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Sorare is based on the concept of collecting and trading digitally licensed football player cards. These cards have a finite supply and are stored in an immutable and secure ledger on the Ethereum blockchain.


What exactly are the F2P Game Modes in Sorare?

In 2022, Sorare has made it his mission to expand participation in the worldwide phenomenon that is fantasy football.

Launched in the last week of June and dubbed “The Academy,” is Sorare’s new free-to-play (F2P) game mode. The launch was accompanied by the equally momentous announcement partnership. That is, the company had partnered with football superstar and World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe.

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F2P is the Always an Option. Source: Freetipscount

The Academy is Sorare’s second F2P fantasy football game format. The first is the ‘Casual’ league, which has seen a significant increase in its prize fund. Now the top 100 managers in each game week may now win a Limited card (NFT) at no cost to themselves.

What distinguishes The Academy from other leagues?

The Academy is a new F2P fantasy football event in Sorare designed to help inexperienced managers learn the ropes of the game. All without the stress of competing for rewards with more seasoned Sorare managers.

This implies that The Academy may ONLY be registered if a Sorare manager has no other teams engaged in fantasy football contests that require NFT cards to play during the same game week (Limited, Rare, Super Rare or Unique).

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Welcome to The Academy. Source: Reddit

So, if a Sorare manager wanted to enroll a team into The Academy, they could. But it would prevent them from entering any of their NFT cards into any fantasy tournament. At least during that game week, rendering their cards with actual worth useless.

Also, there would be nothing wrong if a new player in Sorare bought a team of five Rare cards on their first day and entered that team into the Global All-Star Rare competition.

But then this new manager wouldn’t be able to use the Common cards they got when they signed up to learn the game risk-free and earn rewards in that competition. That’s because they would already have a “blockchain lineup” entered into a tournament for that game week.

Can a team be in both free-to-play modes?

A team can be in both The Academy and the free-to-play (F2P) Casual league at the same time. Since the Casual league can only be joined with a team of five Common (non-NFT) cards, this doesn’t change the NFT card entry requirements for The Academy.

So, when new managers start the P2E game, they can play in both The Academy and Casual leagues. It is recommended that they do this so they can double the Common card rewards (or Limited cards, if they’re lucky) they get each game week. These cards can be used to build better teams in the blockchain game much faster and set managers up for more long-term success in the future.

Formerly known as the “Rookie” league and accessible only during the first eight-game weeks of a manager’s time in Sorare, the Casual league is now accessible at all times and to all managers. This happened in September 2021, when Sorare made it possible for all managers to join.

The Sorare community liked this change because it made the game more free-to-play (F2P). However, it meant that new players were immediately thrown into the deep end and surrounded by “whales”. These whales had a much larger and stronger selection of Common cards at their disposal. Which made it harder for them to win prizes.

With the launch of The Academy, Sorare has added a “locked out” system that stops managers from joining both the “Rookie” league and an “NFT required” league at the same time. This has made The Academy a “safe haven” for new managers to get used to the game and learn how to play Sorare at their own pace.

How The Academy works and a guide to it

The Academy is a great new free-to-play (F2P) addition to the global fantasy football game from Sorare. But the real winner here is that it lets Sorare managers take part in this tournament without having to compete with other managers.

sorare card rarities
Limited numbers make prices skyrocket. Source: Sorare

The Academy is meant to discourage experienced players from joining so that new Sorare managers can swim freely in the competition. However, even if experienced players do join The Academy, it will have no effect on the chances of new managers winning prizes.

Sorare Academy’s Score-based Rewards System

That’s because The Academy has a “score-based” rewards system instead of a “rankings-based” rewards system. This means that Sorare managers who enter The Academy will win card prizes based on how many points their team gets, NOT on where their team finishes on the leaderboard.

This score-based system of rewards has been used before. For example, the “All-Star Rare” league gave Sorare managers Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) if their teams scored a certain number of points each game per week.

But in The Academy, the rewards are based on how many points a team gets. Even if a team gets 0 points, they still get a Tier 3 Common card as a prize, which is great when a team doesn’t do anything to deserve a reward but is slightly worse than getting the same number of points in Casual.

If you want to put together a team of “Did Not Play” (DNP) players to farm low-hanging Common cards, Casual is the best place to do it because the bottom 50% of players in Casual will get a Tier 2 Common card prize.

But The Academy really comes into its own at the 300-point mark. At this point, Sorare managers can win a Star Common card, which is the highest level of Common card available. You can win big-name players like Mbappé, Haaland, and Messi at this level.

This is much more appealing than the same level of reward in the Casual league, where Sorare managers have to be in the top 10% of all teams to get a Star Common, which isn’t easy to do when 60,000+ teams join the Casual league every game week.

Can you play Sorare for free and still get good rewards?

Those Sorare managers who want to play the game completely free (F2P) can still win the higher prizes in The Academy if they can achieve a minimum score of 400 points for a Tier 3 Limited card prize (NFT) and 450 points for a Tier 2 Limited card prize (NFT).

Sorare fantasy football
Image Source: Medium

In fact, it will be very hard for both new and experienced managers to reach these scores on a regular basis with a team of only five Common cards. This is why Sorare managers should think about buying some Limited cards (NFTs) if they want a real chance at winning the higher-tier card prizes.

If Sorare managers spend a little on Limited cards (NFTs), they’ll be able to enter more fantasy football tournaments and have a much better shot at Tier 3 and Tier 2 Limited card prizes available through The Academy. This is because Limited cards (NFTs) become supercharged in Sorare’s latest free-to-play (F2P) offering.

However, we’ve outlined the best ways to keep playing for free in Sorare down below.

The Academy F2P Tips

The Academy is a great free-to-play (F2P) addition to Sorare’s growing number of fantasy football competitions. If you’re thinking about joining Sorare or have just joined and want to try out The Academy, this section will help you do well.

in game sorare academy
Peek inside the Academy. Source: FantasyFootballScout

The Academy is fundamentally a free-to-play (F2P) game, allowing Sorare managers to play as often as they like with a team of five Common cards and never having to spend any real money on the game.

Can you keep playing Sorare for free?

But if you want to keep playing Sorare as a 100% free-to-play (F2P) manager, there are some important things you should know from the beginning.

Each game week, the Common cards you win in the Casual league or The Academy will determine the players on your team in The Academy. This is because Common cards are not NFTs, which means they don’t exist on the Ethereum blockchain like Limited cards and can’t be bought, sold, or traded in the game.

sorare team line up
Teamwork is vital! Source: FreeTipsPro

So, if you want to play Sorare 100% free-to-play (F2P), you won’t be able to choose how your team looks in The Academy once you start playing because the only way to get Common cards is through game week rewards, which are given out randomly.

Therefore, the strength or weakness of your starting Common team and the resources you have available will be determined by the Common cards you receive during the manager onboarding process.

During the initial manager onboarding process, it is crucial to take your time selecting your preferred teams. It’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake or don’t get the players you wanted, but it can help you get off to a better start on Sorare and keep you from choosing teams that don’t have any games.


By following these important tips collected by P2E Diary and avoiding some of the early pitfalls that every Sorare manager has to deal with, new users who want to try the game 100% free-to-play (F2P) will have the best chance of winning Limited cards (NFT) in The Academy with only Common cards.

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