Polygon stands out as a leading platform solution for enhancing Ethereum scalability and constructing robust infrastructures. While the network is widely recognized for its involvement in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities, it also holds substantial significance in the realms of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and web3 gaming.

Polygon has the necessary infrastructure, characterized by affordable transaction fees, which fosters the prosperity of game projects. Furthermore, despite the challenges posed by the bear market, the blockchain gaming industry has demonstrated resilience, with numerous daily unique active wallets engaging with gaming platforms like Alien Worlds, Axie Infinity, and Sunflower Land. 

Top 5 Polygon Games

1. Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is an aesthetically pleasing game built on the Play-to-Own blockchain concept and operates on the Polygon network. This game has gained immense popularity on the platform due to its remarkable visuals and captivating gameplay. 

In Sunflower Land, players have the opportunity to cultivate their own sunflowers, engage in resource trading with fellow players, and partake in battles to safeguard their territories. By blending elements of farming and strategy, this game presents a distinctive and enticing experience, making it highly recommended for enthusiasts of both genres.

2. Arc8

Arc8 is an innovative mobile gaming platform that combines the excitement of arcade gaming with the world of cryptocurrency. Users can participate in various video games, showcasing their skills and earning GMEE tokens as they conquer their adversaries. 

The platform delivers an enjoyable and immersive gaming environment that not only entertains but also provides rewards for players’ abilities. Whether you have a fondness for arcade games or are simply seeking a fresh opportunity to earn cryptocurrency, Arc8 is definitely worth exploring.

3. Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas is a mobile game developed by Animoca Brands, accessible on both the App Store and Google Play, and can be played for free. This action-adventure game has gained significant popularity, with more than 50 million downloads. 

Apart from providing an enjoyable gaming experience, Benji Bananas incorporates a play-to-earn system, allowing players to accumulate special tokens by actively participating in the game. These tokens can subsequently be exchanged for ApeCoin, making Benji Bananas an excellent avenue for earning rewards while indulging in entertainment.

The Polygon Network

4. Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak is an exceptional MMORPG, inspired by Xianxia, that takes place within a captivating oriental realm. In this game, players embark on a journey as proficient wanderers, venturing through uncharted territories, encountering mythical creatures, and forming new alliances. 

The game unfolds within an ancient world adorned with breathtaking mountains, rivers, and opulent palaces. Additionally, players have the opportunity to nurture and cultivate Spirit Beasts, engage in Kun raising events, and delve into dungeons in order to obtain valuable rewards.

5. The Bomb Crypto 2

The Bomb Crypto 2 is the newest addition to the well-known Bomb series. This game elevates the traditional Bomb experience by integrating NFT collectibles on the blockchain. Players have the opportunity to amass a collection of NFTs, engage in battles with monsters, and even trade their NFTs for actual currency. 

The game showcases bomb heroes, each possessing distinct attributes, and players can enhance and upgrade their combat skills. With its captivating gameplay and the potential to earn tangible rewards, The Bomb Crypto 2 is an essential exploration for enthusiasts of blockchain gaming.

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