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The Official Decentraland Twitter account sent out a reminder today that Decentraland’s UPS store is open for users to visit.

Exclusive content, hints, and suggestions will be made available to small business owners through “The Helping You Be Unstoppable Store” to aid them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The UPS Store launched store, a virtual hub for everything small business, in collaboration with Inc. and Fast Company because UPS has established itself as a reliable resource for these companies.

Additionally, by working with respected publications for business development like Inc. and Fast Company, they open new avenues for SMBs to access the tools they need to develop — whether in the physical world or the virtual one.

What is the UPS Virtual Store Like in Decentraland?

Decentraland environment
Decentraland is a digital social environment powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Source: CryptoPotato

Many businesses view the metaverse as a crucial fourth-dimension touchpoint that complements in-person interactions, phone calls, and online support. UPS is no exception, but at this time it does not provide one-on-one communication. That would entail having UPS employees on duty round-the-clock even when metaverse stores aren’t yet experiencing heavy traffic.

Rather, it is emphasising one of the metaverse’s major benefits: for events, such as Ezel.Life’s Day of the Dead parade. On a variety of subjects, including obtaining funding, managing cash flow, and utilizing cutting-edge technology, it will host talks by renowned small business experts.

The three-story virtual structure housing The Helping You Be Unstoppable Store includes:

  • a collection of on-demand articles from Fast Company and Inc. that are geared toward supporting startups and business owners.
  • Insights from thought leaders and small business experts like Damon Brown, an author, and Melinda Emerson, the “SmallBizLady” and founder of SmallBusinessEdge, among others.
  • Interactive learning modules covering subjects such as sales, marketing, and time management. A badge that can be used in the virtual world will be awarded to individuals who successfully complete these modules.

Why did they create a UPS Store in Decentraland?

3 Reasons To Buy Land in Decentraland And 3 Reasons Not Too
There are lots of great reasons to buy land in Decentraland. Image source: Decentraland

Michelle Van Slyke, the Senior President of Marketing and Sales for The UPS Store, Inc, said in a statement on the official UPS website:

“Because small businesses are always evolving, we’ve built a place in the metaverse that will enable small business owners to thrive and be unstoppable. We’ve created a virtual ‘business school’ jam-packed with resources and small business knowledge from three of the best experts – The UPS Store, Fast Company and Inc.”

Has UPS been in the Metaverse before?

UPS was chosen earlier this year to serve as the official shipping partner for ComplexLand, a virtual event that highlights small businesses run by people of color. All customers who made purchases at Complex-operated stores or in the UPS village received goods from them. 

ups store decentraland
UPS’ previous foray into the metaverse was more complex. Source: UPS

In UPS Village on ComplexLand, a fully immersive virtual shopping experience, UPS will highlight four diverse small businesses. The four companies that will receive grants from UPS totaling $10,000 each are:

  • Compton Cowboys: A group dedicated to educating local youth about the rich history of Black cowboy culture.
  • A distinctive men’s clothing line, Brownstone.
  • Cölle – a company that transforms candles into interesting objects.
  • Circulate – a clothing line that draws inspiration from Black culture both past and present.

What other Companies Have Property in Decentraland?

ups store decentraland
Decentraland Property – Image source:

Decentraland, a virtual 3D environment where you can trade collectibles, play games, and socialise, serves as the venue for the experience. Numerous businesses, including Atari and Samsung, and Dappcraft have already acquired virtual real estate in Decentraland.

Atari in Decentraland

The land parcels that Atari has leased for an initial two-year term inside the Vegas City neighborhood of the virtual world and metaverse platform Decentraland are the foundation of the company’s ambitions for the digital world. 

Atari intends to establish and launch a virtual casino with Atari-themed games in Vegas City as an anchor tenant, according to Yahoo! Finance. Players can look around the branded casino inside and hunt for the wearables that are only available at the casino.

The project will make use of the so-called “Layer 2” solution from Polygon to combat high gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. 

atari launches sunnydale a huge playable experience in the sandbox 1000x700 1
Atari was in the metaverse in The Sandbox. Source: Play to Earn

Atari is essentially experimenting with the new digital landscape to determine how their portfolio of recognisable Atari properties might be transformed into a variety of social and financial metaverse opportunities.

The fact that the game publisher has been in business for fifty years allows them to draw a smallholder crowd to the blockchain and the metaverse. The company benefits from having a reputable heritage brand. 

Samsung in Decentraland

In February 2022, Samsung hosted a launch party for its brand-new Galaxy smartphones in the Decentraland metaverse. But many attendees had trouble getting in due to technical issues.

Samsung galaxy NFTs
Samsung. Image Source:

The event specifically took place in Samsung 837X, a virtual structure constructed by Samsung on Decentraland. It is intended to be an exact replica of its flagship experience center in New York. Samsung 837X is always present, but there just so happened to be a function taking place in the structure’s “Connectivity Theatre.”

However, CNBC and numerous other people had trouble locating the 837X building. And when we did, many of us were unable to enter it.

Unilever in Decentraland

Unilever, a manufacturer of consumer goods, is embracing web3 and the metaverse. Numerous well-known brands are owned by Unilever, including Magnum, Vaseline, Dove, Hellmann’s Mayo, and 400 others

decentraland news
So many companies are already in the metaverse. Source: Decentraland

A cross-functional Web3 collective covering marketing, finance, legal, media, procurement, and licensing has been established by the company. According to Ledger Insights, Unilever is eager to embrace these brand-new virtual worlds, on one hand. However, it also seeks to lessen the dangers and worries associated with web3 and the metaverse.

In the Decentraland metaverse, at least three of Unilever’s brands have established a presence. The Magnum Pleasure Museum, a gallery opened by Magnum Ice Cream, will display original works created through collaborations with various artists.

Through its current partnership with Deliveroo, it also wanted to demonstrate how one might order food in the metaverse. This is simulating the future vending machine. 

Decentraland Map
Countless areas to explore. Source: Decentraland

For those who can recall, like the veteran staff at Play to Earn Diary, marriage proposals and even weddings took place frequently in the early years of virtual worlds like Second Life. Relationships are the foundation of the toothpaste brand CloseUp by Unilever.

Therefore, CloseUp developed a version for 2022. This allows users to print an NFT marriage license at the Closeup City Hall of Love in Decentraland.

Rexona, also known as Sure or Degree in some markets, is a deodorant brand that operates in Decentraland. For Decentraland avatars, it introduced adaptive wearables like wheelchairs and running blades to make sure people with disabilities are represented.

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