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unity games

Unity Technologies, a leader in developing a gaming engine that renders 3D worlds in real-time, has teamed up with Gala Games to help build a metaverse project involving Sim City creator Will Wright.

The deal is worth $20 million, which is arguably about half the amount of equity in the company that Unity will receive. This deal marks the first time that a major gaming company has entered into a partnership with a blockchain-based game developer.

Unity Technologies is the maker of the engine behind Pokémon Go, Monument Valley, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many other platforms. In fact, it’s the world’s most widely used game engine and graphics toolkit for creating 2D, 3D, VR and AR games. It will now be expected to make it easier for developers to create cross-platform games and applications across multiple platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, consoles, and virtual reality headsets.

Gala Games is an independent game developer that has built popular games for both mobile platforms and gaming consoles.

P2E Opportunity

The VOXverse metaverse project will allow users to play games that earn them cryptocurrency rewards instead of just points or other virtual goods. The goal is to create an immersive world where players can travel among planets, explore new cultures and interact with each other in real-time through avatars.

The partnership is part of a larger effort to create a community of gamers who can earn rewards by playing NFT or blockchain-based games made with Unity. The new metaverse will allow players to connect and communicate with one another in virtual spaces where they can play games together or explore each other’s worlds.

“Our team is adept at collaborating with partners to identify their key challenges and help them craft elegant, effective solutions that span AR, VR, robotics and mixed reality environments,” said Ryan Peterson, VP of accelerate solutions at Unity in a press statement.

Gala Games is best known for its popular games like the brand-new GRIT and Battlestar Galactica, with over 5 million players worldwide. The game maker has been established already and is still going strong today due to its innovative gameplay and graphics systems. The company has also developed a number of other platforms based on web browser games.

The Future of NFT Gaming

According to industry reports, the gaming industry is set to grow to $300 billion by 2027. In 2021, the number of games under Unity went as high as 93%, and the number of new creators increased by 31%. Furthermore, players are spending more on games than ever before. The pandemic spike raised gaming revenue by 30% for games operated with Unity, and that bump is expected to stay as more NFT games are created.

The collaboration is all about making games better for players, and it’s exciting for anyone who loves games. The hope is that by creating a metaverse where players can earn tokens based on their actions in-game, it will make gaming more accessible to everyone.

Currently, there are no details on how exactly this will work with VOCverse, but what comes out of these two powerhouse companies’ collaboration is a great step to the growth of the NFT gaming industry.

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