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It’s time to rethink fitness. Where? In the first Health Metaverse, Step App, a place powered by augmented reality on the Step blockchain created with Avalanche’s programming, where users may earn, socialize, play, and compete.

Currently, iOS and Android users can download the Step App beta. The project was started in Q4 2021, and its products include Limited Drops, NFT Market, and Fitness Metaverse. The Step App’s features are created to draw users in and foster connections, encouraging them to move about every day and exercise frequently.

In Q4 2022, the main app will be released.

What is Step App?

step app figure
That many and counting! Source: Step App Manifesto

Using their metaverse avatars to complete fitness quests, players participate in PvP (player vs. player) challenges in a project called Step App (FITFI), which is based on the Step protocol for FitFi (Fitness Finance). Similar to GameFi in terms of its market economy approach, Fitness Finance has its own governance token called FITFI. Members may now enjoy fitness content and make money by immersing themselves in the fitness business, thanks to FitFi.

Through the use of augmented reality, the app connects the gamified metaverse with the physical world, making fitness a social activity where users may compete and succeed. Users of the Step App can get money by running, walking, conversing, competing against friends and other app users, and exploring the metaverse. Due to geo-location technology and non-fungible tokens, Step App delivers a fitness experience in the metaverse (NFTs).

Staking, liquidity rewards, locks, buybacks, and burns are all part of the Step App economy, which is built around game benefits and values. The ecosystem uses two tokens: KCAL, the in-game token used to purchase SNEAK (NFTs), and FITFI, the governance token, which is supported by ecosystem fees. KCAL creates the value of the game economy and enables players to mine, earn, and stake.

The project was started in Q4 2021, and its products include Limited Drops, NFT Market, and Fitness Metaverse. The Step App’s features are created to draw users in and foster connections, encouraging them to move about every day and exercise frequently.

The Step app offers a variety of engaging, sociable, and competitive experiences. The main goal is to captivate those who are learning about cryptocurrency for the first time.

What is unique about Step App?

  • Users complete fitness challenges to strengthen and improve their avatars (metaverse personas);
  • Users develop their social and physical abilities while participating in competitive matches since player-vs-player matchmaking enabled by gamification allows for connections on a local, regional, or international scale.
  • Users are paid in-game currency to complete objectives, maintain their physical fitness, and earn tokens. As users answer these questions, their metaverse characters in the augmented reality elements grow and develop.


  • No subscriptions of hidden fees are lurking around the corner
  • Appropriate for all levels of fitness
  • Awesome local & worldwide competitions
  • Run along side your friends
  • A component of the Step Ecosystem

The Step App Metaverse: What Is It?

step app
step app is launching soon. Image Source: Medium

The Step App protocol enables users of the Step App to workout, compete, and earn in the native metaverse, also known as the Step Metaverse.

Step App and SDK Step Protocol work toward such worldwide objectives as sustained user growth and retail sales of Step Metaverse, luring elite athletes and business influencers by making them Step App brand ambassadors, and elevating the application to the top of the market.

Many people’s lives include physical activity of any kind, including fitness. The most widely used blockchain technology today taps into a feature that many people use on a regular basis.

Get the Step app to make working out socially and for money. By walking, jogging, or running, increase your step count to earn. Compete against friends or strangers, interact with people nearby or around the world, and discover the metaverse and the real world in a fresh, exciting way.

How to Get a Step App Beta Activation Code

step app beta activation
Get moving to get a code! Source: Step App

Users can currently access and enjoy the Step App beta, which is essentially the Step App in beta form. Users can download and utilize the app by visiting the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, before installing the Step App beta, iOS users must install Apple TestFlight.

Last week, Step App said that users can anticipate more activation codes beginning today, October 24, 2022, as Mustapha at Play to Earn Diary reported. Users of the platform were informed via Twitter by the platform that they may now utilize the Step App. Additionally, more activation codes will be made available, giving users access to the Step App platform.

The Step App community, or the Steppers as they are affectionately known, had previously voiced complaints over the scarce supply of activation codes. Some members were unable to access the beta stage of the software since there weren’t enough activation codes available. This is only one of the many reasons Step App made this decision.

What is the Next Phase of Activation?

Step App has announced that it is scaling up after successfully onboarding the first tens of thousands of Step community members (also known as Steppers). This “next level” is referred to as the Next Phase of Activation. This phase has some very interesting attachments on its own.

First, there will be more activation codes available for distribution during the Next Phase of Activation. Notably, there will be approximately 3,500 distributable activation codes per week, or more than twice the quantity of the prior weeks. Additionally, codes are given out hourly on the Step App Telegram and Discord channels.

The number of iOS users permitted to use TestFlight will then be increased. The TestFlight online service, created by Apple Inc., enables iOS users to test mobile applications. The number of iOS users will climb to roughly 3,500 per week, according to Step App.

How to Play and Use Step App?

Since there is so much to learn with Step App, we’ve divided the essential information into short guides below.

How do KCAL Tokens work?

step app KCAL
That epic chest is definitely work that KCAL. Source: Step App

KCAL Tokens, the in-game currency, are obtained through running and when taking sneaks and are used to purchase sneaks.

They can be obtained by:

On the Step Ex, purchasing. Simply:

1. Link your wallet,

2. Choose a product to sell,

3. Choose KCAL as an asset to purchase,

4. Press the “Swap” button.

Plus, there are 3 key components to consider:

Minting – only kcal tokens can be used to mint sneaks.

Earn – KCAL are earned by running while taking sneak NFTs.

Staking – The earned KCAL is issued in epochs of 10 days and must be staked on all sneaks. The pending KCAL is burnt by unstaking prior to the KCAL being claimed.

Guide to Sneakers in Step App

Step App slates December 1st for its official launch.   Image Source: YouTube

The essential component of the game that encourages leading an active and healthy lifestyle is sneakers. There are various sneaker types, features, and characteristics. You can select from a variety of appearances, each of which is distinct!

The number of KCAL tokens you receive as you move depends on the type of footwear you are wearing and your speed. These are:

  • Walkerideal for relaxed strolls. The suggested range is 1-6 km/h.
  • Hiker – suitable for light running or quick pacing. 4–10 km/h is the suggested speed.
  • Racer – appropriate for brisk running. 8–20 km/h is the suggested pace.
  • Coach – adaptable in pace, versatile type. 1–20 km/h is the suggested speed.

Features of Sneakers

Attributes grow at each level and have an impact on how many KCAL tokens can be earned. Which are:

  • Activity – decides how many KCAL tokens are gained for each energy unit consumed.
  • Luck – identifies the likelihood that a chest will be received when jogging. The possibility of acquiring a chest increases with the length of the run and luck characteristic.
  • Balance – identifies the quantity of KCAL tokens that will be received following burning.
  • Resistance –  identifies the durability of the shoe’s recovery decrease rate.
  • Durability – represents the shoe’s level of durability. Each unit of energy expended while running reduces the shoe’s level of durability. The characteristics of the shoe decline as durability increases.
  • Rank – represents the route’s distance. For every unit of energy expended while running, you receive experience. The rank rises as your experience level improves. The burning reward rises in proportion to rank.

Sneakers Quality

step app sneaker value
A sneak peak at the numbers. Source: Step App Help Centre

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary are the five sneaker qualities.

Each type of quality has a unique safety margin:

  • 30 durability, common
  • Rare — 50 durability,
  • 70 durability, rare
  • 90 durability, epic
  • With 110 durability, legendary.

The quality of the sneakers affects the following characteristics:

  • Range of basic characteristics of the shoe,
  • As the shoe levels up, the amount of attributes rises.
  • The fundamental values for each attribute will be selected at random when generating a new pair of shoes based on the shoe’s quality.
  • Basic attributes are those that are pre-set when the shoe is created. They are known as additional when they get bigger with each level. The quality of the sneaker cannot be changed, however you can purchase or obtain a better-quality sneaker from the shoebox.

Leveling Up

You can enhance the characteristics of the sneaker as its level rises. Additional qualities will be randomly allocated across Activity, Luck, Balance, and Resistance when a player reaches a new level. With each increasing level, the attribute’s value for various quality classes grows nonlinearly:


step app minting
Mint to make money. Source: Step App Help Centre

Two pairs of extremely durable sneakers are needed for this. The quality of footwear is not constrained.

The minting process can only employ each footwear a maximum of five times. After 72 hours, you can mint once more.

After minting, the sneaker is subject to a 15% penalty on all qualities, but the cost of the subsequent mint is decreased. The quality of the sneakers and the quantity of previous mintings each shoe has determine the mint price.

The new sneaker can be removed from the shoebox as soon as it is received and opened. The shoebox can also be kept in your wallet or placed up for sale, but you have to wait 48 hours after minting.

The sneaker has a chance to acquire a trait that will impact the game during minting.

For instance, features may lower the minting cost or improve all aspects of the sneaker.


Burning is the method by which a pair of sneakers can be destroyed in exchange for KCAL tokens. If you get enough rank and improve the balancing attribute, you can recoup or even multiply the tokens you spent on the sneaker! Only footwear with a level of two or higher may be burned. In order to raise the sneaker’s rank, you must invest energy in it.

How to Buy Sneakers in Step App

step app buy sneakers
Too many sneakers to count! Source: Step App

For FITFI tokens, which you may obtain on multiple platforms, you can purchase the footwear. They can be purchased in one of two ways:

1. In the Sneakers tab of the Marketplace.

  • Activate the Marketplace tab.
  • Select a pair of shoes that fit by clicking on them,
  • To purchase, click the “Buy” button on the shoe page.
  • Once you confirm the purchase, you can move forward.

2. In the Shoebox tab of the Marketplace.

  • Launch the market,
  • Tap the “Shoebox” tab,
  • Choose a shoebox containing a random pair of sneakers,
  • To complete the transaction, click the shoebox.
  • Choosing the “Inventory” tab
  • Changing to the “Shoebox” tab
  • Open the shoebox by clicking on it. The shoe may be found under the “Sneakers” menu.

Energy in Step App User Guide

All about the move to earn platform
How far has it (Step App) come? Let’s find out.    Image Source: Play to earn diary

The primary resource in the game is energy. You must first purchase footwear before you can begin to expend energy. Each energy unit expended while running depletes a portion of the durability of the footwear. In exchange, you receive KCAL tokens, your shoe rank advances, and your likelihood of getting a chest rises.

Remember: For each minute of activity, that equals one unit of energy. Energy is restored separately for each unit. After 24 hours, the restoration is complete. After 24 hours, the energy reserve created upon registration will be exhausted.

The Shelf

The first sneaker you received came with at least 10 energy units, but you always want more, therefore they provide it to you: amass a collection of hip sneakers on the shelf to gain more energy and more qualities!

The basis characteristics of the sneaker and all the base characteristics of the sneakers on the shelf serve as the foundation for the entire energy supply.

The additional characteristics have no bearing on how the energy supply is calculated.

Sneakers cannot be taken back once they have been placed on the rack. Other sneaker traits only apply to the shoe they originally belong to, however the sneaker trait “Trade Orders,” which controls the number of products that can be listed on the marketplace, will continue to function. Decide deliberately which one you want to train in and which one you want to put on the back shelf.

For instance:

  • 11 energy units are given by a pair of sneakers with all the necessary 28 unit qualities.
  • Two sneakers with the same fundamental characteristics as 48 provide 15 energy units.
  • 27 energy units are produced by two sneakers with all the fundamental qualities of 100 units.

Bonus Energy

You will get an increase in energy by keeping footwear on the shelf; this is bonus energy! You are able to race over your energy limits and still earn rewards because of this function!

The amount of energy bonus a sneaker provides increases with rarity on the shelf. Remember that the bonus energy will only begin to deplete once the main energy supply has been exhausted.

As such, your energy regenerates more quickly the more you have.

Take into consideration that there is an energy limit, but that’s something the game wants you to determine on your own.

The Chests, Gems, and Sockets Guide

step app
step app is launching soon. Image Source: Medium

The likelihood of discovering a chest during the exercise session depends on luck. You can discover KCAL tokens or a jewel when opening the chest. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The amount of energy used throughout the session and the luck characteristic both affect the likelihood of finding a chest.

2. Gems have extra characteristics. Gem-specific sockets are present in every pair of shoes. By placing the gems in the sockets, you can strengthen your sneaker’s flaws or boost its strengths.

3. Gems can be found in chests or purchased in the market. Only after achieving the following levels will the sockets on the sneaker be unlocked: 15, 20, 25, and 30.

4. There are six levels for gems. The amount of new qualities increases with level.

5. A gem that has been inserted into a shoe cannot be removed; rather, it can only be changed for a new gem. It will be destroyed, the ancient gem;

6. Conversely, sneakers with gems can be sold in the market while first-level gems cannot;

7. The diamonds in the sneaker will likewise be destroyed while it burns;

8. A gem of a higher level can be created by combining two gems of the same level:

9. When merging two gems, there is a 1%–20% possibility of getting a gem with advanced stats that is of the same level or lower.

How many bonuses may a gem in Step App have?

The majority of gems boost one characteristic, while certain unique gems boost up to two attributes.

Does a gem need a particular kind of socket?

No. Any socket can be utilized.

How many unopened chests is a shoe allowed to have?

Four at most.

How to Start Using Step App?

step app fat points
Get walking and get collecting FAT points. Source: Step App

1. Download the Step app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

2. When registering for the Step app, you will be prompted to provide your email address in order to obtain an access code. Get an activation code in the Step App Telegram or Discord channel once you’ve been verified in the app to begin playing.

3. Create or import a wallet. A wallet is your personal non-custodial wallet that you should create as soon as you set up your account. The spending wallet is incorporated into your app. Please keep the seed phrase offline to stop hackers from getting access to your money. When you try to start staking with Step App, it takes you to Metamask.

4. FITFI tokens should be transferred from an exchanger account or a wallet to the in-game wallet after being purchased or received.

5. Here are some simple tips on where to get your special pair of sneakers:

  • To purchase sneakers on the in-game market, you must have FITFI tokens. You may purchase FITFI here.
  • by coinage
  • Stakeholders have a chance to win lootboxes by staking FITFI tokens. start placing bets now
  • By accepting a gift, the recipient can receive a pair of sneakers in their wallet.
  • What functions does Step App offer?

What Features are in Step App?

Picture6 8
Step App rewards you for keeping fit.    Image Source: Vimoney


Depending on how much energy you have, you can run and earn for a certain length of time. You can run farther and faster the more energy you have. By adding as many sneakers to your collection as you can, you can enhance your energy supply.


Use the best possible footwear and pay attention to its durability for a bigger impact.


Increase the level of the sneaker and insert high-level diamonds with desirable traits.

How to earn using Step App?

step app earn
Which stream will you choose? Source: DaoMaker

Once you have your sneakers, you can immediately begin jogging and making money!

Depending on how much energy you have, you can run and earn for a certain length of time. You can run farther and faster the more energy you have. By adding as many sneakers to your collection as you can, you can enhance the energy reserve.

Use the greatest possible sneakers and pay attention to their durability for a better impact. Increase the level of the sneaker and insert high-level diamonds with desirable traits.

In general, there are many diverse ways to make money from the game process:

  • Microtransactions (non-SNEAK purchases utilizing credit cards and crypto) (non-SNEAK purchases using credit cards and crypto),
  • played stuck (in competitions between players using governance tokens – FITFI)
  • Users need tickets to participate in competition gaming in competitions at the international level, including regional leaderboard; collected revenues go to a prize pool.
  • The NFT Marketplace (which charges a 2.5% commission on all platform transactions) and NFT Sales are other sources of NFT income (limited edition sneakers are dropped once a month).

Fitness Finance: What is it? (FitFi)

step app sneaker design
FitFi goes beyond Step App. Source: Step App

Fitness finance is a market economy where participants profit from the $100 billion fitness industry’s value creation. It is the web3 equivalent of online fitness tools and apps.

Users could consume and produce fitness content via Web2. It pushed the owners of those platforms to receive the value produced by their fitness content.

Fitfi is a culmination of a highly physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse, using NFTs and geo-location technology. It sits at the nexus between making the physical and the digital. Step’s Fitfi metaverse also has augmented reality for increased immersion.

These GameFi platforms, sometimes known as play-to-earn platforms, occasionally interact with move-to-earn platforms. Similar to how the virtual world’s version of the game works here, you can play it using the avatar of your choice. This game is basically a conversion of what you actually do in real life, and the majority of the time, your physical actions are what are deposited as Tokens in your move-to-earn accounts.

One such platform is, which rewards and encourages you to maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise. The process is enjoyable because it lets you connect with other users and friends.

In other words, Step.App is a protocol created for fitness finance.

Is FitFi the same as Game Finance (GameFi)?

step app gamefi versus fitfi
Ready, set, step! Source: Step App

A number of altcoin sector bull runs have been ushered in by the NFT economy. The domination of gamefi and metaverse products for much of 2021 has been the most notable of these. These industries contained the best-performing assets of the previous year.

The phrase “GameFi” is a literal mashup of the terms “gaming” and “financial.” It alludes to the idea of making money by taking part in and succeeding in game-like situations. This earning will differ from the so-called earning points in typical games, which resemble coins. These coins can only be spent for in-game purposes and are only usable within the gaming Metaverse.

While in the case of GameFi revenue, the earned Tokens are frequently cryptocurrency and may therefore be used outside of the game and converted for specific amounts of fiat. These games are often known as play-to-earn ones. People can both produce and consume content on GameFi.

Participants in Web 3 are meant to have gotten a share of the market. Play to Earn, or GameFi, accomplishes this goal. These apps contribute to integrating the fitness business into the financial system.

GameFi is similar to FitFi. In the $200 billion gaming industry, consumers and producers produce for the benefit of a select few. Everyone may now profit from the market they participate in thanks to web3. Thanks to the growth of GameFi and plpay-to-earn, this became a reality.

Fitfi and Move-to-earn are essential in introducing the enormous fitness market to people in a way that allows them to profit from it.

Where does Step App fit into the Fitness Finance Market?

Any developer, team, or even international brand may quickly implement the ready-to-deploy geo-location technology, NFT minting and trading capabilities, user onramp, token mechanisms, and other essential elements to create a web3 Fitfi app.

The Fitfi market is built on the Step app. The Fitfi economy is powered by a potent metaverse and technological stack, which the early mover advantage ensures can become the industry standard.

Why is Step App better than GenoPets and STEPN?

STEPN and Genopets are only two examples of the Fitfi products that have already existed. Both were created using their respective native platforms. As a result, the output capacity of Fitfi experiences is hindered, development expenses are raised, and the fitness market is split among a scattershot collection of Fitfi projects.

From the beginning, Step app has focused on the biggest expense and bottleneck in the Fitfi market. Third parties can use the step protocol SDK to create in the step metaverse.

FITFI Coin: What is it? Step App Tokenomics

Step App
Step App activation codes. Image Source: Crypto News

Staking, liquidity rewards, locks, buybacks, and burns are all part of the Step App economy, which is built around game benefits and values. The ecosystem uses two tokens: KCAL, the in-game token used to purchase SNEAK (NFTs), and FITFI, the governance token, which is supported by ecosystem fees. KCAL creates the value of the game economy and enables players to mine, earn, and stake.

The ecosystem provides a variety of financial incentives in order to preserve the value of $FITFI and draw users. The Step App’s tokenomics include functions like staking, liquidity rewards, locks, buybacks, and burns.

  • Staking rewards: Allocating up to 50% of the tokens bought on the open market to stakers;
  • Incentives for liquidity: 50% extra weight is given to Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens in staking rewards;
  • Locks: Staked tokens must exit after a 10-day cooldown period, and doing so will result in a 12% fine;
  • Buybacks: Tokens on the market are purchased using 50% of revenue;
  • Burns: Up to 50% of tokens that have been redeemed may be burned at the discretion of the governance.

What is the current supply of Step App (FITFI) Coins?

step app tokenomics
An open, honest, and fair distribution. Source: Avaxholic

The distribution of tokens for FITFI is as follows, with a maximum quantity of 5,000,000,000 coins, according to CoinMarketCap:

  • 14% (700,000,000 FITFI) will go to the public sale;
  • 25% (1,000,000,000 $FITFI) will go to incentives, liquidity, and staking;
  • 15% to the Team (750,000,000 $FITFI);
  • 30% (1,500,000,000 $FITFI) to mining and moving toward earning;
  • 15% (750,000,000 $FITFI) to marketing, purchases, and licenses;
  • To partners, advisors, and consultants: 6% (300,000,000 $FITFI).

How to buy Step App’s FITFI?

The following are are among the platforms where Step App (FITFI) is listed (as of May 2022):

  • Bybit
  • KuCoin
  • OKX
  • MEXC
  • LBank
  • Exchange
  • Pangolin
  • TraderJoe
  • BitMart
  • CoinEx
  • XT.COM
  • Hoo
  • AEX
  • BitForex
  • Bitget
  • Bibox
  • BigONE
  • BingX,
  • and Hotbit.

Information Important regarding FITFI Token

Name of Token: Step App

Symbol: $FITFI

Blockchain: Avalanche

Token Specification: ARC-20

Contract: 0x714f020c54cc9d104b6f4f6998c63ce2a31d1888

Token Type: Governance

Total Supply: 5 billion

When will the main app for Step App be fully available?

step app roadmap
Keep up the pace with the Step App journey. Source: Step App

The well-known move-to-earn project, Step App, will launch on December 1 after failing to launch in Q3, according to the company’s official Twitter account.

How are the launch plans for Step App expected to go?

Step App asserts that the app’s promotion strategy is also complete. They also claim that they can already tell you that this won’t be your typical, everyday app launch. It appears that it will be jam-packed with unique launch events.

Is the referral program for Step App still active?

Recently, Step App revealed that it has reached a new milestone: 10,000,000 Step Community referrals.

The Step Community has also accrued more than 685,000,000 (685 million) FAT points. These FAT points ultimately lead to prizes in the form of lootboxes.

Due to Step App’s recent announcement that FAT profits would expire on October 31st, the number of referrals has increased dramatically.

How do FAT points work?

Your unique referral code should continue to be used to refer friends because the deadline to receive FAT points for referrals is October 31. As you add more friends, your chances of getting a loot box and extra referral code benefits rise.

Between November 11 and December 31, you can exchange your FAT points for cash. You must link your Step Network wallet to your Step App account in order to receive your rewards because FAT has now been moved to your on-chain wallet. By integrating your Step Network wallet, you can increase your daily FAT earnings.

Loot boxes will start to appear in the app on December 1st, however this will depend on your FAT balance. Your FAT level raises your chances of receiving a lootbox. At this time, you are permitted to open loot boxes. Gems, energy, and KCAL will be included in the contents of these boxes. Utilize this opportunity while you still have it because competition will likely grow later.

What is the Step App Conference 2022 in Tokyo?

step app tokyo conference
Welcome to the future of fitness. Source: Step App

Join the Step App team and Usain Bolt as they hold the first-ever STEP APP CONFERENCE on December 1 in Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate the release of Step’s much anticipated move-to-earn App. You can anticipate notable speakers from the crypto and fitness industries, live music at the afterparty, and free goodies.

On December 1st, they will have two panels at their Step App Conference in Tokyo where keynote speakers will talk about subjects including Web3 and Fitness. MaXwell Powers, the one and only, will moderate these panels! Following these panels, the Step App president, Dharpan Randhawa, will conduct an interview with Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Usain Bolt about his path to success in sports.

MaXwell Powers has a wealth of experience and has worked with several well-known businesses and organizations, including Disney, Google, Adidas, LVMH, and many others.

Usain Bolt, a well-known international athlete, also intends to play a live DJ set at the conference after-party, according to Aimee at Play to Earn Diary, so “this fantastic news does not only stop there.” On the same day as the conference, the DJ performance seeks to promote the release of Step App. In addition, a select few Steppers may get the chance to meet Usain Bolt at a special meet and greet.

What does the Step App conference hope to accomplish?

The Step App conference series exemplifies step’s mission to use fitness and health as a connecting factor between the web3/metaverse and “the real world.” The occasion will establish the step app and its ecosystem as legitimate entities with widespread support.

The debut of their primary app is the focus of this year’s Step App Conference, which serves as a catalyst for a wealthier, healthier world community. This festival is held with and for the whole step community.

Do you want to visit Tokyo? Click here to get your tickets. There are three alternatives available:

Fan: 7,000 JPY

  • event entry
  • access to the after party
  • gift bag

Believer: 17000 JPY

  • event entry
  • access to the after party
  • gift bag
  • entry into a Sneak NFT lottery automatically that has five lucky winners

Pioneer: 35000 JPY

  • event entry
  • access to the after party
  • gift bag
  • entry into a Sneak NFT lottery automatically that has five lucky winners
  • a chance to meet Usain Bolt

Who are the founders of Step App?

step app founders
Meet the people getting you moving. Source: Step App

The company’s president, Dharpan Randhawa, has 20 years of marketing and business leadership expertise in the sports and entertainment sector. He developed connections while working for the British auto racing organization McLaren Racing, and as VP of Lagardère Sports (SPORTFIVE), he oversaw a number of sporting events and sponsorships. Randhawa currently manages a group of senior commercial leaders from Manchester City and the Los Angeles Lakers, heads the brand agency Talisman, and provides advice on Web3 and cryptocurrency projects.

CEO of the endeavor is Kirill Volgin. His other cryptocurrency efforts include Tokenary, an open source NFT wallet with a Safari extension. He is a software developer engineer. Volgin founded and led a venture studio and software development firm. He previously held the position of CFO at Zerion, a finance startup that gives consumers access to managing and investing in decentralized assets.

Dmitry Gordeychuk, a CTO with more than 5 years of experience in blockchain development, completes the team. Gordeychuk is the head of blockchain of Symbiosis Finance, a decentralized multi-chain liquidity aggregation protocol, and a veteran of the cryptocurrency industry.

Who else is involved with Step App?

step app founders
Friendly faces behind it all. Source: Step App

Major athletes have also joined Step as the app’s global fitness ambassadors. Celebrities are proud to be a part of this crypto movement, especially Usain Bolt, because it encourages fitness and has a positive social impact.

Step also has important advisors, one of whom has completed licensing deals worth almost $500 million. To make the app appealing to the global fan bases of notable IP, they are using their network to purchase branding and intellectual property rights from international brands.

Current advisers for Step App include:

step app advisors
The dream team. Source: Avaxholic

Hatu Sheikh – 

One of the most well-known figures in the blockchain industry, Hatu co-founded DAO Maker, the leading incubator for emerging crypto disruptors and leaders. Hatu provided industry innovators in DeFi and GameFi with advice in previous years, leading innovation in brand-new and quickly emerging asset classes.

Dovey Wan –

Dovey has been named one of the Most Influential Players in the market by Coindesk and one of the Most Important Women in Blockchain by BlockExplorer.

Jens Willemen – 

Co-founder of the advisory and market-making firm Kairon Labs for cryptocurrencies. has worked on more than 200 different token projects, including metaverse initiatives and organizations like Everdome, Animoca Brands, COTI, Dopex, Seedify, DeFI Pulse Index, etc.

Melanie Mohr –

Founder and CEO of the first blockchain project to be accepted into the Adidas accelerator, WOM/YEAY. Melanie also worked with companies like Nike, Converse, Vans, and Asics at YEAY.

step app advisors
Even more advisors! Source: Avaxholic

Tim Innvutt –

Advisor at Qtum and co-founder of BTC Inc. (Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin 2022)

Oliver Bell –

Oliver Bell is the founder and CEO of XCAD Network, a platform for fan tokenization for the biggest creators and superstars in the world. He established the biggest DEX on Zilliqa as well. He also serves as a consultant for Blockasset & Opulous.

How involved is Usain Bolt with Step App?

Step app bolt
Step app with Usain Bolt. Image Source:

Step App announced on July 21 that it would support eight-time Olympic gold winner Usain Bolt as the company’s brand ambassador to demonstrate its commitment to staying active. The 100-meter sprinter who now holds the world and Olympic records continues to play a significant role in Step App’s worldwide advertising campaign. Bolt also expressed his support for the Step App.

This year, Usain Bolt will be in Tokyo for the official Step App conference. The world’s fastest man will participate in the conference panels. Bolt intends to discuss his fitness journey as well as what it takes to win a running competition. The official Step App conference will provide guests the chance to hear from a real-life champion and learn what it takes to become a great athlete.

Of course, Usain Bolt also fervently supports the goals of Step App, and several athletes are using move-to-earn apps. Olympic athletes like Tatsiana Mikhailava routinely participate in STEPN, the enormously popular move-to-earn app. As a result, he is recognized as a believer in the metaverse and its potential to liberate anybody and everyone through fitness and financial freedom.

What does Step App’s vision for the future entail?

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Shake on it! Source: Step App

The Step App that bears its name is the first application on the protocol.

The core team of the protocol itself created this app, which is intended to accomplish a number of objectives:

1. Be a dominant fitness app right out of the gate

2. Onramp mass retail to the step metaverse

3. Build a massive network for fitness influencers and athletes as the global brand ambassadors of Step App and the underlying step protocol & metaverse.

This quick ascent ensures that other programmers and teams will feel obliged to view Step as a collaborator in their success. Along with quick technology, the ecosystem offers a sizable user base, fitness ambassadors, and onramps.

FitFi has an app economy that was created by thousands of different teams, projects, and businesses. driven by the step protocol SDK and operating on the step metaverse.

The Step Blockchain: What Is It?

Step App is a move-to-earn platform
Step App is a M2E Web3 project that combines blockchain plus metaverse technology with finance. This way, the platform rewards users for being active on its platform while ensuring that they stay fit. Image Source: CoinFunda

The Step Blockchain, according to the Step Network, is “the blockchain made for humans.”

According to its website, the Step Blockchain is:


The Avalanche code is used to create the Step blockchain, but with additional components. This increases performance while maintaining the tested network security of an established codebase. This serves as the framework for life-scale apps on the internet.

A modern, mass-market metaverse requires complicated, time-consuming, and expensive development.

Any builder can quickly integrate the resource-rich and technologically sophisticated metaverse of the Step ecosystem.

Quick & Open

Blockchains are clogged by arbitrage transactions made by millions of algorithmic bots due to the focus on finance. In an open ecosystem with no incentives for algorithmic trading bots, where life is possible at scale, it is possible to support life.

The Step ecosystem SDK offers all the smart contracts and NFT interntal structures that companies and developers need to launch their app quickly and at drastically reduced costs. Additionally, it has a 1-click chain integration, which simplifies setup.


The NFT infrastructure, integrated metaverse, and composable intellectual property enable the Step ecosystem to support its three main objectives of fostering lifestyle, wellness/fitness, and consumption brands, developers, and enterprises.

To put it another way, blockchains compete for users of financial apps. While pursuing financial decentralization is great, concentrating solely on it is lifeless.

Step Protocol is a network for real-life, not trading algorithms; it is a network for people to pursue healthy living, consumption, and lifestyles.

What is Step Ex?

step app stepex
There’s so many different parts to the Step Protocol. Source: Step Exchange

Corporations with millions of customers are aggressively developing FitFi apps using Step Protocol, which is expanding quickly.

A native DEX is required for the ecosystem’s native token and the numerous app tokens that are launching on it. StepEx will promote this requirement.

By humans for humans

The DEX is said to have been created by humans for humans and, as such, is the very first DEX for mass communal use.

This is distributed to the mass consumers via built-in integrations to mass usage apps that reach tens of millions of mass consumers.

It is not only incorporated into Step App but also into the Step SDK, which is used by big businesses and outside developers. It enables the quick launch of M2E applications made with Step technology.

Global Titans (including Silva, Mayweather, and others), UNTOLD (including David Guetta, Claptone, and others), and more use the SDK.

You receive trading commissions as a liquidity provider, just like any other DEX. Moving to StepEx keeps your fee advantages even if you’re adding liquidity to Trader Joe’s, Uniswap, or PancakeSwap!

The fact that you immediately own the underlying DEX’s success is what matters most.

Users of the Step ecosystem will find this to be extremely significant. The ecosystem will always include the DEX as a vital component. Users of the Step ecosystem can secure their interest in StepEx’s success by taking part in the Lockdrop and joining the DEX genesis liquidity.

What is the StepEx Lockdrop?

step app stepex lockdrop
Lots of phases to figure out. Source: Step App

A circulating supply of StepEx tokens (SPEX) will be given by the program to members of the community who will lock liquidity as part of StepEx’s ultra-fair lockdrop.

For StepEx, there is no VC round. The genesis will instead be distributed to liquidity lockers.

StepEx will pay out up to a year’s worth of yield upfront, unlike a conventional liquidity mining campaign.

SPEX is the ticker for StepEx tokens. There are 3,00,000,000 SPEX tokens in existence overall.

A participant must commit liquidity through a lock for a minimum of three months in order to participate in the lockdrop. The lockdrop will be broken up into 5 sections and will offer a total of 7% of the StepEx token supply.

Additionally, The Lockdrop ensures that the fair launch mechanism is safeguarded against mercenary yield farmers like Alameda. These farmers deposit liquidity, produce tokens, and immediately withdraw it.

Against the Whales

Such participants significantly reduce or eliminate ecosystem support. VCs frequently participate in large similar events. Instead, the lock-up mechanism safeguards the neighborhood from Alameda-like institutions that do not anticipate taking part in anything that would temporarily restrict liquidity.

VCs can still take part in the Lockdrop like everyone else if they believe they add value and genuinely care about the fundamentals rather than just getting cheap tokens to sell to the general public.

How does StepEx’s Lockdrop work?

Liquidity airdrop is what the name of the lockdrop combines: a lockdrop is a combination of liquidity “locks” and “airdrops.”

StepEx will put a strong emphasis on the community. It’s critical to choose people from the community who sincerely want to be a part of StepEx. As a result, the genesis release is airdropped, albeit on a foundation of selection. Here are the key aspects to know about:

  • Bring your new USDC/USDT liquidity, large asset liquidity, or even some modest asset liquidity to StepEx to receive an immediate share of circulation.
  • You have the option to take your liquidity out after the lock period is up. You may also retain it in StepEx and continue to make trading fees that way forever. nice fee income passively.
  • There will be various options for liquidity lock times in order to make the system more hospitable to different types of participants. Longer locks will result in greater SPEX token earnings.
  • You commit to a 3.3x longer period of time if you stake for 10 months as opposed to 3 months. It follows that your token reward should be greater. There is a premium associated with it to encourage people who have a longer-term faith in the ecosystem.
  • While there is a 3.3x time difference between 10 and 3 months, there is a 4.5x increase in reward value. If you place even longer bets, this time-based premium increases.

The unique attributes of StepEx are:


Quickest Farms
As the step protocol is designed for the masses, StepEx complies with this by offering human-friendly liquidity farms built for real-life consumers.

Amazing Analytics
StepEx provides deep analytics in easy formats to make trading simple, easy, and fair for all.

StepEx pools and farms function as if they are a DeFi lego to provide users exponential benefits within the step ecosystem.

Quick Leverage
The easiest and fastest DeFi leverage will let you trade like a whale.

No VCs are present
The distinctive launch mechanism favors true believers rather than whales

The StepEx launch is just and comprehensive
An early adopter with access to the circulation, including owners of almost any asset, may do so.

What is StepLaunch?

What on earth is StepLaunch? Source: StepLaunch

Startups get support and adoption, and community members get to be a first adopter. Overall, StepLaunch serves the Step ecosystem community, both users and builders.

What is the Step Network Ecosystem fund exactly?

On the Step Network, innovation is fuelled by the ecosystem fund (blockchain).

The ecosystem fund provides the seeds for builders from all over the world to create powerful economic value on the chain.

Developers, teams, and entrepreneurs who want to build on step network receive a $250,000 seed round. The fund operates in a transparent and well-framed direction.
The fund makes these announcements and reports on the outcomes.

All startups are encouraged to pursue this support and be a part of the tremendous future of Step Network. any startup can apply.

The Step Ecosystem fund can provide seed support for startups launching on StepLaunch, as well as the deep support lines the ecosystem fund offers to builders.

  • Adoption – Brand development, celebrity ambassadors, and marketing partners
  • Funding – Community distribution, institutional partners, and metrics development
  • Liquidity – For market making, exchange partners, and go-to-market planning
  • Technology – Build consumer scale apps with confidence in the infrastructure with the step network, which provides rapid throughput with one of the highest TPS among EVM networks.
  • Resources – The ecosystem’s rich marketing power, network to institutions and exchanges, and deep industry experience can be used by startups building on Step App.
  • Business Intelligence – This is a blockchain that pursues consumption, wellness and fitness, lifestyle, and individual progress. build economic value through apps that actually

Applying for Launchpad financing is available here.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche coin
Who doesn’t love a good avalanche? Source: DataDrivenInvestor

Decentralized applications and private blockchain networks are built on the Avalanche layer one blockchain.

It aims to unseat Ethereum as the most popular blockchain for smart contracts as one of Ethereum’s rivals. It aims to achieve this by having a higher transaction output of up to 6,500 transactions per second without sacrificing scalability.

This is made feasible by the distinctive design of Avalanche. The X-Chain, C-Chain, and P-Chain are the three distinct blockchains that make up the Avalanche network. Each chain serves a specific purpose, which is fundamentally different from the strategy employed by Bitcoin and Ethereum, which requires all nodes to validate every transaction. Depending on their use applications, avalanche blockchains even employ various consensus mechanisms.

Avalanche has been working on creating its own ecosystem of DApps and DeFi since the introduction of its mainnet in 2020. Avalanche has integrated with various Ethereum-based projects like SushiSwap and TrueUSD. Additionally, the platform is constantly enhancing compatibility between its own ecosystem and Ethereum, for example by creating bridges.

How does Avalanche address the blockchain trilemma? What is it?

The blockchain trilemma, which holds that blockchains cannot scale to a sufficient level of decentralization, is addressed by Avalanche. High gas fees, as is frequently the case on Ethereum, are a result of this.

Avalanche created three interoperable blockchains to address this issue:

X- Chain – The native AVAX tokens and other assets are created and exchanged using the Exchange Chain (X-Chain). These tokens adhere to a set of standardized guidelines, much like the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum. The Avalanche consensus process is employed.

C-Chain – Smart contracts and decentralized applications are hosted by the Contract Chain (C-Chain). Developers can fork EVM-compatible DApps using its own Avalanche Virtual Machine, which is comparable to the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It makes use of the Snowman consensus algorithm.

P-Chain – Network validators are coordinated by the Platform Chain (P-Chain), which also keeps track of active subnets and permits the creation of new ones. Subnets are collections of validators resembling a cartel of validators. A blockchain can only be validated by one subnet, even though each subnet may be validating multiple blockchains. The Snowman consensus mechanism is also utilized.


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What do you need to know about Step App?  Image Source:

The Step Network still has a lot of work ahead of it, but for the time being, users should keep using it and provide the Step Team with useful input on how well the apps are functioning. This will enable the team to create an even better user experience for every Step App user.

As you wait for the big day, keep an eye out for new app updates and upcoming announcements. Continue earning and stepping, above all else.

Want to learn more about Step App?

The Step App universe is enormous and it will continue to expand. The business has established an enhanced help center for new users to assist with this.

All the information you need to get started using the app, running, and earning is available in this help center.

With a variety of articles devoted to each aspect of the program, the brand-new help center serves as the hub for the web3 fitness app. Along with discussing the beta release’s news, we’ll also look at this new assistance center and some of its contents. You can discover all the solutions, guides, and details you need in the help center.

Step to it and check out their articles

First, there are 25 articles about playing the game in the Step App area. This covers useful details regarding the basics, footwear, energy, gems, public beta activation codes, downloading the app, and game mechanics. A sizable section on the app’s tokenomics is also there, including information on the game’s fees and taxes.

There are various articles about FITFI tokens, staking pools, staking tokens, treasure boxes, and disappearing FITFI tokens under the FITFI token and staking area. Additional details are provided on exchange token withdrawal and bridge tokens.

The STEP Ex decentralized exchange platform and the native STEP blockchain are covered in the final two sections. What is the Step Ex, SPEX tokens, how to swap funds on Step Ex, defining the Step Protocol, and Step Testnet parameters are all covered in these sections.




What is Step App?

Step App is a wellness app that encourages mobility, to put it simply. The step protocol is the foundation of this project. Rethink fitness. In the first Health Metaverse, powered by augmented reality on the Step blockchain created with Avalanche’s programming, users may earn, socialize, play, and compete.

What platforms will Step App be available on?

It looks that Step Program’s developers intend to release the app for Android and iOS smartphones as well as the web.

Does Step App provide a bonus for signing up early?

The Step app is running an early sign-up campaign that gives users the chance to earn free sneak NFTs. Before its official launch, this is assisting the app in gaining tens of thousands of users.

What is the 60 Days of Growth campaign for Step App?

The 60 Days of Growth Campaign provides consistent, transparent communication and high-quality product delivery all the way up to the app launch date. They are committing to the Step Community by doing that.

Is Step App safe and secure?

The Avalanche blockchain is the foundation for Step App (FITFI). Unlike proof-of-work or proof-of-stake, the Avalanche consensus mechanism does not rely on a single leader to process transactions that are then verified by other participants. Instead, a directed acyclic graph (DAG) protocol is used by all nodes to process and validate transactions. By polling validators randomly, transactions are completed simultaneously and are statistically guaranteed to be accurate. Since there are no blocks in this consensus method, decisions can be made right away, greatly accelerating the speed of the blockchain. This ensures system security and assists in shielding the network from Sybil attacks.

Do people cheat in Step App?

Their anti-cheating program collects data from your phone’s accelerometer and other sensors, records GPS data, and validates its validity.

The ability to receive KCAL and FITFI tokens for a session may be restricted due to rule violations and the usage of GPS-faking software. Additionally, not every recovered chest will be rewarded to the account.

What is the difference between buying a sneaker on the market and buying a shoebox?

Only old sneakers that were likely recently made are available on the market. However, brand-new, spotless sneakers can be found in lootboxes.

Why is Step App so popular?

The fitness sector suffered its biggest blow in a long time at the start of the third decade of the twenty-first century. In addition to affecting the world’s physical health, the pandemic and lockdown also had a negative impact on their mental health. Lack of appropriate companionship, which has led to loneliness, is one important factor contributing to this decline in mental health. Undoubtedly, some of us actually enjoy living alone, but the issue arises when solitude turns into loneliness.

Gyms were places to calm an busy mind; being stuck between four walls has taken that away as well. Our digital and virtual lives kept us connected!

So why not make use of that to tackle all the bad emotions brought on by being stuck indoors?

How does Step app charge fees?

The stealth trades on the in-game platform will be where Step App will charge and make its money.

What cryptocurrencies is Step App working with?

Step App supports the AVAX token because it uses the Avalanche blockchain.

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