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Over 600 million people have dabbled in town and farming games, from Farmville to Stardew Valley. Farming/town simulation games have often remained a straightforward gaming experience, with many players unsystematically playing on their phones. With the introduction of play-to-earn gaming, games such as Town Star have proven popular amongst town and farm game lovers. 

Town star is made by the co-founder of Zynga, the company behind Farmville. The game is a blockchain farming game with amazing potential and many exciting features. One of the game’s selling points, or playing points, is the ability to earn the game’s currency and turn it into cash. One of the ways to do this is by producing gas and candy canes. If you want to learn more about this game and how to make gas and candy canes carry on reading! 

What is Town Star? 

Town Star is an NFT farming game on the Ethereum blockchain. Along with other blockchains such as WAX, Ethereum hosts a wide variety of play-to-earn games. The game is an addictive NFT farming simulation game with many cool features. Town Star can be played on the computer, as it is not yet available as an app. 

The game uses NFTs and town tokens with simple visuals but incredible earning potential. NFTs act as the bots in your town, as well as your resource, stands. To get started with Town Star, you must purchase a plot of land to start farming. Then, you can build storage, upgrade roads, implement windmills, prepare livestock and crops, and upgrade your town and income. The goal is to build a productive, thriving town, earning GALA tokens. Let’s find out how to play the game. 

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How to Play Town Star

To get started with Town Star, you must head to their website and create an account. After this, you can choose the free or weekly competition server. If you’re just starting, the free server is probably the better choice. You cannot gain rewards, but it is a great place to start understanding the game.

After you enter your chosen server, pick a location and name your town. In terms of locations, you can pick from desert, forest, or plains. Place your town here, and get started. The overall goal is to grow crops and resources in order to sell them for in-game tokens. After you plant these seeds in your town, you need to water them to create the most enormous yield. When they have grown, you can sell them in the trade depot. 

The more crops and crafted products you sell, you will earn points. The more points you are able to earn, the higher your rank will be in the weekly competition. You can earn better rewards if you rank high in the weekly competition. If you rank 1st in the player rank, you will receive 5500 Gala rewards. Ranking 400-100 will earn you between 200 and 800 Gala reward tokens. However, in order to play the game and earn rewards, you will need to acquire and use resources. These include wages, wood, storage, gas, and lumberjacks. 

Check out this informative video for more information on how to play the game. 

Candy Cane Production Tips

Producing candy canes can be difficult in the game. You need a candy shop, energy, peppermint, and sugar in order to make candy canes. You can get sugar from sugar cane farms, and this can be ground into sugar in the windmill. Peppermint can be grown in your crop fields. We’re going to be giving you some tips on how to build up your candy cane production in order to rank in the top 10 and earn awesome rewards. 

To start producing candy canes, build a candy shop from the farm section of the menu. In order t do this, you will need energy which you can get from harvesting wind turbines. In order to produce a high yield of candy canes, it will be beneficial for you to create a power plant. 

The basic buildings necessary for candy canes are peppermint fields, sugar cane fields, tree farms, windmills, storehouses, farmhouses, silos, wood sheds, wind turbines, warehouses, worker houses, and candy shops. You should build multiple, with the highest number of sugar cane fields, peppermint fields, and farmhouses. See this image here from Learn Town Star for great advice on increased buildings. 

In this amount, you should be able to get 6 candy canes per minute. To construct a candy cane, you will need 6 sugar, 6 energy, and 4 peppermints. To keep up with high production, continue upgrading your buildings to rank highly in the competition for more rewards. 

New Town Star META Build that Produces 120 Candy Canes Per Hour - Learn Town  Star
Candy cane production is a lengthy process, but the game’s new META build allows the production of 120 an hour. Source: Learn Town Star

Gas Production Tips

Producing gasoline is necessary to ship your crops and products to cities. You are provided a simple supply of 40 units in the game. Without increasing this supply, you will not be able to ship your town’s goods to cities, meaning you will not gain any money or rewards. By securing your gasoline production, you are ensuring everything will continue to run smoothly in your town. 

You will need a refinery with a chemical engineer, energy, water drums, and petroleum to produce gasoline. Make sure you have enough money to pay your operation costs for fuel production. Check out this page on securing your cash flow in Town Star. Additionally, make sure your refinery is near roads and integrated into a specialized area for industrial buildings. Make sure you build a warehouse to store energy and water drums, making sure it is placed far away from fields and windmills. Produce crude oil, energy, and water to start making your gas. Set up your refinery, and start producing gas with your acquired materials. Make sure to continuously monitor your gas production in order to make adjustments to level up your rewards. 

How to make Gasoline? - Learn Town Star
Gas production requires several establishments and resources as seen above. Source: Learn Town Star

Final Words

Producing resources is necessary for most town and farm simulation games, but Town Star has an incredible range of features, allowing you to level up your Gala rewards. Town Star requires NFTs in order to earn Town tokens, but Gala tokens can be earned from growing and selling resources in the game, including candy canes and gas. 

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