Technology is not going anywhere. In fact, we are reaching a point of complete symbiosis with technology – complete co-dependence of humans and machines.¬†The Winkyverse aims to leverage these technological advancements for the greater good. In simpler terms, they are revolutionizing the education system for today‚Äôs children and preparing them for the technological future. Winkyverse‚Äôs last funding round closed at ‚ā¨2 million, evidently showing a¬† promising future with virtually unlimited growth potential.¬†

Discover how Winkyverse is revolutionizing the educational system, how you can be part of their ecosystem and earn by reading this in-depth article. 

Origin – What in the Universe is Winkyverse?

The wonky journey of Winkyverse began in 2017 in the halls of Ecole Polytechnique, soon becoming a very positive force for the global education system. It quickly gained a lot of momentum, making Winkyverse the most successful tech campaign in France on the crowdfunding platform Ulule Рfor all the right reasons. 

The founding members of Winkyverse realize quickly that exponential advancements in technologies will take more and more space in our lives. So they made it their mission to educate kids all about it. Their first product, an educational and evolutive robot called Winky, is already used daily by thousands of families across Europe to teach 5 to 12-year-olds about robotics, programming, and artificial intelligence.

The almost adorable-looking Winky spontaneously makes children want to interact with it Рa perfect learning companion! The robot is designed specifically to motivate children to learn, improve concentration and enhance memorization skills. 

Now that we have covered the origin of Winkyverse, and the little fellow named Winky, let the game talks begin! 

How Does Winkyverse Work?

The Winkyverse allows players, developers, and game editors to learn, create, play and connect. The Winkyverse is the first educational platform that manages to combine no less than six of the most promising technologies to create a truly unique educational ecosystem including Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Gaming, Augmented Reality, and Blockchain. 

Their (Metaverse) ecosystem is built around the following three main verticals: 


Whereas, there are 3 total spaces in the WinkyVerse: 

  • WinkyPlay: Hundreds of fun educational games developed by talented game creators. The perfect way for your kids to have fun learning with the help of their Winky robot.
  • WinkyMaker: A creative space to imagine a customized Winky robot. The 3D “drag and drop” tool is accessible to all. The creations can then be sold as NFTs.
  • WinkyVerse: A 3D metaverse where participants can play but also create and monetize their own games and creations.

Winkies – The Winkyverse Digital Currency

Winkies (WNK) – the only currency of value in Winkyverse – is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. In addition to participating in the governance process of Winkyverse (via Distributed Autonomous Organization), Winkies holders can perform many other actions, such as:

  • Pay the one-time entry fee for lifetime access to The Winkyverse¬†
  • Pay for in-game purchases and avatars/customizations¬†
  • Purchase premium games¬†
  • Acquire WinkyPlay Premium Subscription and get early access to the new games¬†
  • Purchase Winky Robot with a 50% discount (compared to retail price in fiat currency)¬†
  • Reward game developers and artists designing accessories on WinkyMaker¬†
  • Advertise on WinkyPlay¬†


The WinkyVerse is growing day by day, with the project accumulating followers quickly. It has around 100K followers on Twitter, and over 33K members on its Telegram channel. Both these numbers are pretty impressive considering the stage the project is in at the moment.

The ‚Äú;)‚ÄĚ Team – Collaboration with Sandbox!

Founded just a few years ago, there are over 25 full-time employees at WinkyVerse. Moreover, some of the most renowned names in the crypto world are behind this project. The founder and CEO, Boris Kesler, started his journey at 14 with his blog about robotics ethical dilemmas and hardware innovations. He then created for the Google Science Fair contest, a robot for visually impaired people. He founded and managed a Parisian association of over twenty people to develop several innovative robots. Whereas the co-founder and CTO, Pierre-Yves THOULON, has over 35 years in research and development for the high-tech industry. Notably, in the area of computer networking and security. He also has experience in semiconductors, hardware, software, and more recently photovoltaics and robotics.

The list of industry veterans backing Winkyverse doesn’t end here. The co-founder of Sandbox Рone of the biggest and most successful crypto games- Sébastien Borget, is one of the lead investors of Winkyverse. CEO of Ultra, former Managing Director of Universal Games, and the former Secretary-General of Carrefour Group are some of the other top investors and advisors putting their money on the Winkyverse. 

Bottom Line

So, if you’re looking at NFT games to earn money,¬†WinkyVerse won’t really be your go-to option. The educational metaverse focuses solely on helping young individuals progress further in their studies in an easily comprehensible manner. The project looks to change the way learning is perceived in the current world, and the high-profile individuals backing it seem to give us plenty of hope for that.

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