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Among the most recent projects to receive funding from the Decentraland DAO is the MMORPG Wilderness P2E. Neha Singh and Ryan Pal, recent engineering graduates currently serving as the CEO and CTO who share a love of gaming, art, and design, first released the game on December 21, 2021. 

After its initial proposal was approved by 92% of voters in November 2022, the P2E game first received a Decentraland DAO award. After quickly gaining a following in Decentraland, Wilderness P2E submitted a second, larger grant application. 

The proposal, intended to consider the team’s growth and the accelerated project progress and ensure gaming sustainability in the long haul, was accepted with 99% of the vote.

Players take on the role of Wizards and engage in immersive Magic Battle in the play-to-earn RPG, which is set in a world of magic and mystery. Players can explore the magical realm and its mythological creatures while utilizing spells as well as other magical equipment to fight NPCs or other players in PvP mode.

When Wilderness P2E first came out, it offered a fun gameplay experience while also letting and motivating players to earn incentives on the website. Wilderness P2E, a free-to-play game, created a booming economy for its players by giving back the value created by the game. 

Whenever users defeat other players or non-player characters, they are rewarded with crypto tokens (either NFTs or coins), which they can then exchange for real money. Users are compelled to come back to Wilderness P2E by this important incentive: they get paid for playing.

Establishing a robust, tight-knit community

Wilderness P2E

After acquiring new Property in Decentraland in June of last year, Wilderness P2E moved into a huge, contemporary structure. This new area has a rugged landscape and a Magical Lake. Their primary objective following adaptation to the new setting was to create more rigourous gameplay mechanics which would enhance the Play-to-Earn experience for players. 

It will also attract new users into the vibrant Web3 community, where players elevate and support one another while in this fantasy-themed NFT game, as CTO Neha Singh stated in an interview.

Wildditch World Cup, a weekly parkour competition intended to promote the game to a wider audience and provide the current player base access to a fresh new in-game skill: Agility. 

It was introduced by Wilderness P2E in late August last year with the intent to develop a lively and engaged community. The event is available to everybody and keeps up with the game’s horizontal and inclusive goal statement.

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