Wasted Lands

Wasted Lands, an apocalyptic P2E metaverse game, has announced that it has finally launched Player vs Environment or PvE mode. PVE will begin rolling out on June 18 and marks a huge milestone in the game’s roadmap.

Wasted Lands PVE: What you Need to Know

We are also getting additional details about the new PVE mode and what it’s all about. To start with, PVE is only available for users who have at least 1 NFT warrior. But for users who don’t, they can still buy warriors on Wasted land’s dedicated marketplace.

Also, the game says that it is rolling out PVE on several devices. Players will be able to access this on PC, Android, and, iOS. Additional features for this mode will also be launched in the coming days.

For instance, players will get the chance to choose between automatic and manual play. For automatic, the Wasted Lands AI will basically fight for you. As for the manual, you must do this on your own.

Also, Wasted Lands wants to make it easier for folks to speed up the game. You can therefore enhance gameplay speed by X2.

PVE Reward Pool and Goodies

As you would expect from a P2E game, the new PVE mode will offer some incredible rewards for players. The mode has 30 battle stages. Each stage has its own difficulty level and of course its rewards. The more difficult the stage becomes, the higher the rewards.

Wasted Lands notes however that PVE mode will feature four main reward categories. This will include WAS and WAL token rewards as well as NFT-backed in-game items and artifacts.

There are however some limits. For example, users will only be able to earn a maximum of 120 WAS tokens in a day. WAL rewards on the other hand are capped at 4 per day.

Wasted Lands PVE Items and Artifacts

As for items and in-game artifacts, the plan is to drop them randomly in the game. These in-game items will have immense value and utility as well. For example, you can use items to enhance warrior prowess and other things.

However, please note that you can only win a maximum of 5 items per day. These items can also be sold in the Wasted Lands marketplace for profit.

Artifacts will also be powerful equipment that can be used to win battles. They will be available once a player clears certain specific stages of the game.

Wasted Lands says that artifacts come in 3 main categories. This will include Atk, Tank, and Misc. Warriors can only be equipped with one artifact at a time. Rarity levels have also been introduced for artifacts.

They include Normal, Rare, Epic, and Mystic. Wasted Lands notes that for now, a marketplace for the trading of artifacts is still under development. It will launch later in the future.

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