The Cuze

Marking its one-year anniversary, Walken, an innovative play-to-earn (P2E) project that utilizes Web3 technology to combine healthy lifestyles, gaming, and cryptocurrency, has announced a thrilling new game ecosystem called ‘The Cuze.’ 

Over the last 12 months, Walken has been pioneering the potential of Web3 gaming and exploring various blockchain technology possibilities to transform the vast gaming industry. They have been building a community of 3.5 million players who all contribute to the platform’s continual expansion and improvement.

Soon to be launched, The Cuze aims to attract more gamers from the Web2 realm to the Web3 universe by offering a compelling combination of earning potential and engaging gameplay that serves as a convenient and enjoyable escape from daily routine.

What is Cuze?

The Cuze is an initiative by Walken aimed at revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem by providing players with new and expanded opportunities. The project seeks to encourage game creators from Web2 to Web3, thereby increasing the range of games available to players in the gaming ecosystem.

By utilizing blockchain technology to transform the often mundane reputation of gaming, Web2 players can seamlessly venture into the Web3 realm and enhance their earning potential for added engagement and allure. 

Although Walken has already achieved this feat by providing players with a distinctive opportunity to earn while walking, The Cuze is poised to take the project to new heights by introducing more benefits to the Walken ecosystem.

Cuze brings together multiple hybrid-casual games by utilizing shared non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and progress utility governed by Walken’s native token, $WLKN. As a result, players can amplify their earning potential and access diverse experiences in one place. 

The second phase of Cuze includes educational support to attract more gamers to the Web3 realm. This educational guidance provides insights into best practices, tokenomics, and in-game capabilities to ensure that everyone can enjoy and benefit from play-to-earn gameplay and diversify its target market.

What Does This Mean For Developers?

Walken's Latest Addition to P2E Gaming

From a developer’s point of view, Cuze is a gaming framework that serves as the foundation for the Walken-centric ecosystem. Cuze will offer guidance, support, and best practices on all aspects, ranging from web3 interactions to in-game balance and tokenomics, to assist talented teams in contributing to sustainable Web3 gaming.

Being centered around Walken, the project offers players a unique opportunity to partake in a wide variety of puzzle games throughout the ecosystem like never experienced before. As they progress, players can utilize and accumulate ecosystem assets, creating a sense of continuity. These assets hold significance in the overall ecosystem, enabling players to carry out essential actions. Yet, their true value is realized within the Walken platform.

The Walken team stressed that the assets’ liquidity would largely stem from the treasury generated through players’ genuine activity. This includes ad views, with a portion of the revenue redistributed among players as rewards.

Walken has revealed that it is only just beginning with Cuze. The team announced the launch of a new game featuring completely fresh gameplay that promises to be a new challenge for the Walken community. The upcoming Cuze games have an easy onboarding process, thrilling mechanics, broad appeal, and a robust economy. 

This combination has the potential to entice millions of Web2 players to transition to Web3 effortlessly, resulting in a significant expansion of the blockchain gaming audience and an increase in crypto adoption.

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