Woodies Linked Wearables

Woodies is a linked wearable brand with a collection of NFTs. The wearable NFTs are going live on Decentraland for players to use their individual Woodie 3D avatars within the game. So, with this being the largest linked wearable collection on Decentraland, let’s find out more!

What is a Linked Wearable?

A linked wearable is essentially a skin. When customizing your avatar, you can change its overall look to whichever Woodie you own. The Woodies are linked to the NFTs in your wallet via something called an API. So, 3D NFTs are not necessary, as Woodies can act as wearable skins. 

The NFT is linked to the wearable skins, so there is no minting or costs involved. 

What are Woodies? 

Built by a talented 3D and art team, the linked wearables were built in collaboration with Feigal Art, Eyoxxxin, and Street Beasts on Twitter. In addition to these talented artists, Woodies tweeted a thank you to the Props development team, with the @props on Twitter. Bitcoinski and OmbraRD were also thanked for their contribution. 

There are over 900+ traits among the 9739 Woodies in the collection. Currently, Woodies has a collection of 9,739 NFTs in its collection. Several UltraDAO artists collaborated on this release in September 2021. With its decentralized IP ownership model, it conveys family-friendly, story-driven artwork while supporting nature and conservation. 

Trees for the Future¬†is also working on a ‚ÄėOne Million Trees‚Äô campaign with Woodies. Besides hosting live outings in real life such as hiking, rafting, and so on, Woodies has nurtured a warm and inclusive culture.¬†Decentraland¬†allows members to gather in one place while also maintaining and deepening the connections they are already making.

Woodies and Decentraland

An immersive and evolving experience,¬†Woodies in Decentraland brings together stories, shared interests, and goals. Decentraland’s artwork incorporates more than 900 character traits as part of its fun aesthetic style. A tree-like Woodie avatar transforms your avatar into a 2D Woodie, bringing your 2D Woodie to life.¬†

Decentraland on Twitter: "DAO: Should Woodies be added to the Linked Wearables Registry? @woodiesnft https://t.co/Gg6uK2pYQ8" / Twitter
Source: Twitter

A Woodies home will serve as a place for weekly community meetings, exhibitions, guest speakers like those from our partner charities, and much more. Woodies wants to explore new frontiers in decentralized art and engagement by pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Through storytelling and technology, Woodies is creating a global community committed to experiencing and preserving nature. The wearables NFTs can be worn in Decentraland, representing a love and passion for the environment within gameplay. Players interact with other players in the game, inciting a community feel to the collection. 

Woodies NFTs

On average, the price of a Woodie NFT is around $60. Over the collection of 9,739 NFTs, there are currently just under 4,000 Woodie NFT owners. The NFTs are super creative and unique, with nature-inspired designs. 

Decentraland on Twitter: "DAO: Should Woodies be added to the Linked Wearables Registry? @woodiesnft https://t.co/Gg6uK2pYQ8" / Twitter
Source: Twitter

These designs include leaf-like hairstyles, woodland features, flowers, and tree-like skin. The Woodie NFTs truly represent the environment, whereas other NFTs are often driven by simply traits and value. 

As of April 2022, the Woodie NFTs have a combined trading volume of over $11 million USD. The Woodies define themselves as more than just an avatar project, but a story-driven, family-friendly brand focused solely on environmental conservation and sustainability.

Owned by UltraDAO Studios, the ownership of Woodies allows the brand to operate independently, with a focus on their true passions for sustainability and the environment. 

Woodies Storytelling

The Woodie NFTs also have lore and stories associated with certain NFTs. So, creating stories and lore associated with the NFTs is likely to attract dedicated followers and a whole community of NFT enthusiasts. 

Woodies (@WoodiesOfficial) / Twitter
Source: Twitter

One Million Tree Campaign 

As we mentioned above, Woodies has funded a One Million Tree campaign in collaboration with Trees for the Future. A historic NFT donation was made to Trees for the Future, equating to the amount of $217,000 USD. When speaking about the collaboration, Trees for the Future Executive Director John Leary stated this. 

‚ÄúWe‚Äôre ecstatic to be part of the growing world of cryptocurrency and NFTs and wholly recognize the exponential potential this tool has in charitable giving, international development, and so much more. Thank you, Woodies NFTs. This monumental gift will have a lasting impact on people and our planet.‚Ä̬†

Woodies Origin on YouTube on Twitter: "To say that we're proud of achieving our goal of planting ONE million trees w/@Treesftf is an understatement!ūüéČ We also couldn't do it without the incredible
Source: Twitter

Forest Garden Approach is a sustainable farming method taught by Trees for the Future to farmers in developing countries. By providing farmers with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to plant thousands of trees, degraded landscapes transform into fruitful growing areas. Several initiatives are underway to improve food access and income security!

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