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Virtual Human Studio (VHS) has announced it is developing the ‘Human Park- Season Zero’, an immersive gaming metaverse that will be focusing on a unique digital identity.

VHS says the metaverse will offer an exciting multiplayer experience as it looks to establish a strong foothold in P2E blockchain gaming.

Virtual Human Studio is also the creator of ZED RUN, a massively popular digital horse racing game with a massive fan base.

The Human Park – Season Zero: Features and Details

VHS has confirmed that it will partner with Spectre Studios on this project. Spectre is a renowned metaverse development house that has created some of the best 3D virtual worlds in the market.

Human Park will also be powered by the Unreal Engine. This offers a smooth and efficient experience for all gamers. Also, VHS Labs has maintained that the project will be fully interoperable.

There is also a plan to integrate unique NFT wearables into custom NFT-backed avatars as well. In essence, Human Park will strive to give fans the tools they need to create a unique and exciting digital identity.

This identity can also be imported and used in other metaverses. Additionally. VHS Labs intends to make the metaverse free to play. However, users will need to have certain NFTs to access exclusive gaming modes.

Community Driven Gaming Experience

There is also a plan by VHS Labs to give its community members more power on how the Human Park Season Zero metaverse will work. In fact, the goal is to use Human Park as a launchpad for community-driven games and metaverse experiences.

VHS wants folks to truly own Human Park and be the key creative drivers behind its growth. To make this project completely community-centered, VHS airdropped the first genesis NFTs free of charge.

This removes the barriers to participation. It allows passionate community members to actively get involved in the development of Human Park.

Human-Like NFT Avatars in The Game

Also, Human Park is offering human-like avatars with very unique attributes. But unlike other metaverses where such avatars already feature their own backstory and identity, Human Park gives you the power to decide all these.

Players can develop the backstory for their avatars, and add additional features that they see fit. They truly own these NFTs as an extension of who they are in the real world.

VHS is confident that this concept could revolutionize web3 in the future. In fact, the lab sees Human Park as a world of its own where human interactions are as natural as possible.

More details about the project will continue to come out through VHS’s social channels. The developer will also host a special launch party for ‘Human Park – Season Zero’ on June 22nd.


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