What blockchain is Upland on

As a player new to the Upland game, you have probably been curious to find answers to questions such as what blockchain is Upland on and whether it is what playing.

Well in the world of gaming today, it only makes sense that these questions are asked in order not to waste so much time playing a game that doesn’t have much to offer.

This is why if you are having such questions as this concerning Upland, I will in this article be stating the blockchain Upland is on.

In addition, also prove to you why I believe that the game is worth playing.

An in-depth look at Upland

Upland Metaverse

Upland is a blockchain game that takes the form of the earth’s metaverse, accessible via web, iOS, and Android.

The game features an economy where players get to manage it based on the interplay of the forces of demand and supply.

In addition, Upland ensures that players who participate in the game can play, build and earn.

These are the three concepts that shapes the game’s existence.

By playing the game, players can become digital landowners.

In addition, they can also receive special rewards by completing signature property collections.

Also, they can participate in daily treasure hunts, and competing in live events.

In terms of earning, players can join a virtual economy while actively taking part in the game

By doing that, they get to make some cash through various opportunities that arise within the metaverse.

Not only that, but players can also flip their properties for profit in Upland’s free and open marketplace.

If they don’t want to do that, they can alternatively generate income by becoming business owners in Upland.

When it comes to building, players can work with like-minded Uplanders to develop neighborhoods.

All they simply need to do is to pick from a variety of models to build the house of their dreams and they are good to go.

Lastly, players can socialize with fellow Uplanders, and learn game strategies.

They can also collaborate with the most outstanding online gaming community today via Discord and Telegram.

What blockchain is Upland built on?

What blockchain is Upland on

Now to the question on your mind and that of other players looking to take part in Upland as well.

Upland is built on the EOS blockchain and thanks to it, Upland is capable of guaranteeing true ownership because every transaction is recorded on an irreversible ledger.

In other words, all in-game assets purchased within the game are owned by the players.

Even better is the fact that players do not need any in-depth crypto knowledge to completely excel in the game.

Upland’s economy is powered by UPX, the in-game coin which lets players engage in a variety of in-game activities.

How Upland’s economy works

Upland’s economy works in a very simple way. In the economy, there exist digital items which players can have complete ownership of.

For this to happen, they would need to reach 10,000+ UPX net worth.

When that happens, Upland automatically proceeds to create an EOS blockchain account for them.

When this is done, gaining access to the account can only be granted through private keys.

These private keys are derived from the player’s email/password combination.

Once this becomes done, only the player alone can access the account and the assets therein, justifying their true ownership in the process.

Upland’s economy is fueled by digital items as well as the influx of real money.

These two both run the in-game market that in turn reacts to the forces of real demand and supply.

Is Upland worth playing?

Well to answer this question, what else is there to say about a game where players are in full ownership of their in-game items?

The answer to this question is obviously yes, Upland is worth playing.

The game has an amazing gameplay experience where players can buy sell and even trade properties.

Not only that, but they can also pitch their properties to potential buyers who are willing to take them off their hands.

On Upland, players have earned over $1.8 million US Dollars by just simply trading properties on Upland.

The game currently has an event it calls the NFT-to-USD program which is proof that Upland is worth every player’s time.

Let us take a look at what the program entails below:

The NFT-to-USD program

The NFT-to-USD program is a program that came into existence courtesy of Upland’s partners at Tilia Pay.

This program enables players to list any property directly for US Dollars.

This means that when another player purchases a player’s property, that player will have US Dollars deposited into their account instead of UPX.

While NFT-to-USD only currently supports property sales, it will be expanding to support all types of NFTs in the Upland metaverse, including Legits, Block Explorers, and more.

Players only need to level up to Uplander to be added to the NFT-to-USD program.

While players can buy and sell properties on the open marketplace for USD, the only way to acquire fresh properties is to mint them using UPX.

Many players capitalize on new city releases by stacking UPX and minting several fresh properties at release.

Players often take these properties and list them on the secondary market for USD.

They then turn their UPX holdings into real-world dollars.

NFT-to-USD Terms & Conditions

All participants in the NFT-to-USD Beta Program must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • Agreement to the terms affirms that the player understands that this program is in Beta. This means that service is susceptible to interruption and certain mechanics and restrictions are subject to change.
  • Players can sell up to 20 properties at a time with a $10,000 maximum on individual transactions.
  • Players will be unable to purchase properties until their account has been active for at least 14 days.
  • Properties are unable to be sold via NFT-to-USD for a fixed period following the acquisition of the property.

With these, it is quite evident that playing Upland is definitely worth anyone’s time.

Not only that but Upland has made everything so simplified that players only need to get started to get going. It is that simple!

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