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Blockchain games combine NFT technology, play-to-earn mechanics, and decentralized finance concepts like yield farming and staking with time-trusted game genres like monster battles, space explorations, or card trading. 

It’s a fast-changing industry where charts welcome new games continuously; some top games keep their top positions constantly, while some other popular blockchain games lose their positions unexpectedly. That’s why, on playtoearndiary, we provide you with top blockchain games lists regularly so that you can stay up-to-date. Previously, we covered 15 blockchain metaverses and 12 Triple-A blockchain games

In this article, let’s count down the top 50 blockchain games according to the number of unique wallet addresses interacting with the games’ smart contracts in the last 30 days. 

Top 50 Blockchain Games List per number of unique wallets:

#50 The MStation

Our blockchain game list starts with The MStation, which is a space-themed blockchain metaverse game on BSC. You can earn BSCO tokens by completing daily quests and participating in PvP and PvE modes. It’s possible to summon characters, hunt item loots, recruit teams, and fight in team combats. The team will host seasonal hunts. 

#49 Tiny World

Tiny World is a blockchain game that combines a great gaming experience with DeFi features like NFT yield farming and liquidity farming. 

Blockchain Games List


It’s a typical pet breeding blockchain game in which you can raise cats of different varieties and join in battles.

#47 Binary X

Another BSC-backed blockchain game in which you can recruit heroes, challenge dungeons, and loot rare items.

#46 My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is a virtual pet game that combines DeFi with blockchain gaming and NFTs. You can collect, breed, evolve, and battle your pets. The team organizes seasonal events where you can earn DPET tokens. 

#45 Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a MOBA e-sports blockchain game. You can bring along your friends, form a team, battle with others and earn P2E rewards.

#44 TokenLands

Built on the WAX blockchain, TokenLands is a world’s colonization simulator where you fight in five continents to earn TCoins.

#43 Cyber Arena

This is a PVP battle card game with game-play inspired by Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

#42 Crabada

Crabada is a blockchain p2E idle game. The game’s mechanics includes mining, looting, breeding, and battling.

Blockchain Games List
Creatures of Crabada.

#41 Ultimate Champions

A popular blockchain card game in the fantasy football genre is the Ultimate Champions

#40 RPlanet

In the real-time military strategy game RPlanet, you can stake your unused NFTs for profit. 

#39 Elfin Kingdom

Elfin Kingdom is a blockchain game ideal for MMORPG fans who are searching for innovative DeFi opportunities. 

#38 Cryptomines

In Cryptomines, you can mint NFTs, explore planets, and earn dark matters in a sci-fi atmosphere. 

#37 Nine Chronicles

In the fantasy world of Nine Chronicles, you can explore dungeons, craft new NFT items and trade them, and join in arena battles to earn p2e rewards.

#36 9D NFT

It’s a 3D martial art NFT world built on BSC.

#35 Crypto You

Players can summon heroes, complete daily missions, and loot rare items to earn p2E tokens.

#34 Gods Unchained

triple-A blockchain game in which players strategically build card decks to win. You can trade your NFT cards for profit. 

Card games blockchain

#33 Mines of Dalarnia

An action-adventure game with combats and dungeon crawling. 

#32 Squid NFT World

Inspired by the series Squid Game, this blockchain game requires players to mint an NFT bus first to start playing.

#31 Cyball

Another football-themed blockchain game where you can play against players all around the world. 

#30 Funny Cats

These creatures live on the WAX blockchain and allow their owners to go on adventures in a jungle, village, and city. 

#29 Senspark

Senspark hosts a game-based metaverse that offers entertainment and finance.

#28 Prospectors

A real-time MMO metaverse in which players develop businesses during the Gold Rush Epoque.

#27 Hero Cat GameFi

Hero Cat GameFi is a DeFi mining game. 

#26 Dragon Valley

Hatch, train, and evolve dragons to earn prizes.

#25 Metamon

Radio Caca designs Metamon, and it’s a mini blockchain game.

#24 Planet IX

Planet IX combines blockchain gaming with sustainability projects.

Planet IX

#23 XWord Games

It offers both free-to-earn and play-to-earn.

#22 Wombat Dungeon Master

This is a dungeon exploring blockchain game with a hide-and-seek NFTs feature. 

#21 Star Sharks

The Shark metaverse allows using the same heroes across multiple games. 

#20 Taco

The Taco universe is based on extraction mechanics. 

#19 Play Mining

It allows gamers to enjoy multiple free-to-play blockchain games.

#18 Crypto Blades 

Forge NFT weapons to fight against enemies.

crypto blades p2e

#17 Aavegotchi

You can collect, compete, combine and stake Aavegotchi collectibles.

#16 Crazy Defense Heroes

The economy of this blockchain game depends on the TOWER token, which players can earn through seasonal events and daily quests.

#15 Color Craze

A color-matching blockchain game. 

#14 Axie Infinity

A very popular blockchain pet game where you can take care of your Axies and fight them in battles against other players. 


#13 Jelly Squish

A mini blockchain game where players connect jellies in rows or diagonally. 

#12 Arc8 

Arc8 is where blockchain gaming meets esports. It includes match-made multiplayer matches and tournaments.

#11 Galaxy Blocks

This game runs on ThunderCore blockchain. You can view it as the blockchain version of the Tetris.

#10 Second Live

A blockchain metaverse that allows you to free roam in spaces such as exhibitions, dance floors, and shopping malls.

#9 Sunflower Land

Another blockchain metaverse game with crypto farming and mining.

#8 DeFi Kingdoms

In this very popular blockchain game, you can send your heroes to quest for collecting rare resources. 

DeFi Kingdom Blue Egg

#7 Farming World

A classical farming game built on the blockchain. You can mine in-game tokens, breed new species, and cultivate food items.

#6 Bomb Crypto

Manage a group of cyborgs programmed to mine BCOINs and fight against monsters.

#5 Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a mech-horse racing game that runs on Polygon. 


It’s a MOMO NFT farmer game where you can yield farm on the go. 

#3 Upland

As one of the most sought metaverse projects in the crypto world, Upland maps the real world where you can buy, sell, and trade virtual properties pegged to real-world real-estates.

upland Top 10 blockchain games

#2 Splinter Lands

The most popular card-training game on the blockchain!

#1 Alien Worlds

The number one game on our blockchain gaming list is Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds has been very popular for a long time due to its lucrative rewards system that allows players to mine Trillium. 

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