Looking for the best Polygon P2E games? We’ve got you covered.

The goal of the technological solution known as Polygon (MATIC) is to make blockchain networks more scalable. Due to its centrality in the Ethereum ecosystem and its role in facilitating communication amongst Ethereum-based initiatives, the platform is frequently referred to as “Ethereum’s internet of blockchains.”

The Polygon platform enhances Ethereum’s interoperability, security, and scalability without sacrificing its adaptability, sovereignty, or scalability. The MATIC token issued by Polygon is an ERC-20 token, making it interchangeable with other cryptocurrencies built on the Ethereum blockchain. Along with controlling and securing the Proof-of-Stake network, the token is also used to pay network transaction fees.

Using the Polygon platform only costs about US $0.01 per transaction, making even high-transaction blockchain games more accessible to the general public.


Here are 21 of the best Polygon games currently available:

1. Sunflower Land

Spot the sunflower! Source: dappradar

Everything you acquire in Sunflower Land can be tracked on the Polygon Blockchain, making it a true “Play-and-Own” cryptocurrency game. In this role-playing farming simulator, you can cultivate the land, harvest crops, mine for resources, and create many useful items.

The developer’s goal is to create a Metaverse that the public actively participates in shaping and designing. The game’s built-in system that gradually reduces available resources mirrors the real-world relationship between supply and demand in the economy.

More than two hundred tokens and NFTs can be used in-game in Sunflower Land, all of which are stored on the Polygon Blockchain to host the Polygon P2E game. However, you cannot simply make an NFT; rather, you must first grow, harvest, cut, mine, fish, and gather all the necessary elements. That is to say, you’re going to have to put in some serious effort.

Build a farm empire right now! Think about what you’d like to do with your life: be an explorer, a master chef, a lumberjack, a fisherman, a miner, or the manager of a barn.

The Sunflower Land team is from the Sydney, Australia studio Thought Farm. Their commitment to openness and collaboration with Open Source programmers around the world is unwavering.

What’s different about Sunflower Land’s Tokenomics?

The creators express their opinion on the condition of the crypto gaming industry, claiming it “is plagued with companies that focus on pre-sales, exclusive mints, staking, and much more without even producing a game.”

This token was not obtained during a pre-mine. They receive their money straight from the player-driven economy’s fees. Their end goal is to create tokenomics that keep consumers interested over the long haul, and they achieve this success when people use their products.

To achieve this, they plan to release the game early, collect player input, and make adjustments as necessary to create the MetaVerse iteratively. Tokenomics architecture is in Phase 1 of their development plan at the moment.

2. Planet IX

I knew there was water on the moon. Source: Planet IX

The strategy game Planet IX is developed by GameFi and uses the NFT platform. The objective of the game, which takes place on a digital replica of the developer’s world, is to return the planet to its original verdant and azure splendor through the acquisition of PIX, the removal of trash in exchange for resources, and the construction of new buildings.

The game’s PlayToEarn features, such as trash collection, contribute to the overall goal of the game, which is to gather and trade as many PIX as possible while restoring the planet. When you have amassed enough PIX through trading or teamwork to create a Territory NFT, you may finally claim full and complete control of your image archive. Tokens of the game’s own ERC-20 utility blockchain, the IX Token (IXT), were released on November 20, 2021, and may be used to purchase PIX.


What is the narrative in Planet IX about?

The game’s narrative and gameplay will be geared toward raising awareness of humanity’s destructive effect on Earth’s ecosystems. The plan for the game’s future includes adding functionality that will allow players to donate or contribute IXT to environmental impact organizations like ESGs.

In addition to Single IXT Staking, Territory NFT Staking, specialized LP mining pools from DEX, and much more to come, players can take part in a variety of DeFi goods from the IX Token ecosystem.

Planet IX launched on the scene in July 2021, and by November 20 of the same year, it had fully implemented its blockchain infrastructure. There is already a large, active, and passionate fanbase for the game, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.


Let’s get Gameeing! Source: Gamee Wiki

The GAMEE mobile platform allows users to play games and earn real money. The platform has over 40 million users and has processed over 5.4 billion gameplays to successfully bring together companies, gamers, and cryptocurrency initiatives.

Their goal is to commend and appreciate your hard work, expertise, and dedication. The developer’s mission is to show regular gamers why blockchain technology is so important.

What is inside the GAMEE platform?

The GAMEE gaming platform consists of: 

  • Arc8 App – mobile gaming platform with virtual prizes. Hubs, which are collectively owned, serve as the organizing principle for the experience. Arc8 provides a gamified platform for partners to distribute token prizes, brand-name games, or sponsor exclusive content to owners of NFT collections.
  • G-Bots Metaverse – NFT tokens representing in-game characters or collectibles. They can be leveled up, bred, and given as gifts in a variety of video games and online environments.
  • Prizes App – Over 80 casual games are included in this ad-supported, free-to-play software for iOS, Android, and the web.

4. Crazy Defense Heroes

Time to burn bridges. Source: Finder.com

Fans of tactical games will like Crazy Defense Heroes. Fight off the bad guys and save your kingdom by leading your army to victory in an ambush.

More than 2 million people have downloaded the mobile strategy tower defense game Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH). This game is the second installment in the Crazy Kings (CK) series.

A new tower defense Polygon P2E game, based on Crazy Defense Heroes, is developed on the Polygon network and will make use of NFTs and TOWER, an ERC-20 token, in a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem.

What is the TOWER token?

As the native utility token for the Crazy Defense Heroes ecosystem, TOWER is the currency of choice for all in-game purchases, upgrades, and other activities. Built on the Ethereum network, its current value as of June 8, 2022, according to CoinMarketCap, is $0.004678.

In three ways, players employ TOWER:


In the Crazy Kings franchise, TOWER can be used to buy NFT properties.


These and other exclusive game modes are only available to those who have purchased a TOWER.


The holders of the TOWER have a say in the management of the Crazy Kings games by putting forth ideas for the games’ future and casting votes on those ideas.


5. Karmaverse Zombie

I’m well-versed in crypto karma. Source: Karmaverse.io

The first game set in the Karmaverse and the first SLG in the world to use a blockchain-based, decentralized system.

In Karmaverse Zombie, players compete for survival and dominance in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and mutants through the use of a blockchain-based NFT social game.

Zombies and mutants have overrun the planet after a virus designed to wipe off civilization has been released. The human survivors have organized into strong groups in safe havens, honed their fighting skills, and are slowly but surely wiping out the zombie menace.

Each player will manage a single safe house, and their collection of Fighters will be symbolized by their own special NFT that can be bought, sold, and used in the game. To fight off the zombie invasion and cooperate with or compete against other players, players must form the most formidable Fight Club in the land by recruiting the most effective Fighters.


6. Pegaxy

My Fly or die game. Source: Pegaxy.io

To earn money, players in Pegaxy’s horse racing game must finish in the top three positions among a field of 15 other competitors. Elemental factors such as wind, water, fire, speed, and more are generated at random and applied to each race. To obtain the platform’s utility token, VIS, users must finish in the top three positions using strategic improvements, food, and skill.

Since its release, Pegaxy has been Polygon’s most popular game, with over $200 million passing through the platform during its first five months.

Pega can be bred, rented, sold, and raced within the game for VIS tokens. In an NFT/Blockchain-based game, this strategy has proven to be a long-term good economic approach, allowing teams to develop vast guilds and scholarship programs and even giving solitary players the ability to earn a second income through daily racing.


7. Aavegotchi

Like Tamagotchi but with money. Source: Aavegotchi

Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity, and Cryptovoxels are just a few examples of the popular blockchain games that use the ERC721 standard upon which Aavegotchis, rare crypto-collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain, are based. Legend has it that Aavegotchis are the reincarnated souls of murdered farmers who died in the Great Yield Depression and are now on a mission to redeem themselves and their families.

Aavegotchi is a pioneer in the blockchain gaming space because it features several new concepts such as collateral stakes of DeFi tokens, dynamic rarity, rarity farming, and game mechanics governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and an open metaverse with smart contract interoperability and in-world town hall-style voting.

Similar to how the original Tamagotchi popularized the concept of digital pets, Aavegotchi did the same for tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with digital value. That makes it one of the most engaging Polygon P2E games.


8. Snook

Don’t let that guy snook up on ya. Source: Snook.gg

Snook is a multiplayer online Polygon P2E game in the vein of Slither IO, in which the goal is to escape being murdered while collecting achievements. Every Snook in this game is a non-fungible token, and all players must have one in order to participate. It has a play-to-earn element, like many other MMOs. In order to progress in the game, players must gain NFTs.

With time and effort, the player can unlock several traits and unique skins as part of the game’s accomplishment system.

Verification of these accomplishments is feasible through the use of blockchain and crypto technology, allowing for safer long-term storage of them. The game’s protagonist can be utilized for advertising and other profit-making purposes. In order to win the game, Snooks must devour orbs and use their destructive powers on their opponents. You can acquire these trophies in the Snook treasury, or you can collect them for use in other games.


9. Ultimate Champions

Does fantasy mean there’s dragons? Source: UltimateChampions

Fantasy football fans will enjoy Ultimate Champions. In fantasy football, you play the role of the team’s manager. Your goal each week is to use your Ultimate Cards to assemble the strongest team possible.

Ultimate Champions adds new dimensions to the genre of traditional fantasy games by including:

  • Players assemble their squads based on their most powerful collector cards.
  • Fantasy football on a global scale, with players from a wide variety of leagues.
  • They use Stats Perform’s huge database of data from each NFL game to assign a point total for each player, with the goal of valuing each position as fairly as possible (formerly known as Opta).

When competing in-game, players sign up a squad of 14 Ultimate Cards (a starting 11 and 3 substitutes) to compete in tournaments that mirror real-world sports schedules and typically last for several days.

As the competitors compete, their actual results are converted into a made-up score.

Users receive incentives if their squads score a certain number of fantasy points. Among these prizes are cryptocurrency tokens and brand-new NFT athlete cards.


10. CPL

You’ve made it to the big leagues, mate. Source: Cplcrypto.com

CPL was developed on the Polygon and BNB chains and is a Polygon P2E trading game based on blockchain technology. In order to participate in the trading game, you will be granted virtual tokens that can be exchanged for real Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and so on.

Winners of each game will be given genuine tokens as a reward for making the most money. That’s why it’s the perfect place to test the viability of any trading techniques you may have for cryptocurrencies if you’re already trading or considering trading. Excellent benefits await you as you discover, adapt, and succeed.

How to play CPL?

  1. Jump into the action – the designers made a platform that newbies and pros alike may utilize with ease. Various games are available each day and each week. Dispersed system; no registration is necessary. Simply use one click to gain access.
  2. The game starts with each player having one million dollars in virtual currency. As a trader, your objective is to maximize your profits by buying and selling cryptocurrency. Profit made throughout the tournament will be used to rank users.
  3. Get Paid and Rise in the Rankings! Users’ rankings will be based on their earnings during gameplay. Real tokens are awarded to the top users (BNB, BUSD etc.). They have weekly prize giveaways of $1,000. Come on in to have fun, pick up some skills, and make some money.


11. My Crypto Heroes

Just flagging this game up for you. Source: MyCryptoHeroes

The Multiplayer role-playing game My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is based on the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains. Participate in player vs. player fights and level up your historical heroes through questing to become the masters of the MCH universe. Accordingly, all of your in-game heroes and loot are stored safely on the Blockchain as ERC 721 tokens, increasing in value as you level up so that it will become one of the most enticing Polygon P2E games to come back to.

In the realm of NFTs, they distinguish between three varieties:

  • Hero – The legendary leader, essential for using these NFTs in any game.
  • Extension – The Hero’s weapon, if you will, is an extension. Each hero has room for two extensions, each of which will increase their strength.
  • Land – with Land comes the inherent ability to split profits with other landowners. When citizens of the same Land pay ETH to obtain GUM, you will receive an amount of ETH proportional to your part in the Land’s total ETH supply.

What does the gameplay involve?

Altogether, the meat of it is as follows:

Quest — Follow your NFT heroes there and loot the chest. If you do, you could see an NFT file named “Extension” in your downloads.

Colosseum – Fight the other player whenever you like to increase your rate. The higher you place, the greater the number of chests you will receive.

Cryptid Wars – You and your teammate must fight for control of your home territory in order to win the fork. The amount of MCHC you receive depends on the outcome of this content as well as the amount of Cp you have ingested.

The Duel Cup – Players must compete against one another over the course of three days as a general. In this context, the greater your rating, the rarer the Extension you can obtain.


12. Playbite

Earn. Compete. Repeat. Source: App Store

Enjoy some quick and easy fun with Playbite’s in-house developed mini Polygon P2E games! Or have a contest to determine who’s the best!

The games reward you with tickets proportional to the amount of time you spend playing. You can increase your earnings by playing more and better.

Make a purchase with your tickets at their Shop. They sell everything from technological gadgets to fidget toys to gift cards to memorabilia that can be played with. Buy rare playable collectibles with your tickets. Your collection is made up of one-of-a-kind items. To play the game and level up in style, equip them to your character.


13. The Sandbox

Many ways to interact with the Sandbox. Source: Medium

The Sandbox is a digital playground on the Ethereum blockchain where users may create, own, and sell their own digital games.

Surprisingly, The Sandbox has produced two hugely successful mobile games, The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution (2016), which have been downloaded a total of 40 million times across iOS and Android. Pixowl, a developer and publisher, opted in 2018 to port its popular User Generated Content game intellectual property (IP) and sizable mobile community of content creators to the blockchain environment. The objective is to challenge established game producers like Minecraft and Roblox by giving creators full control over their work in the form of non-transferable tokens (NFTs) and rewarding them for their contributions to the ecosystem.

Finally, to facilitate UGC creation from start to finish, the Sandbox blockchain gaming platform offers a trifecta of interconnected tools. Especially because of the integrated products’ support for blockchain and smart contracts, users can now safely transfer ownership of their user-generated content.


14. Bomb Crypto 2

What mode will you choose? Source: BombCrypto2

For anyone interested in bringing their NFT treasures from the Bomb game to the blockchain, BombCrypto 2, the Polygon P2E game, is powered by the BOMB cryptocurrency. The items players collect, battle, and trade in this game can be worth real cash.

BombCrypto 2 is a Play-to-Earn game in which users command a squad of cyborg “bomb heroes” to hunt for BOMB and defeat monsters. There are a wide variety of bomber heroes, each with their own set of statistics. If you’re lucky, you can buy and sell bomb heroes with high statistics, boosting your team’s overall performance and giving you an advantage in battle.


15. Crypto Unicorns

Uni-eed this game. Source: CryptoUnicorns

The Crypto Unicorns game on the Polygon blockchain is one of the most talked-about ways to earn cryptocurrency through passive gameplay. Crypto Unicorns is the creation of Laguna Games and boasts a charming aesthetic and a play-to-earn structure. OpenSea on the Polygon blockchain has been dominated by the game’s in-game NFTs for the past day since the formal launch of the game on May 2.

To date, Crypto Unicorns has enabled the creation and cultivation of digital pets. Games like Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG will be added later in 2022.

In order to begin playing, players will need to visit OpenSea and purchase a piece of Land as well as a Unicorn. When a Unicorn is placed on the Land, it is available to the players. Therefore, these two NFTs are mandatory equipment before you can begin.

Crafting and farming are at the heart of the game, and the Land NFTs are the primary currency for both. Each Land consists of four main parts that work together to accomplish certain goals:

  • Farm Slots = the locations where players can cultivate Class Berries for later use in various types of crafting.
  • Work = Unicorns use their powers in the workshop to create and shape various materials. The player must stake the Unicorn at the Workshop in order to produce Materials.
  • Nurseries = A player’s Unicorns can be raised and developed in the Nursery. The birthplace of newborn unicorns is also here.


16. REVV Racing

Vroom vroom to the moon. Source: Medium

Animoca Brands’ REVV Racing is a blockchain-based arcade racing simulator. In the racing game universe known as REVV Motorsport, this is the newest play-to-earn title.

The goal of creating REVV Racing was to create a blockchain-based game that looked and felt like a classic racing game.

REVV Racing is a Polygon P2E racing game in which the cars are NFTs, but the game’s interface and controls are identical to those of popular 3D console and PC racing games.

The main aspects of the game include:

  • This is the first arcade racing simulation game using blockchain tech
  • 3D racing game featuring first- and third-person perspectives. More cameras and viewpoints are on the way.
  • Complete, real-time command of your race car
  • You can use your keyboard and mouse, or a game controller, to participate
  • All the stuff you acquire in the game is yours because it’s an NFT


17. Brave Frontier Heroes

Who will you choose? Source: Brave Frontier Heroes

BFH is a combination of two of the most popular mobile games: BRAVE FRONTIER and My Crypto Heroes, the most popular blockchain game. It takes the tried-and-true mechanics of BRAVE FRONTIER and blends them with the tried-and-true economy of My Crypto Heroes.

The new feature is that in BRAVE FRONTIER, your characters (Units) and weapons (Spheres) will exist as digital assets safeguarded by blockchain technology, which you will own if you play the game. This opens the doors to trading and selling such items, as well as using them in other games.

The designers are making a place where your time and interests may be valuable commodities.

Form groups with your characters and equip them for tasks or battles against other players in the game’s PVP mode.

If you want to win, your party edit strategy is going to be crucial, so remember to take into account the specific abilities of each character and piece of equipment.

Acquire gear from quests and level up your characters to become the most powerful Summoner in all of Cryptos!

You can swap Spheres for other players’ equipment and Units for other players’ characters. The developers plan to implement a guild system and a raid mode in the future.


18. Decentral Games

Bring your Poker Face. Source: ULTCUBE88

This Polygon P2E game is a bit different than the rest. By providing players with aligned incentives, self-custody, and delegation of yield-bearing metaverse assets, Decentral Games creates free, play-to-earn games in the metaverse that grant participants economic independence. Now online, ICE Poker is Decentral Games’ play-to-earn metaverse poker game that contributes to the DG Treasury through NFT mints, secondary sale royalties, activations, and upgrades.

Value in the ICE Poker ecosystem is managed by the Decentralized Games treasury, and this treasury is governed by the DG governance token. Staked DG (xDG) divides up votes for DG Treasury allocation and economic policy in an effort to expand and improve the DG ecosystem. In the DG ecosystem, ICE is used as an incentive for players to be liquid in the metaverse poker market, and it is also the name of the free-to-play play-to-earn token used in the game.

All players must acquire, either directly or by delegation, at least one unique ICE NFT Wearable in order to take part. The Chips used in ICE Poker are unique to each ICE NFT and are distributed to the players at the start of the tournament.



19. The Dustland

Track, trace, and race in 2272. Source: App Store

It’s 2272 and the Earth was burnt by a massive solar flare, and cities all around were wiped out, leaving only ruins and dispersed survivors.

The Dustlands are all that are left, a disorganized hodgepodge of pirates, abandoned cities, and seven small towns.

Making it through a post-apocalyptic future when supplies are low but opportunity is high. In your search for food, shelter, and information about the Dustland’s other survivors, you’ll need to move quickly. Your goal is to reach the end of the Dustlands as quickly as possible.

  • Get in shape and reap the benefits in the long run. Generally speaking, the more missions you complete, the better prizes you will receive.
  • Earn your payoff based on how far you travel, not how well you perform. DOSE tokens and unique NFTs are among the enticing rewards.
  • Upgrade and invest gathered materials and equipment into one’s persona. If you level up, you can take on more challenging missions with better payoffs.


20. Cyber Arena

Love them neon nights in the desert. Source: CyberArena

One of our final Polygon P2E games is the PvP Battle Card Game Cyber Arena. It takes design cues from Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering but adds its own twists to the genre. AnRKey X personalities serve as the basis for players’ decks of trading cards (NFTs) as they do combat against one another.

Every title in the AnRKey X ecosystem shares a common narrative and gameplay elements. You can help your squad in Battle Wave 2323 by competing in the Cyber Arena, where you’ll face off against other players in a series of one-on-one duels.

Gain experience and a spot in the daily and weekly leaderboards. When you dominate your opponent one-on-one, you gain rewards; if you dominate the bigger daily and weekly leaderboards, you’ll gain even more rewards. As of Battle Wave 2323, the top players on the leaderboard will receive an additional strength increase!

21. Chain Games

40,000 players can’t be wrong. Source: Chain Games

Chain Games is a step forward for blockchain gaming on Web 3.0 thanks to its innovative use of smart contracts to facilitate betting and cutting-edge design.

Furthermore, with ChainGames, creators will be able to make games that their players want to play while also profiting from in-game betting.

Developers can keep working on their games and adding new features thanks to the money they make from the “bets” players make without having to obtain a second job or try to crowdfund everything themselves.

Equally, the beautiful thing about this decentralized platform is that creators can incorporate their games without giving up control, equally while taking advantage of the established community and development tools given by ChainGames.

What next?

That’s a wrap on our top Polygon P2E Games. Don’t worry – we’ve got 21 BNB games for you to sink your teeth into. 

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