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Decentraland is undoubtedly one of the biggest crypto games in the industry, with thousands of users on the platform. Decentraland is a vast open-world, real-life simulation that consists of thousands of LAND plots for people to buy. With a strong economy, the project is going great, with new advancements coming into the game on a daily basis. With such a stable economy in a game, which essentially is a cryptocurrency, why not invest in it? Most of the economy is based on the LAND sales in the game, of which, LAND is a blockchain asset in itself. So, today we’ll be taking you through what LAND is in Decentraland, and the best place to buy land in Decentraland!

LAND in Decentraland

At the very core, LAND is a virtual real estate asset that players can trade in Decentraland. Buying LAND is just like buying a plot of land in real life. You have to plan according to the various environmental scenarios that take place around the plot to make a good financial decision.

Anyways, the LAND in the game is basically a piece of plot. Players can buy this LAND, they can sell it if they have some of their own, or they can even rent it out. The game mechanics are very much linked to real-life actions, hence the reason we call it a real-life simulation.

When you have the LAND to your name, there are just about a gazillion things you can do with it – again, just like real life. You can set up shop on the plot, offering services to other players in the game and charging fees for it. Or, you can build an entire mall on it as well, if you have the finances. You can even rent out the spot to someone else, pay salaries, and just about do anything you can think of!

Now, you can actually have a great valuation of your LAND plot if you utilize it well. If there’s a well-managed property built upon your LAND, it can drastically increase in value. Nonetheless, even with the countless factors affecting the value of LAND, we will help you decide the best place to buy land in Decentraland!

Decentraland vs Horizon: LAND

Factors to Consider

Before you head out to buy a piece of LAND, you need to take care of a few things. There are several aspects that matter when buying property in Decentraland.

Distance to Main Landmarks

Now this one is a no-brainer. The closer your LAND plot will be to a popular landmark in Decentraland, the more expensive it’s going to be. One such example that comes to mind is finding a plot near The Plaza – which is the starting point for Decentraland players. So, naturally, it’s expected to be expensive to buy LAND there. Hence, if you’re trying to get the best value for your LAND, make sure it’s close to a famous landmark.

Closer to Roads

Again, a sensible approach to buying LAND in the game would be to go for something that’s closer to the road. If you just buy a piece of land in the middle of nowhere, far from the city, it’s likely going to be of lower value. So, if you’re looking for a higher-priced piece of LAND, go for something that’s near the road, preferably a main road.

Getting in Early

It’s crucial to find LAND that is expected to shoot up in value and invest early on. If you go to buy plots near The Plaza now, it’s likely to not skyrocket in value once more – so, that train’s passed. Now, you should be looking for upcoming projects and make sure you buy a piece of LAND near it. If you get in at the right time, you might be able to see your investment double, triple, or maybe even go tenfold!

Best Place to Buy Land in Decentraland?

Well, the answer to this query varies from person to person and is mostly subjective. If you’re looking to make an investment that will remain stable and is a relatively safer option, then go for LAND near a landmark. Checking plots near The Plaza will be a great choice here, although an expensive one too. However, if you’re someone who’s looking for the next big thing, then search for upcoming projects and buy LAND nearby.

As of now, the minimum price of LAND in Decentraland is around $13,000, regardless of the location. This shows you the sheer importance of digital real estate and how big of a role it will play in the future.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there’s no single best place to buy LAND in Decentraland, as it differs from person to person. But, whatever you do, don’t go for a completely isolated area just because it’s cheap. It’s always a good decision to choose an area that’s not super populated but still has some people in it. Moreover, a property that’s close to the road is a significant point as well.

If you follow all these rules fully, you will find yourself with a decent investment. We won’t promise that you’ll be able to find the best place to buy LAND in Decentraland, but you’ll be well equipped to find potentially great options!



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