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Walken, a Move-to-earn (M2E) mobile app game on the Solana chain, has launched its Wheel of Fortune and Ranking system.

Players can test their luck and win prizes to support their Walken journey. What does this mean for players, and what prizes are up for grabs?

What Is Walken?

Move to earn and create a healthy lifestyle on the Walken app. Image Credit: U.Today.

Walken is an NFT move-to-earn game, similar to StepN, that connects a healthy lifestyle, gaming and crypto. The app focuses on the natural human need to walk and be physically active whilst rewarding its players for leading healthy lifestyles through gamifying daily activities.

Have fun as the app converts actual life steps into the in-game soft currency – Gems. Players use Gems to level up their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), CAThletes. NFTs compete in running disciplines for $WLKN tokens on Solana Smart Contract.

The Wheel Of Fortune!

The Wheel is a daily bonus for Walken players. The Rank of the Wheel corresponds to the player’s Rank. Hence, the higher the Rank is, the more generous rewards appear on the Wheel of Fortune — and the more impressive the potential prize.

It’s available on IOS: 1.3.0 and Android: 0.6. Players can update the app and check their Rank right in the Settings. Spin the Wheel of Fortune for a chance to win various rewards, from Gems to a Lootbox!

walken app releases fresh updates introduces ranking system and wheel of fortune 1000x700 1
Walken app releases fresh updates introducing a ranking system and Wheel of fortune. Image Credit: Play To Earn.

How to participate?

A player must be at at least Rank one to spin the Wheel.

Starting from Rank one, players will find the Wheel of Fortune banner at the bottom of the Wallet screen, as shown below. The Wheel of Fortune will be available every 24 hours once there are available spins again.

There are two spins available in 24 hours (that is, the cooldown time of the Wheel is 24h):

  1. The first spin costs two Gems
  2. The second spin costs five Gems + 30 Mysberries.
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The Wheel Of Fortune releases prizes corresponding to a player’s Rank. Image Credit: Walken.
  • Tap on the banner to get to the Wheel screen, and press the ‘Spin‘ button to participate.
  • Check the price and press the ‘Confirm & Spin’ button to confirm the spin. Once the transaction is successful, the Wheel will start spinning.
  • If there are not enough Gems or Mysberries (for the second spin) on your balance, the ‘Confirm & Spin’ button will remain inactive.
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Players can choose to take their second spin anytime. Image Credit: Walken.
  • Once the Wheel stops spinning at a particular segment and a player has their prize indicated, press the ‘Claim reward’ button to collect the prize.
  • There’ll be an opportunity for the second spin. A player can skip the second spin and get back again once they’re ready and willing anytime (before the Wheel refreshes and there are two available spins again).
  • Spins do not accumulate.

-Walken Knowledge Base

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Players can now spin the Wheel and win prizes. Image Credit: Walken.

What are the prizes?

There’s a chance to win the following prizes:

  1. Gems;
  2. Mysberries;
  3. $WLKN tokens*

*Please note that players will receive their $WLKN tokens won via the Wheel of Fortune prize as a credit to the Pending balance.

There are segments with different amounts of Gems, Mysberries, and $WLKN on the Wheel. Feel free to find each category’s highest and lowest possible reward in the illustrative table below.

There are three different prizes players can win by spinning the Wheel. Image Credit: Walken.

Apart from these prizes, the Walken participants will have a chance to win a real Jackpot. Depending on the Rank of the Wheel, there’s a chance to win an Item Lootbox (Basic, Super or Premium). Or even a CAThlete Lootbox.

Players can always learn more about the prizes by clicking the button “What prizes can I win?” on the Wheel of Fortune screen, just above the Wheel, and swiping the options to the right or left to see the rewards for a particular Rank.

Conclusion: Let’s Get Ready To Spin!

We love a good prize; this is a fun way for players to earn more for their movement. The Wheel also incentivizes players to move more via its ranking system, as to access the bigger prizes, players will need to up their ranking. It’s also always fun to spin and anticipate which prize is on the way and whether a player can increase their gems without moving by taking a simple step.

With two spins in 24 hours, it’s also a nice little treat to look forward to daily! Have a spin, see if you win, and then get moving to improve those rankings for bigger prizes the next day!

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