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Since the start of 2021, the intersection of blockchain technology and games have exploded. And rightfully so. From Play-to-Earn to the Move-to-Earn movement, crypto games have changed the concept of e-sports. VCs and corporate entities have all poured in billions and billions of dollars to advance this new era of the Internet. Solana blockchain is one of the forefront runners leading the innovation of this technology. This article will cover all the upcoming Solana games that are to be released in the remainder of 2022. 

So without further ado, let’s begin diving straight into what we consider to be ‘Solana Hits’. 

Solana is creating a flourishing gaming ecosystem where smart contract interaction costs less than a cent. That is perhaps their main unique value proposition and the reason why it gained so much popularity. To give comparative context, the price of interaction on Ethereum, a direct competitor to Solana, can reach as high as $50 during busy periods. For any gaming ecosystem, that consists of thousands of interactions, this certainly is not a cost-effective method and cannot be sustained in the future. So enter the world of Solana and get yourself familiar with the upcoming projects. 

#1- Plutonian 

The first on the list is a Solana-based MMORPG VR open metaverse game named Plutonian. A space shooter and strategy game is a flagship of U.A. Fabrica Game Studios. What makes this project stand out is the combination of blockchain technology and VR. The creators of Plutonian have stated that Unreal Engine 5 is used for in-game visuals, which means we can expect cinematic graphics in the gameplay. Plutonian already has its two tokens launched in April of 2022, which are PLD and RPC tokens.

If you are familiar with one of the most promising projects of Solana, Star Atlas, Plutonian might not appear to be a stranger. Similar to Star Atlas, players of Plutonian need to acquire a spaceship to get started with the game. In order to move the spaceship, you have to burn the in-game fuel token PU238. Similar to a real-world spaceship, the bigger the ship the more fuel tokens it will burn in order to fly. Whereas, in return, bigger ships will allow players to carry a bigger load around. Currently, Plutonian has already released a VR demo of the final project and we can vouch – it appears to be extremely exciting! 

#2 – Arenum

The next on our list is Arenum. Another exciting Solana-based project which targets not one but three different gaming audiences. These include Gamers, Game developers as well as private investors (of cryptocurrencies). Arenum offers both DeFi and e-sports functionalities on its platform. According to the creators, Q3 of 2022 is scheduled for an official beta release where you would be able to enjoy a first-hand glimpse of this exciting project. The project is set to be released on both mobile and desktop versions. What makes this project truly exciting and different is that the Arenum game already exists. The creators are planning to gradually move the game structure towards blockchain technology and establish themselves as leaders in the crypto landscape. 

Solana NFTs

 #3 – NOVA Finance (NOVA)

Our next pick for the most exciting upcoming projects on Solana would undoubtedly be NOVA Finance. Described as a Decentralized Financing (DeFi) application, the game is targeted more toward crypto investors. The aim is to improve investors’ experiences through its use of programmable assets. The creators of NOVA Finance want to optimize investors’ time and return on investment by bringing in automation tools to DeFi. More so, players of NOVA can also earn a yield on all the investments done within the platform. 

They are known to pioneer customized assets (mAssets) which are composable, meaning that they can be accepted and interchanged among protocols. In addition to having full control and autonomy over their portfolios, investors can also move between protocols without any friction or interference. This gives investors the ability to enter and exit trades without having the concern of potential penalties. 

#4 – Solice 

Solice will launch as the first cross-platform VR application built on the Solana blockchain. Players of Solice will be able to explore, trade and participate in the game ecosystem. This project contains elements of gaming, socializing as well crypto trading to attract a diverse pool of blockchain enthusiasts. By introducing VR to their application, the creators aim to attract users by creating an immersive experience. 

Players will be able to buy lands, create avatars, purchase pets, meet other players and go on quests. What makes Solice stand out is its community-driven approach. The aim of Solice is to take its players far from this world and its realities, which in return creates a deep sense of adventure and adrenaline rush. We recommend keeping an eye out on this as the project and its VR capabilities appear quite promising. 

#5 – Pac-Man Frog (PAC) 

The final selection on our list is Pac-Man Frog (PAC). This game utilizes gamification to make finance and investments easier to grasp. PAC wants to incubate, mentor and provide the necessary resources for crypto game builders to succeed. Simultaneously, it will offer crypto investors a front-row seat to upcoming projects that are likely to be a success. In addition, PAC will provide a marketplace to its users so they can buy, sell and trade GameFi NFTs. 

PAC aims to create a big impact in the NFT world. It will act as a launching pad for NFT starter projects looking to attract early investors while providing lucrative opportunities to those looking to invest. More so, their mentorship program will ensure the probability of success of these starter projects can be as high as possible. With a truly unique perspective on blockchain technology, we believe PAC will be a force that maximizes value for everyone involved in this ecosystem. 

So, this was the list for all the upcoming Solana games that are worth being excited about! We hope this list will provide you with the information you needed to experience all the upcoming Solana games.

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