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With each passing month, we find countless new competitors in the market for the best Crypto/NFT game of the year. Every year, the market grows exponentially. Each new year, previous records are broken. Time and time again, the market innovates and brings something new to offer. We have lost count of how many times we have named entire lists of games and metaverses that have made a difference. This time is going to be no different. So yes! Strap yourselves in because it’s that time in the calendar again.
Presenting to you, the twenty most worthy play to earn mobile games from the P2E/NFT market in 2022, YET!

Top 20 Play to Earn Mobile Games

  1. Axie Infinity

Is there any possible way, that we make a list of the best games for a year, and Axie Infinity isn’t mentioned? This game needs no introduction whatsoever. It has dominated this market for quite some time now. Whether we pick impressive innovations in gameplay, or captivating events for the userbase, this game knows how to keep gamers and traders, happy. Axie is surely one of, if not the most popular play to earn mobile games in the market!

Axie Infinity Gameplay Tips and Strategies

  1. Decentraland

For those wondering, what is going on here. Yes, we are indeed catering to the biggest and brightest first. We are sure that just like Axie Infinity, Decentraland was an easy expectation on this list. The metaverse has had a rough few weeks on the index but we know that these are just minor obstacles to the true progress this title can clock. Another one of those big-name Play-to-Earn mobile games of 2022!

How to play Decentraland

  1. The Sandbox

Another one from the land of Virtual estate. The Sandbox is probably the pioneer of this niche in the market. Its massive brand deals with mega corporates for the ownership of LAND are all well known. Its steady competition with Decentraland is also very well known. The metaverse has the second biggest market share in the space for metaverses. The game is one of the best play to earn mobile games out there!

  1. StepN

StepN is one of the most favorite metaverses in the space right now, partly because this metaverse has carved out a whole separate niche. An earning model that is based on movement. This metaverse opens doors to new possibilities attached to Play-to-Earn mechanics. It does well to combat the bad press that the crypto world gets for its environmental policy.



  1. Gods Unchained

Based on the ethos of true ownership of the resources that you own, God’s unchained is one of the most influential games in the market. It features a rare and unique battle-card gameplay that has been the favorite of a lot of enthusiasts in the space. The game can easily be acknowledged as the most influential card-based game in the space.

Gods Unchained
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  1. Pegaxy

Pegaxy is probably the first game on this list that would raise a few eyebrows. But featuring this game here in this list is completely justified. Pegaxy features unique Pegasus-like creatures, as the main NFT offering. The game offers a racing mechanic combined with the traditional canons of gamified finance. The game allows several PVP and PVE mechanics and has been rising in popularity.

  1. Splinterlands

“Splinterlands” boasts one of the most loyal userbases in the market. Partly due to their impressive tactics that retain these numbers over a long time. Now playable on the web, as well as android and iOS, Splinterlands has done a good job of making the game widely available. Something that has worked wonders for them. Splinterland’s recently announced validator node licenses being sold out in under 11 minutes is a big piece of evidence of how deep the game’s market runs.

Splinterlands has a native marketplace where you can buy trading cards.

  1. RaceFi

This is probably the first major surprise for readers that are well acquainted with the market. RaceFi might be new to the market but it is making massive waves in the car-racing niche of the game. This can perhaps be attributed to its better-than-average graphics and its attractive earning model. Its constantly been gaining value in the index and is almost always featured in top-gaining games in the market for the week. Which happens to be statistic investors keep a steady eye on.

  1. Victoria VR

The title has been rising in the rankings constantly, either on the back of superior graphics, superior gameplay mechanisms, or its association with the VR niche. Its open-source nature allows players to build virtually anything. The burden of innovation has been nicely shared with the userbase of the game, with the graphic compatibility being a responsibility that the developing team has taken upon itself. The game has been doing well in the market because of these features and presents an attractive investment proposition.

  1. DeFi Kingdoms

We have talked extensively about DeFi kingdoms in our articles. Especially after the Crystal Vale expansion and what it has done for the game. The game offers hero-centered gameplay, with these heroes being the best class of NFTs the game offers. Along with that, several mechanisms surrounding hero and level progression make the game worth investing time and resources in.

Defi Kingdoms Finally Launches Dev Update On May 27, 2022


Dotmoovs market progression has been nothing short of impressive. With slight hiccups here and there, the metaverse has enjoyed sufficient success on the index. Even at this point, the title stands at raise of 21 percent in under the previous 24 hours. It is another title from the Move-To-Earn niche. It seems as if the metaverse has learned from the mistakes made by more “veteran titles” from that niche in the market. DOTMOOVS provides a captivating experience to the user and a good earning protocol as well.

  1. Aurory

For a lot of people, this game is one of the titles that is going to establish itself as the market leader in some time to come. They feel as if the game has rewritten the common policy of P2E games. But how? We think the answer to that question lies in graphics, artwork, and the presentation of the game. At the moment, this game is one of the best-looking games on the market right now. Once the game has launched the aspects of its wider gameplay that everyone is excited about, we expect payday!

  1. Decentral Games

How is it possible that a list features Decentraland but forgets to feature the Decentral Games? Are we doing an injustice by including a game twice in the list? Not at all, as the progress and working of Decentral Games are independent of the Decentraland metaverse. The game lineup features a variety of casino/multiplayer games, that combined have created a solid outlook of the Decentral Games.

Decentral Games Gameplay

  1. Somnium Space

Somnium Space is another one of the most sought-after niches in the market. The Virtual Estate niche. It seems as if Somnium Space had taken a long and hard look at its competition, and then designed some of its key mechanics. We know for sure that a competition like The Sandbox and Decentraland have the potential to override any competitor but Somnium continues to persist and increases in value.

  1. League of Kingdoms

Yes! LOK enthusiasts, you can breathe a sigh of relief, we can see you sweating, not having seen your game on the list yet. League of Kingdoms continues to compete well on the index, majorly because of its huge market cap. The game probably enjoys the third biggest market share in the P2E market for games. The game is en route to bringing on a new generation of P2E graphics. We feel that would go a long way in restoring the game to the glory we know it for.

League of Kingdoms game

  1. Alien Worlds

Another title that doesn’t need an introduction on this list. Alien Worlds continues to be a pioneer in the market. We still haven’t seen the level of sophisticated gameplay and futuristic graphics this game employs. The game offers an elaborate earning model and enjoys a massive volume and market share as well.

Alien Worlds Crypto Game

  1. MOBOX

MOBOX continues to present itself as an elite investment proposition. Partly because it is backed by an entire blockchain ecosystem. The metaverse has really good interoperability between all its games. Think of it like Apple. The world appreciates the interoperability and seamlessness that is achieved when Apple products interact with other Apple products. Much like that, the seamlessness offered by MOBOX gives it a competitive advantage.


  1. Crazy Defense Heroes

Enjoying a 4.8 out of 5 rating on the Apple App store, Crazy Defense Heroes is another title that has done a good job in making itself available to play on multiple platforms. The game features defensive gameplay, where players install defensive units to ward off offensive waves. The metaverse offers good interoperability with other titles using the $TOWER token.

Crazy Defense Heroes P2E

  1. SILKS

Yet another game straight from the racing niche. We are confused as to whether classify this as a niche, of a niche, or just a niche. As we see more and more games based on racehorses. This game has been categorized as one of the best games that have come out in 2022 by several credible voices. The game offers REALLY good graphics and is one of the most presentable titles on the market right now.

  1. The STARL

Lastly, but certainly not the least. In fact, we think we had saved this position for STARL a long time ago. Just to give the idea no matter how much the market re-innovates, there is one title that will always be lurking in the shadows. We feel Starl is still a very capable investment proposition simply because of the gameplay. Starl is still probably the top grossing space-themed metaverse in the space right now. The asset base of this title, the potential of this title would do better with some key updates though. A few things that can bring it back on the map.

Starlink Metaverse

So, these were our best Play-to-Earn mobile games of 2022, so far. This will be the ultimate list for all your P2E and NFT gaming needs!

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