David Bowie Metaverse

David Bowie is a critically acclaimed artist who’s known worldwide for his musical contributions over the years. His entry into the metaverse might seem like a sight that’s surprising for many. But, it’s one that’s been coming for a long time. Worlds Inc, one of the leading and oldest 3-D virtual world developers, is working on a metaverse for David Bowie. The metaverse will allow users to meet with an avatar of David Bowie inside the metaverse, go through his collections and much more! The project will be called Bowie World.

However, this isn’t the first metaverse-related project that David Bowie has worked on. In fact, the renowned singer is the first music-based artist to ever develop a metaverse. How so you may ask? Well, David Bowie worked with Worlds Inc to make a 3D virtual world that in today’s era is called a metaverse. This project took place in the year 1999, almost 23 years ago!

Now, both Bowie and Worlds Inc are working on a much more modern version of the metaverse. Considering that the graphical, physical, and all types of game engines are so much better now, it seemed like the natural choice to make. The new metaverse will be completed in a few months, as the NFT listings will come soon as well.

The metaverse will be a nice touch for Bowie fans, as they’ll be able to get in touch with the life of the singer.

About Worlds Inc

Worlds Inc is one of the oldest implementors of metaverse technology, being the first company to build celebrity metaverses. Back in the day, their network formed the foundation for all MMORPG games that followed. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume Worlds Inc as the pioneer of the metaverse industry. Now, the company is looking ahead to test new technologies in the Virtual and Augmented Reality industries. There’s a lot in store for the company, starting with launching the David Bowie Worlds metaverse first and foremost!

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