockchain games as well as non-blockchain games.


The Crypto Prophecies

Crypto prophecies are a new and unique offering in the market. Rather than sophisticated gameplay, the game focuses on price prediction in a peer-to-peer decentralized environment. The game brings a wagering system where players bet on how candles in a round, close.



A Poker game that is utilizing the Unreal Engine 4. Now that is surely something that we must keep our eyes on moving forward. The game boasts more than 1000 open spaces to play your favorite game. 


Katana Inu

Katana Inu boasts a reinvigorated approach to P2E gaming. Producing a game that merges a battle royale type of gameplay, with a cross-chain NFT marketplace. Something that can very much make headlines.


The Parallel

Another addition to the niche of general metaverses. Where there is the possibility of playing and competing in existing games or creating your own after achieving developer status.



A strategy game adapted to the NFT/P2E game science. Players build strong and sturdy dungeons to fend off opponent attacks and build penetrate attacks to destroy and loot opponent dungeons. All mixed with crisp and attractive gameplay.

Bottom Line

We hope this list of metaverse games was helpful to you to make a decision in your P2E gaming life. These are some of the best P2E games out there, and we can’t make a more comprehensive list of metaverse games for you. Keep playing!

Any investment/financial opinions expressed by Play to Earn Diary are not recommendations. Our content is for educational purposes only. If you plan to invest in any game or cryptocurrency then please do your own research and only spend what you can afford to lose.

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