You can hang out with artists backstage and go to your favorite music festival every year. That’s exactly what VINCI’s upcoming NFT release for the AiaSound Festival will offer.

As the second AiaSound Festival gets ready to start in Copenhagen, Chance the Rapper and Steve Aoki are on the list of performers. The around crew is giving away a unique NFT. That ensures its first fans will always be there, year after year.

What is AiaSound Festival?

AiaSound is a three-day music festival. Copenhagen’s well-known music and food scenes join forces with international artists to create a bumping urban environment.

From August 11–13, more than 20,000 music fans will attend the festival. Visit the famous concert venue in Tiren, a green park by the water in Copenhagen.

This year’s lineup features a lot of popular music styles. Hip-hop will be flavored by big names like Tyga and Chance the Rapper.

At the same time, artists Becky Hill, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki will play the electronic sounds of EDM, house, and trance through Aia’s huge sound systems.

Locals will also be happy to see Danish stars like Clara, Tobias Rahim, Hans Philip, and others on the program.

Suppose you are one of the few people who can get the AiaSound NFT. In August, you might be able to meet some of these artists (more on that later).

There are several great music festivals in Scandinavia. But what makes AiaSound stand out is that its DNA is forward-looking.

Through NFTs, the festival is one of the first to offer annual passes to fans. And is openly pushing to be Scandinavia’s most sustainable festival.

At the festival site, for example, fans can trade their trash for digital points they can use at the bars to get drinks in cups that they can wash and reuse.

The festival also puts out its report on CO2 emissions. That includes a detailed report of what they did to make the event as friendly to the environment as possible, which is something you don’t see at many festivals.

The AiaSound NFT collection

What should you do if you run into someone who says that NFTs are useless and overpriced jpegs, which is likely? Show them the AiaSound NFT collection, and that’s all you have to do.

This collection pushes the limits of how useful something can be. Year after year, they give music lovers real-life experiences like dreams. Ok, let’s get to it. What do people who buy the AiaSound NFT get?

The AiaSound NFT collection has three levels. The EXPERIENCE Pass, the ULTIMATE Pass, and the HIDDEN Pass for AiaSound.

Each of the three AiaSound NFT passes a sleek. There are 3D animation cards that spin based on a colorful picture of the festival. The design of the 3D card will depend on which Pass you mint.

By getting any of these three passes, you’ll be able to go to all future AiaSound events for a whole year. Along with guestlist access, fast-track tickets, AiaSound merchandise, exclusive audio-visual content, and AiaSound Discord access, these NFTs have a tonne of real-world use.

Most of the differences between NFTs come from the price and the number of benefits you can get with each one. The AiaSound EXPERIENCE Pass and the HIDDEN EXPERIENCE Pass get you into AiaSound events once a year. For AiaSound Festival 2022, only the HIDDEN EXPERIENCE Pass lets you meet and talk to artists. Let’s talk about the different NFTs that are available here.

The AiaSound EXPERIENCE Pass

The AiaSound EXPERIENCE costs $1,000 and gives its owner access to all future AiaSound Festival events, year after year. There is 70 AiaSound EXPERIENCE Passes available in total.

Here’s a rundown of what the AiaSound General EXPERIENCE Pass has to offer:

Pass holder benefits

  • A pass lets the holder get tickets to all upcoming AiaSound events and gives them special extra benefits that are only available through the “AiaSound experience.”
  • Exclusive audio and video content from AiaSound.
  • Direct communication with AiaSound through Discord.

AiaSound 2022 Benefits

  • AiaSound 2022 Guestlist +1 access
  • Guaranteed chance to buy two fast-track tickets at a 10% discount for two more people to attend AiaSound 2022
  • Messy Weekend Sunglasses
  • One piece of the AiaSound x ACT collection of merchandise
  • Ticket for DRIVR rides to and from the festival
  • AiaSound 2022 has content that can be unlocked, such as videos and photos from the events.

The AiaSound ULTIMATE NFT Pass

In addition to full access, the AiaSound ULTIMATE Pass gives you access to after-parties, guestlist passes for friends, and the chance to be upgraded to the AiaSound HIDDEN EXPERIENCE when you pick up your ticket. The ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE Pass costs $3,000, and only 15 ULTIMATE Passes are available for minting.

The ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE package includes the following:

Pass holder benefits:

  • An AiaSound Pass lets the holder get tickets to all of AiaSound’s upcoming events and other benefits that are only available to those with the “Ultimate” experience tier.
  • Exclusive AiaSound audio-visual content Discord Access to AiaSound so you can talk to them directly.

AiaSound 2022 Benefits:

  • Guestlist +3 entry to AiaSound 2022 with VIP area access
  • Guaranteed chance to buy up to five fast-track tickets to AiaSound 2022 at a discount of 25%
  • Messy Weekend Sunglasses
  • One piece of merchandise from the AiaSound x ACT collection
  • Ticket for DRIVR rides to and from the festival
  • AiaSound 2022 content that can be unlocked
  • Four tickets to the Museo after-party
  • Chance to get an upgrade to the “Hidden Experience” package for AiaSound 2022 when you pick up your ticket.
  • The community will be able to give feedback on future lineups.
  • Discord access with special event information


Last but not least, the HIDDEN EXPERIENCE NFT Pass is the holy grail of the AiaSound NFT collection. This bad boy costs $6,000, and only two are available for AiaSound fans to buy. Even though the price is higher, the value is much higher. In addition to a year’s worth of access, merchandise, and transportation, HIDDEN EXPERIENCE holders will have the chance to meet the artists at AiaSound 2022, get full concierge service, and have three guestlist passes to bring friends.

Let’s look at all the good things that come with the best package:

Pass holder benefits

  • The holder of an AiaSound Pass can get tickets to all of AiaSound’s upcoming events, and the “Hidden Experience” tier comes with special extra benefits.
  • Exclusive audio and video content from AiaSound
  • Discord is a way to talk to AiaSound directly.

AiaSound 2022 Benefits

  • Guestlist +3 entry to AiaSound2022 with VIP area access
  • You are guaranteed to be able to buy up to ten fast-track tickets to AiaSound2022 at a 50% discount.
  • Messy Weekend Sunglasses
  • Ticket for DRIVR rides to and from the festival
  • AiaSound 2022 content that can be unlocked
  • Four tickets to the Museo after-party
  • Full concierge service
  • 1: Only NFT holders can get access to the media and press.
  • One guided tour of the backstage area, but only for NFT holders
  • 1x Artist meet-and-greet, but only for NFT holders
  • During AiaSound 2022, four people can go to Museo for free.
  • 1 x The whole line of AiaSound x ACT merchandise
  • How the community feels about future lineups
  • Discord access with special event information

The Bottom Line

VINCI is proud to be releasing a collection that pushes the limits of what it means for NFTs to have real-world uses. And to show what this technology is capable of.

In their eyes, the AiaSound NFT collection is as close as you can get to a gift that keeps on giving. So keep an eye out for this drop because it will be gone instantly.

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