Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, is set to attend Step App’s first conference. This is probably some of the most exciting news in the move-to-earn gaming world, merging the metaverse with the real world. Let’s see what else we can learn about this news and the conference itself. Let’s go! 

What is Step App? 

Step App is the upcoming move-to-earn app for release in December 2022. The app aims to allow users to explore a world of health and wealth, creating an amazing community. So far, there have been over 10 million users referrals! Step App claims to be the future of fitness, with cutting-edge AR and metaverse features to pay users to walk and run. 

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Step App Tokyo Conference 2022

The first Step App conference is in Tokyo on December 1st of this year. The Step App conference aims to speak about the app’s goal to build a bridge between the metaverse and the real world, using fitness and health as the common denominator. The event plans to legitimize and solidify these aims and the app and its ecosystem to a wide audience. The first Step App conference focus on the launch of the new app, being a kick-start to a healthier, wealthier community of Steppers. 

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The exciting move-to-earn platform has its official conference, only announcing the location just last week. The event is being held at RAISE, a new and exclusive venue in Ginza, in the heart of Tokyo. In the first half of the conference, panels, keynote speakers, and ambassadors plan to discuss a variety of topics. Step App intends to talk about it from Web3, the metaverse, crypto, and NFTs. Not only this, but there are plans to talk about the direct links between health, fitness, and Web3 and how these industries can work together to create something truly beneficial, such as Step App, the Avalanche-built app. 

After this exciting event, it’s time for Steppers to get their steps in. The state-of-the-art venue RAISE will turn into a live venue with various artists. The DJ performances and entertainment aim to keep Steppers entertained until the after-party! 

The 740-square-meter club has a capacity of 800 people. With speakers, amazing designs, and a futuristic flair, Steppers are bound to enjoy this amazing event! 

What to Expect at The Step App Conference

For those who are lucky enough to attend the official Step App conference, there are various things you can expect to see and hear. Firstly, the app is bringing major fitness and crypto speakers to the stand to talk about fitness and, obviously, cryptocurrency. Because the event is still some time away, the only confirmed guest is Usain Bolt for this. However, there are plans to add many more speakers to the exciting event. 

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Also, attendees can expect live entertainment and DJs, bringing a Step App community together. Steppers can also expect to find official and exclusive event merch, get involved with meet and greets, and form connections with the Step App team and Step app community. The meet and greets enable Steppers to meet their metaverse idols and real world idols such as Usain Bolt. It’s expected that CEOs, celebrities involved in the metaverse, and heads of brands will be involved with the meets and greets. And, to top all of this off, there’s going to be an epic after-party after the conference. It’s not yet known what will occur at this party, but we’re thinking music, drinks, community, and fun! After all, what happens at a Step App conference, stays at a Step App conference! 

Usain Bolt Set to Attend First Step App Conference

Usain Bolt is attending the official Step App conference in Tokyo this year. The fastest man in the world will join in with the conference panels. Bolt plans to speak about his fitness journey, and what it takes to become a running champion. For attendees at the official Step App conference, they will have the chance to hear from a real life champion, and find out what it takes to become an amazing athlete. 

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Of course, Usain Bolt also passionately believes in the mission of Step App, and many athletes are getting involved with move-to-earn apps. Stepn, the wildly popular move-to-earn app, frequently involves Olympic athletes such as Tatsiana Mikhailava. So, as an athlete, he is known to believe in the idea of the metaverse, and bringing fitness and financial liberation to everyone and anyone. 

However, this exciting news does not just stop there. At the conference, global athlete Usain Bolt also plans to perform a live DJ set at the conference after-party. The DJ set aims to celebrate the launch of Step App on the same day as the conference. What’s more, is that some lucky Steppers may be lucky enough to meet and greet Usain Bolt in a dedicated meet and greet event. 

So, if you’ve ever wanted to get as close as you can to Olympic greatness, there’s an amazing opportunity here. Tickets for the official conference events go on sale in the next coming weeks, and we can’t wait to see what people think! 

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