Axie Infinity Value Calculator

The Axie Infinity Calculator calculates the value of your portfolio based on your Axie Infinity price forecast and market capitalization scenarios. For improved user experience, the AXS calculator automatically changes referential fields and values upon input. For instance, entering an AXS price prediction updates the values for new market cap, multiplier, new value, and new rank.

The programs also include an Axie Infinity forecast calculator. They are allowing you to produce a valuation projection for various stages of a cryptocurrency release. Finally, you can monitor how the release of extra tokens affects your valuation. 

Axie Infinity Value Calculator Features

Axie Infinity Price Calculator

With most Axie Infinity calculators, enter your AXS amount and new AXS price prediction into the respective inputs. The AXS price calculator will calculate the value of your portfolio at your chosen pricing scenario.

As a result, the value of the new market cap field is immediately updated to reflect the input price.

Alternatively, you can automatically enter the Axie Infinity market cap scenario to calculate the AXS price at the specified market cap automatically.

Moreover, any changes to the price or market cap inputs will display the coin’s new rank.

To determine the new price, modify the circulating supply input with different values (the market cap will remain the same). Also, the circulating supply function helps understand how a coin release schedule affects your portfolio.

AXS Market Cap Comparison

The market cap comparison tool is highly beneficial for assessing your token in the context of the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, many cryptocurrency investors have coin goals that they hope their coins may achieve in the future. For example, some people may wish to test if their micro-cap coin can surpass Chainlink’s market cap.

Click a search list icon, and enter any cryptocurrency name or ticker you want to compare the market cap of with your coin.

Lastly, when you click the target coin, the new market cap input will change by the target coin’s market cap. As a result, the new value of your portfolio will be updated with the appropriate valuation. Furthermore, the new price, rank, and multiplier are instantly updated.


In the multiplier input, enter a number to multiply the new price, market cap, and value by the factor. Alternatively, you can increase or reduce the factor by one by clicking the plus or minus icons.

Share Results via Link

Another unique feature of Axie Infinity value calculators is the ability to share your AXS price prediction via URL. Also, this is open to any website or social media platform. 

Best Axie Infinity Value Calculators

The market is overflowing with Axie Infinity value calculators, and you may be wondering why.

It is simply a result of AXS’ market share in the P2E world. 

Here is our expert-curated best AXS value calculator currently available for gamers;

CoinMarketCapAxie Infinity Value Calculator

Firstly, CoinMarketCap is the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets. In the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market. Its objective is to make cryptocurrency more accessible and efficient worldwide by providing retail customers with unbiased, high-quality, and reliable information to make their informed conclusions.

Founded in May 2013 by Brandon Chez, CoinMarketCap has become the most trusted source for comparing crypto assets. Lastly, users include institutions and media, e.g. CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major news agencies. (The United States government even uses CoinMarketCap data for research and publications!)

Axie InspectorAXS

Axie Inspector is the number 1 Axie Infinity Fansite! It offers tools and resources that allow scholars and scholarship managers to increase their SLP income and boost ROI.

Wallet InvestorAxie Infinity Value Calculator

Founded in 2017 in response to market demand for high-quality, free forecasts of cryptocurrency pricing.

By mid-2019, Walletinvestor supplied technical analysis and forecasts for over 50,000 financial goods. Followed by the first premium capabilities, such as bespoke forecasts and Chart Pattern Recognition.

Staking RewardsAXS

The crypto staking industry’s essential information portal and premier data aggregator is Staking Rewards.

Staking Rewards, founded in 2017 by brothers Mirko and Jannik Schmiedl. Boasts of professionals that are passionate about a decentralized and transparent financial community. Furthermore, the team is decentralized, with workers from ten different countries, four continents, and eight-time zones.


Since 2017, DigitalCoinPrice has become one of the crypto community’s most trusted brands.Xceres

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  • Xceres

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